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Magento Configurable Products

Magento Configurable Products Setup

Private project for Martin

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Magento Show Associated Skus

We have a Magento store 1.4.1 which has a lot of configurable products. For some reason Magento shows the configurable product sku in admin and emails and doesnt show the associated product sku.

As you cant actually order a configurable product this seems backward.
So in short wed like to see the associated products sku in the admin and emails and presumably when orders are exported to ecc.
Need this quickly, please only bid if you can do this and in a timely manner

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Flash Memory Game

Crate a Flash based MEMORY GAME
whith XML config-File

Main function:
see examples


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Group Buy Website (working Template Plus Customization)

Im looking for a fully functional group buy script with the following mandatory features delivered within 7 calendar days. So Im not looking for you to build something from ground up. I need you to have an existing and functional script and add in whatever is missing from my requirement list below.

Please include a working demo for both front and backend. Only serious bidders please and lastguru need not apply.

1. Functionality similar to Groupon with a different look and feel. Color theme and logo configurable from backend.
2. Discussion board for each deal.
3. Deals time left must show # of days left as well as hours/minutes/seconds.
4. There can be an unlimited # of side deals.
5. Email campaign integration with templates for various features such as for the daily deal newsletter, new user welcome letter, deal achieved confirmation letter along with coupon, deal can celled notification letter, etc. There must also be a preview function on these emails from the backend.
6. Facebook connect
7. Country/State/City management
8. Payment gateway integration with Paypal and Elavon (
9. Easy and user-friendly interface for adding and administering deals.
10. Past deals must be display with the most recent showing first.
11. Footer area a CMS with configurable page titles and page content.
12. Multiple languages (English and Chinese at a minimum) configurable from backend.
13. Referral program configurable to a % of sales as commission rather than a flat fee.
14. Affiliate program integration with Post Affiliate Pro (

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Php Screen Scraper

Need a configurable web scraper needed to scrape various wordpress blogs, platform can be any (.net or php ) with mySql.
configurable with xpath or regex or any better way, download data, parse it and save it to database.

Preferred: if you have a already have a fully developed scraper, show me a demo.

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Magento Configurable Products Stock Control

This concerns configurable products and associated products in Magento
When using inventory we create a master configurable product 1234C then we have associated products 1234C A B C D

When ABCD sell out of stock they no longer show up as options for the 1234C however even though there is no stock the main configurable product doesnt go out of stock. (we have it set to not show out of stock products)

What wed like is for it to change the status of the config product to out of stock (so it doesnt show) when all the associated products are sold out.

So when we have more assoc back in stock the config shows up again. I dont know why Magento doesnt do this, but we need this done very quickly.

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Magento: Configurable Product Import

Need configurable products (parent & child) imported into Magento.

Must be familiar with how to import into Magento b/c this is not native functionality but can be accomplished with workarounds.

Please submit summary of prior Magento configurable product products you have worked on.

Do not apply if you have never imported configurable products into Magento.

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Asterisk: Voting Service With Soap Output (For Meral)

We need a New Module in our Asterisk IVR for a Voting Service:

Call arrives on IVR,
did table sends call to new table/service
plays a "welcome" message (configurable in table)
then caller can enter 1 to 50
then play 2nd "thank you" message (configurable in table)
then call ends.
We then need to use SOAP to report: "CID", "DID", "Digits entered"

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WHMCS Custom Order Form

We are looking for coders familiar with whmcs related work including building modules and customizing the order forms, etc.

We have a development install of WHMCS setup for your use.

The first project is to custom the order form to use sliders as seen here:

I asked the WHMCS about creating such a form and they replied with…

You wouldnt actually need anything other than the standard WHMCS system that you have to do this. Configurable options are something you can setup already – as either quantities or dropdown choices of options and then if you want the actual sliders those are something you can do quite easily within the template to replace the quantity input field. See for more info on the config options and how to use them in WHMCS.

According to one coder it uses jQuery slider bars.

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Teach Me How To Add Configurable Products To Magento

I need your help adding configurable products to
You will only need to add two products (same type of product, but different sizes and color)
For this you will have to create popper attributes in my magento.
After that I will try to do this myself< if I have questions you will need to guide me through.

Budget is $6

I need this done within an hour

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OS X Media Player/Processor

1. Graphical interface with modifiable MP4 playlist manager.
2. Can add, remove, or sort MP4s.
3. Play and Stop button.
4. Error dialog on mediafilesegmenter failure.
5. The GUI should show the length of the MP4 in the playlist.
6. Configurable FTP target.
7. Configurable mediafilesegmenter options.
8. Configurable between "Live" or "VOD".
9. When you hit play, the file is sent to mediafilesegmenter and .ts and .mp3u file are uploaded to FTP target based on mediafilesegmenter options. The idea is to simulate a "Live" broadcast from a VOD file. Typically, a .ts segment is 10 seconds long. The m3u8 file updates every 10 seconds. Both that 10 seconds of ts file and the corresponding m3u8 file should be uploaded via FTP (Does this make sense to you?).
10. .ts files uploaded to the FTP server that are older than what is listed in the m3u8 file should be deleted.

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Search Engine Data Extractor

The basic scenario is the client pays people to search Google or bing or yahoo (not sure on other two) They find listing for tradeshow going to be held in Orlando. Then they check to see where its going to be held , look at sizes &amp; more info, then they add these record to a excel spread sheet, then they call the people putting on the show and talk to them about the free travel guide &amp; other service they offer.

The client is trying to cut out the number of hours spent search the net for the Tradeshows/ Events.

Part 1:
Need an application that will run from a cron job to search the internet, probable just Google
taking a set of search terms like &quot;tradeshow, hotel, conferences, (city name example Orlando FL)&quot; these would be configurable from an admin interface
Additionally They may want to set a date range: like posted in last 10 days or set event held within to/from range
Then from that results store the records in a MySQL MyISAM database for review

Part 2:
a script that can be run manually or though cron nightly to filter the stored results and delete any results that contain any key words (Disney or apple) Again these words would be configurable from an admin interface

part 3
Need an admin review the queue of records and further filter the list.

We have an admin site that uses a template engine &amp; code will be shared if we go forward.
Eventually this will tie into another app. that manages current list with a lot more fields

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Deadman’s Safety System

Excellent Android coder wanted for this project: using phones accelerometer, confirm there was motion of the phone during a configurable time interval. In the positive case, contact an URL at the end of each interval. If no Wifi or APN connection is available, try to send an SMS instead. In the negative case, optionally play a soundfile.
The threshold of the motion (X,Y,Z acceleration), the time interval, the URL and the SMS number must be configurable. There should appear an icon in the top bar when the application is running. The application must be installable via MarketPlace. The sources have to be handed out to the buyer.

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Magento Import From Another Database

I am looking for an import module that will pick data from another database and will either create OR update
simple and configurable products

The table are no more than 10 fields, the rest of the magento required field will be default values

Here is the process
1) Check attributes
query all distinct colors in the source database (1 trivial SELECT DISTINCT color query)
if a color does not exist in magento attributes , reject it (getAttribute(color) to check)
same process for size, manufacturer and fabric attributes
Simple project reject , the attributes admin codes are indentical on both magento and foreign database
2) If checks are OK
Import the simple product table
if exist than update, else create new
If new product : create a product with attribute set depending on one field value (1 to 1 relation)
3) if simple download is OK
Import the configurable products (linked with SKU field to simple products)
4) if configurable and simple are OK
Import linked to associated various products for Crosssell products

Config.xml will be the database connection parameters, and table names

To Deliver : Ideally a Magento Import Adapter usable in the Import profile but could turn out to be a simple dedicated module looking like the OsCommerce Magento plugin (in much more simple)

BTW: If you do not understand what a Magento Adapter, profile, Configurable or Simple, or Crosssell product is, no need to bid. I need a Magento developer, not a PHP/MySql developer.

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Magento – Converting Products From Simple 2 Configurable

We have a site containing about 300 products and 12~categories
we want to make all products found in 812~ of our categories configurable.
so we can create simple products from them.

please put final bid!
bid only if you are experienced & professional.

site is in Hebrew language

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Showing Product Images In Configurable Products

You can bid for two project.
1-We want a Magento extension to show simple products in configurable products. Option should be shown as a radio button with option name and image. Magento does not allow radio button with default instalation for configurable products. Image size should be configurable. Final delivery could be easily installable with Magento Connect.
Options will look like shown as below:

2-Magento image map extension that will map an image via easy to use gui from admin page. All mapping could be mapped to an option like a key as shown below. If someone select a key from image it will add key to Custom Option text field. Similar map is shown below.
Final delivery could be easily installable with Magento Connect.
All the source code rights will be belong to us.

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VBulletin 4 Widget Modification

Modify an existing vBulletin 4 cms widget so that it has more features.

The widget is the Recent Articles widget. It will be used to show recent forum posts.

It needs to be modified so that it also displays the posts attached image thumbnail (or a thumbnail of an image that is in the body of the text) on the left or right of the preview text. The position of the thumbnail (left or right) needs to be configurable. The text needs to wrap the thumbnail. The amount of preview text needs to be configurable.

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VBulletin 4 Widget Modification

Modify an existing vBulletin 4 cms widget so that it has more features.

The widget is the Recent Articles widget. It will be used to show recent forum posts.

It needs to be modified so that it also displays the posts attached image thumbnail (or a thumbnail of an image that is in the body of the text) on the left or right of the preview text. The position of the thumbnail (left or right) needs to be configurable. The text needs to wrap the thumbnail. The amount of preview text needs to be configurable.

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Knife & Gun Collection Management

I want a PHP/MYSQL driven website to catalog, organize, report and display knife and gun collections for multiple users. It should consist of a password protected administration area for each user and a gallery area for the general public to browse. Multiple configurable fields should be able to added, named and type casted from within the site. For instance, I may want to add a database field for the knives category called &quot;date of sale.&quot; I should be able to click on a link to add a field, give it parameters for size, field type, etc and it will then appear on the data entry form for the knife category. I want to be able to upload multiple images for each item in the database, as well as select a single &quot;index&quot; photo to be shown in the gallery. The gallery should be configurable to display by maker, type, etc. I want a reporting feature for insurance purposes where I can do simple queries of the database and create a printable report showing the basic details in a list view, as well as total dollar values for any monetary fields in the report. The report should be configurable as well. I envision a form with simple check boxes for fields to include on the report. Total item count should be displayed both on reports and in the gallery. When in the gallery, if I click on an index image I should be taken to a detail page for that particular item. This page will show all the details stored in the database for that item, as well as all the photos.

Im sure there will be some details to iron out, but Im easy to work with, and extremely easy to keep in contact with via e-mail. Im at a computer all day at work and can answer questions. If you have ideas along the way for additional features, Im very willing to listen and evaluate.

User friendliness is a big must as many collectors have hundreds of items to enter.

If you are a user of vBulletin or other forum packages, what I am looking for is similar in overall design.

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Magento Tweaks, Data Entry

I. I need to be certain our 800 downloadable products have a downloadable link defined.
II. I need Configurable Products setup for 160 "Books" as defined by that attribute.
III. I need a change to the shipping checkout display


1. The 800 downloadable products exist in the database already, but must be checked to see if the downloadable "link" exists. Some were broken after upgrade to If it does not have a link, I will provide a text file of the downloadable link entries for you to copy and paste from.

2. The downloadable title will be set to "(DOWNLOAD)"
3. The downloadable products will have attribute "Delivery Method" set to "eDownload"
4. The downloadable item must have "Links can be purchased separately" set to No.
5. The downloadable products must have the visibility set to "Not Visible Individually".


There are 160 downloadable "Books" products. We need to include these as an associated entry in the Configurable products. The Configurable products will have 2 associated product entries. One will be one of type "simple" and the other of type "downloadable".

The downloadable products already exist in the database, no need to re-import them.

I have 2 .csv files for you to use as import ("simple.csv" and "configurable.csv".)

Once imported:

1. The simple products must have their visibility set to "Not Visible Individually".

2. The simple products must have attribute "Delivery Method" set to "Ship This To Me"

3. The Configurable product must have its visibility set to "Catalog, Search."

4. The "image" is only necessary for the Configurable item since that is all the customer sees on the frontend, since the others are set to "Not Visible Individually".

I have an example of a working Configurable product on the store for you to use as an example.


1. At the time of checkout, Magento displays "Free Shipping…" I only want this to display if the total = $0.00.


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Configurable Dashboard Using Pentaho

I am looking to build a Dashboard Solution using Pentaho with

1. Configurable Dashboard (Change the Graphs/Views on the fly)
2. Different user level of data security
3. Alerts (mail,SMS) based on the data changes
4. Available on internet and intranet

Number of Dashboards/Reports : 5
Number of Source Tables : 12 (MySQL)

Feel free to ask questions

I am looking for proposals with detailed implementation plan. One-liner bidders, please excuse

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Magento Small Feature

Hi need a small fix for my magento, under the product view ( admin ) I want to have a link to a remote site, where I include the product sku. Example : A button with the name "More info" that openens up a link like this :,pass=blala,showid=SKU in a new window.

Further more I have installed the module custom stock messages, this show the simple products that are out of stock on the configurable product page with a text out of stock. I need to add a due date after the out of stock message. I have the field as an atribute on each product. From the developer I got this info on where to change it :

>> where the $status variable is defined. This will for for all products
>> except configurable items.
>> For configurable products you should modify:
> appcodelocalAmastyStockstatusBlockRewriteProductViewTypeCon
> figura
>> ble.php
>> where the $stockStatus variable is defined.

Finally I need to get the shopping cart in the top of the right side of
my template.

Small things.

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Peer To Peer Video Chat

We need to create a flash based peer-to-peer video chat application, which would fall back to FMS or Wowza if direct connection is not possible. The idea can be simply described as video-based helpdesk. Whenever a help desk person logs on to the web site, he becomes “available”. Whenever a client logs on, his flash-based app tries to connect to providers flash app directly. If connection cannot be established, it falls back to FMS.

We do not need a complete system, just configurable flash part, which we then can embed in the workflow presented on web pages. Flash apps (client and help desk person part) must have configurable parameters, such as an URL used for session intiation (address of the peer), FMS address to stream webcam video/audio feed, size.

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Magento Store -> Configurable Products

I have a Magento store that I need configurable products loaded into. The site will be 5-10 pages total. I have ~35 configurable products that need to be loaded by size and color, pictures will be provided. I already have a custom theme so there will be no design work needed. Please contact me for further details.

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Delphi Open Source Application On Streamlab Wind Sdi Board

For this project. We need open source code in delphi (different procedures or dll) that allows dipslaying text (latin and arabic) throw streamlabs wind sdi board the sdk for this board could be downloaded from this web site: ( Please find "StreamAlpha_SDK_271107.rar" the SDK with sample code in C.

1- First we need to display text with configurable font, color and size at any location (x,y) on the screen.
2- Display picture TGA (32bits) with aplpha chanel. with différent size and at différent positions.
3- Display 32 bits avi at configurable positions.
4- Scrolling text and picture right to left and left to right at configurable positions
5- Crawling text and picture top to down and down to top.
6- Possibility to send to back and to front each object (text, picture and avi)
7. Text effects like outline shadows etc are welcome…

I think this could be the first module and then we can add others features step by step.

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Magento Professional Scripter (configurable Products)

Im looking for a Magento pro scripter who can make changes to the core in order to make user-input configurable products possible.
The user has to fill in a height and width in a textfield and Magento has to directly calculate the price, based on a table.
Please type the word sun in your response, so I know youve read this description.

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Yahoo Messengr Bot

I need a yahoo messenger bot which does the following:

Step 1. The bot should be able to monitor messages from a specific yahoo ID(s) over messenger.
The yahoo ID(s) that is being monitored should be a configurable parameter (UI or input file).
Messages received from other IDs not being monitored should be ignored (possibly close the window).
Monitoring will be basically include comparing the message window title with the yahoo ID or whatever you feel is the best way.

Step 2. Whenever a message is received from any yahoo ID(s) being monitored, the bot should read and extract the message. Only the last recent message should be extracted from the messenger window not the earlier ones.

Step 3. A configurable fixed string/text will be appended to the
message and then the bot should send the message to a multiple groups in yahoo messenger. Remember, it has to sent message to a group and not individual users. As usual, the group name(s) should be a configurable parameter. After sending the message, it should dump the message along with timestamp in a text file with timestamp. One dump file for each day.

Performance of the bot should be good. It should be stable and should be able to
run continouosly unmonitored. If the bot goes down or if yahoo messenger is not responding, it should be able to restart itself or atleast should have a notification mechanism if it fails/hangs.

Requirements are subject to little change but this is amlost 90% of what is required. is the preferred language. Second choice would be C#

______DONT BID IF:_______
– If you cannot speak english
– Cant get this done in less than 3 weeks.
– NO ADVANCE PAYMENT. well ONLY pay you when you provide a working, compiled demo. Feel free to put a time limit on demo.

You can expect ratings upon timely quality delivery. You will be rated negatively if you accept and dont deliver. If you new without any rating, then you will have to show some similar sample work.

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We want a flash worldmap like with the following specs
– parameterized flash component
– shows map of the world, displaying all countries, but only with clickable continents
– when clicked on continent, zoom in, showing countries
– when hover over country, display its name
– input is a comma separated list of 2-digit county codes
– countries in the input list must be showed in a configurable color, other countries in another configurable color, both in unzoomed worldview and continent view

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SpamAsassain Postfix Setup On CentOS 5

We are looking for a skilled sysadmin to set up a Postfix and Spamassassin server on CentOS 5.

The project is in two parts, the first setting up Postfix and Spamassassin, with the following wishlist:

Turn off NDRs, configurable globally or per domain
Accept all email addreses for a domain or only those specified
Custom word / phrase blacklists / whitelist, configurable globally and per domain
Custom URL blacklist / whitelist, configurable globally and per domain
Sender email address / domain whitelist / blacklist, configurable globally and per domain
Sender server whitelist and blacklist (IP Address)
OCR / Baysean recognition of spam in image files
Give each accepted email a spam confidence level (SCL)
Three SCL Levels: Reject at gateway, Store locally, forward to host, configurable per domain
Configurable message per domain for an email bounced at the gateway level
Delete spam older than x days configurable by domain, with a maximum of 30 days
SMTP Logging Set up, logs archived and compressed every 14 days
DNS blacklist check, SORBS, (others)
Statistics on spam and ham by recipient / domain
Check of SPF records
Ability to poll URLs via HTTPS in order to update accepted email addresses and domains
Administrator control panel to turn on and off various functions

The second part is to configure web access to the server for users, with the following wishlist:

Users can access their specific domains only
View the list of spam messages for each of their domains with a filter / search function
Ability to change the reject and the store SCL levels
Ability for parts of the web interface to be disabled per user
Ability for a user to create subusers and assign email addresses to them that only that sub user can search on / view the collected spam for.
Ability (future) to authenticate users via Active Directory

In addition we wish to have the ability to synchronise databases, settings, and functionality with another mirrored server

Full setup documentation required
– Packages and modules installed
– Step by step configuration guide
– Overview of where day to day configuration changes are done

High performance is important so if you outline what steps you would take to help performance it will be looked on favourably.

Also please give an idea of ongoing hourly rates for any post implementation configuration changes.

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PHP Coding Mysql Configurable Mailing Module

I need someone to build a configurable mailing module to automatically notify customers of sales, etc.

It will not be a typical bulk emailer, but rather will notify customers based on various
rules based on fields in our database.

I will need an admin panel interface with the ability to add, edit and remove
"rules". An example will be like this….

rule 1 – email text1 to all customers 7 days after they enter our database
rule 2 – email text2 to all customers whove ordered product Y 30 days after
they enter our database
rule 3 – email text3 to all customers who have ordered both products Y & Z 60
days after they enter our database

The emails will need to be sent automatically – we already have one email
sending module in our program which sends a reminder 7 days later if the order has
not been paid – i think this will be a good starting point for you to
understand our code.

It will generate an opt out for all emails also.

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Magento Customizing Configurable Products Functionality

Per default, logic of configurable products in Magento needs input of all options from user, each time, before the needed simple product would be choosed. This is based on fact, that magento doesnt know, which option combinations exist and which not.


In our shop we have all possible options for configurable products, so we need, that the user can choose EACH option whatever, and will get his result onchange.
For chossed simple product should be instantly (ajax) changed: image, short description and price.

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