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Web Research, Copy, Pasting, Uploading And Approval F

This is an interesting job. We need someone to do the following:

1. We supply a list of companies to whom we will be sending postcards.
2. Employee must find a companies website on the internet.
3. Take a snaphot photo of their website.
4. Paste the picture they have taken into a pre-formatted word document we will provide.
5. Save and check the word document and upload to postcard sending service.
6. Approve postcard so it is sent.

We will start with a test of around 300 postcards and then expand with the right employee.

Easy but fairly repetitive task.

Please respond with previous experience and WHY you would be an ideal candidate for the task.



Thank you for your interest.

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WP Theme Installation 2

Hello This project is to install a wordpress theme and set up the gallery (front) pictures and categories

and then Install site on my server


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MediaCore Installation Onto Linode Server With Another Site

I am looking for someone who is familiar with the vps server offered at What I am looking to do is have you install the MediaCore CMS to my server. The thing is, I currently have another site hosted on the same server, so you will have to create a new instance for a totally new domain on the server, which will also allow me to log in via ftp so that I can change images, design, etc.

You can check out more about the MediaCore cms here:

Only people who are truly familiar with the servers offered at should apply for this, as the installation of the current website on the same server must not be compromised in anyway, and if so then I will hold you responsible.

So if you are not familiar with a linode vps, then dont apply for this project. Also, if you are not familiar with how to properly install mediacore, it is best not to apply.

You can review the documentation for installing the mediacore cms here:

So to review, I am looking for someone to successfully install the mediacore video/podcast cms onto my linode vps server, for a separate domain, without messing up the current site that is installed on the same linode server.

If the price isnt better than the cost to have the cms creators create it, then I will go with their price and allow them to install.

The reason I am posting here, is to see if I can get this done sooner than the few days it would take to have them do it.

In order to let me know that you have fully read and understand this post, type the phrase "gets the challenge" in your bid.

No resellers!

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Need Techinal Sales/Web Copy For A Marketing Site

I am looking for an eloquent professional copywriter that will write content for a website.
This is a corporate site and the content can not have a blatant sales pitch but rather it should informative and bring a solution to the reader by providing useful information and relevant data. Also use call for action throughout the site.

Details about the site (under construction):
We provide professional SEO/internet marketing to the healthcare industry (doctors & physicians). You can checkout the site at You can look around and get a feel from what is expected.

I expect a strong professional copy. Google this book to get an idea of what I expect:


For Now the number of pages needed is 14 Pages. We have plenty of work to keep 5 copywriter busy. Bid competitively.
PS: IMPORTANT Please put "I LOVE THE World CUP" in your Response so I know you have read the description. All others will be disregarded.

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Need A Web Designer To Upload The Site Onto The Server

I have a website, which was designed for me, but was taken off the server. I do have the code and design. I will get a shared hosting from GoDaddy and provide a web developer with access and zip with websites code.
The web developer needs to upload the site onto the server and ensure that it operational.
For this task I need a web developer proficient with PHP and uploading sites on GoDaddy hosting.

Then I will ask the developer to do some changes on the website and update content periodically (will pay separately for that) so this is a long-term project.

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Email Blast

We need a reliable company/person to send out emails to our list of 100k

The list has been bought. It doent contain any names only email address all based in the US

We need someone who can ensure a high delivery rate and is experienced in this type of work.

We have seeded the email addresses with some of our own to check on delivery and to ensure the work is done.

We will be also looking at our server results to see how many of the emails result in a visit.

We will provide the email copy to be sent and the email list.

The successful applicant who can produce results will be awarded our 500million email list as a new project. Only bid if you have experience in doing this.

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Website to be Copied + PHP installations

I need 3 Pre made website PHP installations on 3 separate websites asap

Please do not bid over $30.00

Thank You.

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