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Connect 2 Websites With Php

I am looking for someone who can make a connection from website A to website B in PHP.

– When a user visits website A, the real content will be fetched from website B
– A user can post data to A and the script on A will post the variables directly to B. A will show the HTML result from B.
– It has to be a simple script without special components (just fsockopen)
– You can demonstrate the result on an environment
– It only has to work in concept and does not has to be implemented in the live environment. I am a PHP programmer myself (with too little time).
– And most imporant… the deadline is tomorrow (march 17th)!
– I want to pay around $30 for this small project, it should not be that time consuming.

Who can help me?

Best regards,

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Simple PHP table

I have a website that has users volunteer for various services on a weekly basis. You can see it at

Right now I have an HTML table and a free form handler. The volunteers enter the 3 pieces of information into the form which is then e-mailed to me. I must then open up the HTML and manually update the slots.

What I need you to do is:
1) Create a form that will auto populate a table like the one I have
2) Ensure that no more than one person can sign up for a specified slot
3) Give me access to change the form is someone needs to cancel
4) E-mail me a copy of all submissions

I dont know anything about PHP and SQL databases, but I was told this should be pretty simple. Let me know if thats not the case.

My timeline is somewhat flexible, but I do wish to see the project completed in the next few weeks. Feel free to contact me if I have left any important information out.

***This project is a test for me to see how can help me. If this project goes well, I have several much larger projects I will need help with.

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Website to be Copied + PHP installations

I need 3 Pre made website PHP installations on 3 separate websites asap

Please do not bid over $30.00

Thank You.

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