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Form Query Script And Render Xml Return On Joomla Website

To develop a script for use on a Joomla website that will submit a search request to an external server via a form, joining the URL of the destination server with the form query (part number) submitted in the form to search for a part number. The host server

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Copy Website + Add Form + Stuff Cookie

I need someone that can take a normal sales page… copy it.. and add a step in between the add to cart button asking for their email address and then sending them to the checkout. Also I have to make sure the cookie that was going to be on that page is stuffed still. Then you must upload this to my server.

This should be a really simple project but I just dont have the time.

If you are bidding please have access to skype and speak good english.

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Body Copy For 5 Pages On Disability Insurance

Looking for the body copy for 5 pages on a disability insurance site. URL of site will be provided once winner has been chosen. The pages must include 750 words and be written for internet users i.e. have a headline, short paragraphs, and a call to action to get a disability insurance quote.

The 5 pages should be about the following and will require research on the providers part:
1. Disability Insurance for Individuals
2. Disability Income Insurance
3. Disability insurance Costs
4. Private Disability Insurance
5. What is Disability Insurance

Body copy absolutely cannot be duplicate or spun content from anywhere else. If any part of the article is found to have duplicate content, the provider will not receive payment for any of the articles. I will only consider users with feedback, and so if you have not received a rating on, you will not be considered.

Superb writing skills are essential, and I would prefer individuals who have experience writing ad copy or landing page copy. The goal of these pages is to get customers to sign up for a quote form.

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