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Edgemarc 4550 Router / Firewall Configuration +SIP

I have purchased an EdgeMarc 4550 Router / Firewall to replace our PFSense box. The EdgeMarc 4550 support SIP (VoIP) Please see for info on this appliance.

What I need you to do is remotely access this unit, Setup networking, firewall, VLAN, Proxy ARP, SIP and or whatever is needed to make this work on my network correctly so I can remove the pfsense from service.

Our internet has 5 external IPs that route to 2 mail servers, 1 Asterisk Server for internal phones, 1 Parallels Server. All these use the external IP to access in and out of the network – no NAT used for these.

Internally, there are PC that need to access the internet and 3 or so IP Phones.

Please, if I didnt give you enough information ask questions!

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Vyatta Configuration

I am looking for someone to configure a subnet on a Vyatta router.

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Implementaion Load Balance

I have work in chooes any network to implement load balance with 2 types of alogarthims (FP Tree and other one) and make simulation , result, diagrams (figures for result) ,introduce the software that you gonna use, how you implement that, comparing & discussion result between two result of 2 logarithms and conclusion within 4000words
deadline 6 days
you can use these software
– matlab
– using GNS for simulation because it provide real cisco router configurations and best results and algo implementations can only b acchieved through GNS
– or others
thank you

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"urgent"Patton Smartnode 4638 Configuration VOIP And Router


We are IT support company, right now we are dealing with one client to install this gear. A quick network setup details –

Fiber coming in to the building and this device going to be their internet router and ISDN to sip gateway, so they can unplug existing ISDN connection and plug into this gear and start making calls.

We are looking for someone who already have installed this device past, so this installation will be just another one.

We can give you team viewer access ( remote access ), so you can configure it before we heading to client site. Lots of more work will follow in future if we can establish a nice understanding.

Please take this as a opportunity who admire skill and looking for someone who can handle this kind tricky calls fro us on affordable price.

Network lan, wan and sip details will forward to you, once we have a confirm bid.


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