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Access Project

The info is in the files.

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Wanted Expert Email Marketer

1) I need someone with experience to obtain email addresses from resumes posted on the internet in Canada/USA and also from opportunity seekers. Resumes must state that they have "Sales Experience"

2) Send out bulk emails.

You must know how to get emails into peoples inbox and NOT into their spam folder.

I will supply you with a letter that you can cut and paste.

I will pay you per thousand for every person who visits my pitch page which has a tracking code that will keep track of visitors. You will have access to the stats. The tracking software will also track where visitors are coming from and I will know if the visitors are valid or generated by robots. I am looking for someone who is honest!

Bid on supplying 10 thousand visitors. If you are successful I will post private jobs for you.

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I own, I want to upgrade it.
Improve design.
Improve usability.
I want someting like

I want to separate the countries, like, if you select a country you only access to this database. You can make subdomains, for example, or

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Fashion Articles

I need 10 articles of 300 words per week on fashion titles. I can pay no more than $1.5 per 300 words. Lesser bids are welcome but the work should be of high quality.

I want interesting and engaging content that will pass Ezine submission guidelines. The writers will be paid only after the articles are approved by Ezine. If needed, writers can have access to the accounts to see the status from time to time.

If this project goes well, Ill have lot of work inline for you.

Let me know if youve any questions.

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MS Adcenter Promo Code Research

Very simple project

Will pay 10% of cover value for a working MS Adcenter promo code that you can find.
NB Please check the expiration date!!

Will not pay for non working suggestions

Vouchers can be valid for new customers or existing

Will only pay once for an activation at our discretion

Good hunting

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MS Access Database Developer Need To Finish Project

I have a database which is half working / finished with what I think is a VB interface. The Freelancer has gone AWOL and not replied but my client needs this finished.

I need someone who can pickup the pieces and help me complete this task by working alongside me as give details of what is needed

We need many things in the database to work as they are currently not in the interface! An example of some things to be done are:

– Some word / title renaming to be done
– New features to be added (supplied by me)
– Calculations within database for clients

Person Spec

– Good communication skills – English, Give daily updates/work reports, Use Skype when online
– Intermediate in MS Excel / MS Access
– Proative and forward thinking

Deadline for completion of work is 05.11.10 (GMT 19:00)


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Socialization Project


I will soon be expanding my business into the social networking market.
What i need is an all in script/site created.

The script should:
be compatible with with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google Buzz, Bebo, Digg, Word Press, Yahoo, Google, scribd, Image Shack Picasa, Friendster YouTube, Linked In, Blogger, MySpaceFlickr, Digg, Twitter, Bebo, Stumble Upon, Tiny URL, Reddit, Deviant Art, Steam, Tumblr, and Delicious.

Check for available usernames.
sign up accounts with all of these from one form.
Be able to post to all of the above from one form.
to be able to de-select certain ones from a universal admin panel.
to have multiple user areas so my customers can do this them selves.
to save the passwords to a database.
A userfront end.
Admin panel with user creation/modification.
Premium options for payment using paypal, or a number of others.

Please contact me with all questions you may have.
I will supply the environment which i will be running the site one.
I will give you FTP Access, 2 mysql databases, and a cpanel account until completion.

Please show me any of your previous projects so i can check the quality.

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Access Project Part 2 For RoyEdwards

Part 2:

Fix a few issues, make the form and table more professional and provide some basic training.

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Hello there,
I will explain to you firstly the costs of what I am looking at for these 2 items. Min- $20 Max – $65.
But remember I am looking for the cheapest price mixed with a good service.
Task 1 –
My description for this may be long, but it shouldnt be complicated at all, just quite hard to understand what I need, however when understood should be easy.
Firstly please look at : at the top there is a link to essentially another half of the site.
It links to a site which looks the same with a green background but the prices are for if the customer would like to sell their product to us or if they would like to exchange their product in for store credit.
Here is a link for what I would like my site to look like once two buttons have been added on the top of the site. These two buttons are called BUY and SELL as you can see.
Just like I would like them to be at the top but not just one buttons saying Sell To Us but two, One Saying BUY and the other SELL.
The BUY button will link to the homepage which is always BUY (on google etc and on On the BUY section of the site, there will be products in the menus categories with prices of which the customer can BUY. If clicking on buy the product there will be a normal checkout.

When the customer clicks on SELL. This will take the customer to the SELL section of the site. Like , the hompage of SELL looks the same apart from a few things. SELL, is essentially a page with the same coding as BUYs homepage including the SAME categories but inside SELLS categories there are products which have the prices of how much we will pay them if they SELL their product to us or how much exchange they will receive. When going through checkout the price is there but no money is passed through. Instead, once they have sent off their product to us, on their account dashboard, there will be an option to check product status, whether we have recieved it or whether we have checked it and we can pay them now.
Once clicked on pay them now, they can choose Paypal, Exchange Credit or Cheque.


2) Change Background! Nice and easy…

Please make your bid and PM me for further questions…


Kind regards,
Archie preston

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Sportsbook Take Over

I have a sportsbook thats not completely designed with many glitches left. I need programmers who have experience with sportsbook industry to take over the project. The software is running on Windows server, written in ASPX. PM me if youre interested. Youll be provided the full access to the source code and database. Only serious bidders who knows what youre doing please! My site is

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Getting Code On Mobile Phone


This project is getting code on your cell phone
and put into our database. You need to have cell phone with getting sms function

Bid only for 1000 Code
My max budget is 50$

Msg me your cell phone number with country name.

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Spreadsheet Creation Project

We need a freelancer to research contact information for sites and information that we provide to you and create four Microsoft excel spreadsheets listing the following information.

1st spreadsheet- Listing the contact names, email address, and phone numbers of 357 chambers of commerce. We will provide you with the list of chambers and the majority of the websites for them.

2nd and 3rd spreadsheets- Include the list of sites linking into 2 websites, including the in-linking sites url, editor

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Database Research Project

Project Budget: $30-$40

I need to build a database of 400 MLM distributors from specific companies & zip codes. No more then 50 names from any one company. You must search the web to gather this information from various sources. Project should be completed within 3 days. I would like results sent in an excel spreadsheet.

Will be sent via PM

Area Codes:
215, 267, 610, 484, 609, 856, 302, 717

I require the following information for each distribtor:

Name /Email / Phone / Company Name / link to webpage where you gather the data


name- JEAN REIMANN / email-jreimann new.rr / phone-920-733-3414/ company-Mary Kay / website link -

Thank You

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Project For Sujoy From Danielle 16

Fix database/admin

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Database and Coding Classfied Add Site

Database and Coding Classfied Add Site

Should be finished in one week

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Mukapu special project 1

Mukapu special coding project 1.

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privet project for ronnie

The JDBC code is due on or before Tuesday, May19 12pm noon CST (chicago).

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Nav Bar Coding

We are looking for a quick nav bar coding project that when you highlight a category, it brings up a sub level. Similar to the Washington Post Nav bar. We need this project done quickly.

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Project small questionnaire (reviewed) for ancosys [MS Access 03]

MS2003 project for ancosys only. no others.

As discussed, thanks!

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Repair or rebuild access DB system

This will need to be done via remote access. Here are described issues by user.

System does not populate "Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code" Fields with information entered. Instead, it automatically plugged in "Name (or a two digit number) , Address, City, State, Postal Code". This did not effect all the database just certain members.
If I need to search for a particular member, the database doesn’t recognize it by name because it plugged in a number (i.e. if you enter a #10 it brings up all the members affected).

Cannot send out membership cards because the information in the Contact Info. Screen formation also populates the letters that are to be mailed with membership cards.

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