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I Need 38 Articles Written 500 Words For 1$each

I need :

5 articles on affliate marketing
5 articles on making money online
5 articles on starting an online business
10 articles on how to get six pack abs
10 articles on how to lose weight
3 articles on how to maintain a proper diet

I will only accept original work and that means no spinning articles,or copied work. I will use copy scape to check if each articles is authentic and not copied or spinned.


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Copy My Joomla Website ASAP

NEED DONE TODAY! IF YOU CANt DO NOW DO NOT BID. I need my site copied from my webserver to a new host. I had someone do this for me 2 days ago on freelancer, but now when I update 1 site the other updates as well. I do NOT want the site to do this. After the site is copied, I am going to make changes to it.


1. Copy my current site into a new server
2. Keep my current site up and running with NO changes
3. Change the domain to a NEW domain on the new site
4. Make sure all images, links and modules work properly

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Copy A Website From 1 Server To Another Server

I have a Joomla/virtuemart website on a linux server. I need that website copied exactly and moved to another server, while keep the site we copied intact. The site we are copying MUST keep the e-mail and domain up.

Site to Copy

Copied Site

Copy (I will give you cpanel access).
On new site make sure the proper domain name is activated.
On new site make sure all links work properly.
On new site make sure all image paths are working properly.
On New Site make sure joomla and databases copied over properly.

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Magento – PHP – Zend – Individual Expert Developer Needed

We would like to quick copy the active database on our web server to another server on the same domain. Run an inventory script on the copied database to update products, run magento reindex functions on the copied databse and then copy back only the product data and reindexed product data from the updated copied database back to the original server with different table names so it doesnt lock the tables during copy. Once the copy is complete rename the newly copied tables to replace the currently active tables with minimum downtime on the server. An open source project of quick cloning of a database is available here:

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U.S. Data Entry Person Required

Hello Data Entry Experts,

How are you all doing? I am looking for someone from the UNITED STATES OR CANADA (English Speaking!!)(People from English Speaking Countries would be fine) that can do some simple data entry work for me.

I have a new classifieds website that I am starting and the person I select will be copying ads from another website and adding them to my site.

My website has a lot of search options for each category. The other site where you will be gathering the ads only has a couple. Because of this you will need to read the descriptions of the ads and gather as much information as you can

For example, the other site has Price, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Square Footage for its search fields in the real estate section. My site has well over 100 options.

A lot of information can be found in the description/photos of the ads. My classifieds site has search fields such as: type of flooring, type of countertops, number of garages, number of fireplaces, swimming pool?, home theater?, etc.
So if any of this information is found in the description of the ad, then you need to fill in the search fields on my website so it can be easily found.

I havent decided on a price per copied classified as of yet. This will be based on the quality of the work that is performed. Depending on the price per copied listing I am looking to have anywhere from a minimum of 10 listings up to 50 listings copied EVERY DAY! This will make it look as though the site is growing at a steady pace and new visitors will post ads themselves as the site will seem active.

This will be long term work. I would imagine for a couple of months.

Please post a bid with any questions you might have. Also, if you have anyway to show works you have previously done that would help a lot. Please let me know what your ballpark estimate is of what you will charge per copied listing. I will provide a walk-through of how the work will need to be done (sample) to all bidders who are serious about the job.



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Travel Article Rewrites Required

Hi Freelancers,

We hired a content writer in good faith to produce 16x 800 word travel articles in good faith but in the last few days its materialised that some of the writing is duplicate and flags up copyscape.

Ive run a handful of the 16 articles through copyscape myself and the amount of duplicate stuff varies – in some its 5% and less, in others around 10% and one Ive found is around 20% copied.

Your job will be to rewrite the copied sections so the articles pass copyscape. Simply scrapping the duplicate stuff is not acceptable. Crude rewording is not acceptable at all either. The copied passages must be seamlessly replaced and reworded.

At an estimate I would put the copied material at about 10% of 12,800 words, or something in the region of 1-2,000 words.

Requirements: you must have a full copyscape account (a free account wont do as the search limit is up). You must have an excellent understanding and grasp on the English language. Ideally you will also have experience with travel writing.

Please consult my requirements in the PMB box with your bid. I will only hire a Freelancer willing to address my needs specifically!!


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Simple HTML Site Needed In 24 Hours Copied

I need to copy a website in simple HTML urgently in 24 hours
Kindly PM for details

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15 Small Articles

I want 15 small articles (350 words each) to be written. Submission in two days once awarded. Pay = $10 for the job.
NO COPIED STUFF. If I find any article copied, I will report this to GAF.

Only dedicated writers need apply.

Thank you

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3 Websites Copied & Need Redone. says Ive been copied & need to be re typed on the following websites., & Plz be at least 30 years old to bid on this project. Also, tell me what you charge for each website as I dont know if I can afford to do them all at once…..Thank you for your time…..Joel Leitson

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Metatrader Expert Advisor Indicator Security Protection

I need a professional security process that would protect my Expert Advisors (EA) or Indicators from being illegally copied. As of now, I am open on the type of process to be used. What I am looking for is a process that would only allow one user the ability to use the EA/indicator. So if the program is copied, then nobody else would be able to use the program. And I would need the ability to delete a user or turn off the program at will. For example, if a customer would initiate a chargeback or request a refund, then I could deny them access to the program. I would also like my program to be protected from decompilers so they cannot see the actual coding. So even if my program is copied, they cannot read the coding of the program in order to duplicate the program.

I would like this security process to be available for me to implement for any of my current or future Metatrader programs. For example, if I would want to update the coding in my programs or convert the program to MT4 to MT5, I would not need to pay for the whole security process again every single time. I am open on the type of process to be used as long as it is professional and a strong system. I am looking for something that is similar to what the other big Forex companies use. I will answer any questions you may have so please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Simple Content Copy Paste To WordPress

Total 250 pages of content needs to be copied from a website and word documents to WordPress.

Task 1

This project involves copy/paste work from a website to a WordPress blog. There are total 100 events information pages that needs to copied from a website and to be pasted in a WordPress form. Check the events to be copied here and here

You need to make sure that formatting is preserved and page looks good after copying. Each event information to be copied in a separate WordPress post. You are required to categorize and add tags.
Expired events are not to be copied. I will provide the excel spreadsheet which has links to all these events.

Task 2
Total 150 interview questions needs to be copied from a website or a word document as WordPress Posts. See sample questions here . Each question needs to be copied as an individual post. You are required to categorize and add tags.

Work needs to be completed in 15days and you are required to provide progress every alternate day. Knowledge of WordPress required.

You can expect repeated work from me.

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2 Landing Pages To Be Copied…

We need 2 landing pages done. It can be taken and copies exactly the way it is here:

We also need to add a code (geo target) that will identify the users location and put a small display under each of the pictures that says "online now in los angeles" or applicable location per unique situation.

when the form is complete it needs to go into our database. we have the exact api code with instructions. experience with api is a plus.

the 2nd landing page is:

this can be copied exactly the way it is. no coding for the form is required.

please bid with best price and fast delivery time. thanks.

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Urgent – Transfer Content From Mambo To Joomla – Repost

Reposting due to previous winning bid pulling out…

I need content copied from a mambo site into a Joomla Site.

This project is urgent and so you must be able to start immediately.

Once you have contacted me i will provide link of site that needs to be copied from


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Copy Textbox To Textbox Html


We need someone who is able to insert javascript that allows the user to tick a tick box and have the contact details copied from the registrant details to any other options.

As an example, the technical contact should be able to have the tick box ticked and have all the registrant details copied into those text boxes.

Attached is the html form we require javascript done.

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Urgent – Transfer Content From Mambo To Joomla

I need content copied from a mambo site into a Joomla Site.

This project is urgent and so you must be able to start immediately.

Once you have contacted me i will provide link of site that needs to be copied from


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Need Flash Game Copied

We need a copy of this SWF Flash Game:

Please PMB us for more details, we may have more projects for you on a one-to-one basis.

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Back Up My Entire Website On A CD Plus Settings

I have a very large video driven website (clipshare, php, flash etc). I need somebody to back it up entirely on a CD, everything must be copied on a CD so I can transfer the site on a different server at a later stage.

The correct php/my sql/flash video settings must be saved and copied otherwise the backup process is pointless.

So I need someone who has experience in using clipshare software essential.

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Article Writer Wanted

I need in the region of 50

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I Need A Custome Google Map Copied 100+ Times.

Looking to have a custom google map copied 300-600 times. It is a map of local businesses I made, and would like a custom map made from a gmail account that has the exact same places listed, but in a randomized order.

If you are experienced this should be a very easy thing to do, but insist that it is done with individual established gmail accounts.

I will provide the map I expect copied, and when the project is complete I would like links to each map. I will pay .20 per map made. Each map should take no longer then 1-3 minutes to do Each map title should also be different in name.

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Copy Content From One Website To Another

Hello friends,

I have a new WordPress installation, and I need the content from the current website set up on the new one. The content is located here:

Everything but the portfolio page needs copied to the new site:

Basically, all the text, icons, and forms need copied over. The name of the new company is Drewelow & Associates, so that should be changed accordingly. Thats it!

Were on a small budget, but need it as soon as possible.


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Simple Copy And Paste Job

I need someone who can simply copy and paste some press releases for me into .txt files.

press releases can be found on sites like or

I need around 85 press releases copied from various categories.

Please post your rate for 85 copied press releases.

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Website Copy

I need a website copied, I dont mean the exact text and images But I want the general Layout, and setup copied. I want all of the pages copied, and I want all of the customer testimonials.

It is a subscription website, that will use paypal or my merchant account to accept payments for membership.

The site is:

I mainly want the layout taken, and I want all of the "trade history" copied and replicated onto my website.

The member area, is basic, and the winning bidder will recieve my log in information so they can see how it is done.

The site is basic and this project is small.

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Copy HTML Content From Old Joomla 1.0 To New Joomla 1.5

Hello friends,

I have a website built on Joomla 1.0 which Ive upgraded to Joomla 1.5.

Ive already installed Joomla 1.5, customized the template, added thumbnails, and created the primary navigation menus.

Some of the content has already been copied over, but I need to get the rest of it copied. Its very simple… Im just too busy to finish it myself. Specifically, there are a few more pages of content that need copied over, some thumbnails created, and the menu items need to be added so the navigation menu will be completed. I need to re-create the "Rent-to-Own" form (using any Joomla form component is fine). Also, a Google maps plugin needs installed for the "Come see us" page.

Here is the current website (Joomla 1.0):
Here is the new website (Joomla 1.5):

Please take a look at all the content on the current website. Its basically just an upgrade from Joomla 1.0 to 1.5. So you can see which content hasnt been moved over yet… thats what needs to be done. Repeat: Please take a look at ALL the content on the current website so you can understand which components/plugins/modules might need to be installed.

I need this project done asap. The selected provider will take the current project and work on it to create a finished project. Make sense?



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Web Research

A web research project that involves using and to find out if a list of companies in the attached spreadsheet have an office in Perth Western Australia. If they do the main Perth address is copied into the spreadsheet and a google search is done to see if the IT manager name can be found on LinkedIn. The web address of the found IT Managers name is copied and pasted into the spreadsheet.

There are two tabs on the spreadsheet (Melbourne and Sydney) that need completing, am interested in rate and timeframe.

Thanks for bidding.

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No Skills Required, Yahoo Answers Project

We need an Yahoo Answer expert with Level 2 account.(Hyperlink activated)

Our site has over 1500 articles on many topics.
1. There are 100s of questions being asked every week which our site has answers for. The questions asked in Yahoo and title of the articles in our site are similar.
2. Search Yahoo answers for the particular phrase and identify the questions which our site has answers for. Once you familiarize with our site it would be much easier to identify what answers are available.
3. Brief answer is enough (no more than 10 words ) It can be copied from our site. When you copy,link for the post also will be copied. The link to the post should given as Source.
5. We will check your Yahoo profile to verify how many answers posted.
5. Bid for 100 answers.
6. Please Provide your Yahoo answer account name to verify your expertise and level.

The project doesnt need any skills. If you could offer a good work you can work continuously.

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Data Entry Into CSV

Very simple, I have a few webpages with lists of addresses that I would like copied into a CSV file.

Ive attached a sample CSV file.

There are probably around 100 addresses – please PM me and I will give you the URLs of the addresses to be copied.

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Fix My Movie Site

I need my movie site fixed.

The site was copied from another site but still has all the links from other site.

I need the site to look just like the site that i copied it from. You will be able to see what site i copied from if you look at the links because im not going to post it on here. My site is so look at it and look at the site I copied it from and you will see what you need to do.

One problem i noticed is that when you click on a movie… it take you to another page well the picture is all the way at the bottom and it need to be up top. Look you will see

Needs a simple logo. Just like the one on the site just different name

Also after completed i need you to show me how to update it. like change movies and links. i can do basic web design and know a little html so it wont be hard to show me how

Must be very knowledgeable in this field and must have good feedback. Im looking to start this progect on 2/15/10

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I Need This Website Copied Exactly. *repost*

I need this website copied exactly. It must still function exactly as shown.

The website uses a survey format.


The site functions by hiding the question 1, question 2, question 3, and etc. divs then unhiding them when they go to the next question.

If you can EXACTLY replicate this website I will pay you a healthy agreeable amount. Please on PM me if you have questions or if you are confident you can exactly replicate this site and all its questions.

* A site with 4 questions, then after the 4th question it loads a fake progress bar, then they are forwarded to an offer page. Links on that page will then send them to an offer.

This copied site must perform like this, in the exact manner as,

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I Need This Website Copied Exactly.

I need this website copied exactly. It must still function exactly as shown.

The website uses a survey format.


The site functions by hiding the question 1, question 2, question 3, and etc. divs then unhiding them when they go to the next question.

If you can EXACTLY replicate this website I will pay you a healthy agreeable amount. Please on PM me if you have questions or if you are confident you can exactly replicate this site and all its questions.

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Content Copied To Drupal Content

Migrate the current article / feature pages (approx 3,300 pages), to Drupal. This is done by copying & pasting the text from existing pages and using Drupal WYSIWIG editor to achieve the same formatting as existing pages (Bold, italic, Bullet point, Tables, etc) and also using any of the existing images ion the existing pages.

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A Competitor Has Copied My Product And Website.


I have a problem I have run a website for 8 years, A person I know has decided to copy the product and virtually copy my website and are now competing against me, what can I do ? I have spent along time getting my busniess up and running and now this has happened.

Regards Blair

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