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Petrol Related Articles

Creation of 12 articles on the topics below, all related to petrol, cars and oil. Articles are of a global nature but should relate back to the UK and english (not american) language is required. Some can be short articles, other will require more text. Overall approx 10,000 words required. All articles to be delivered in a single word document with minimal formating required.

1. – Fuel Protests – history, effects, famous incidents, etc

2- different fuel tax systems around the world and a comparison of world fuel prices. in some countries the governemtn does the opposite and subsidises fuel..

3 – how fuel is made, oil prospecting, drilling etc

4 – oil industry and the environment. famous oil spills, accidents

5 – leaded fuel. why was lead put in, who invented it and why it fell out of favour

6 – The influence of petrol stations on culture – films featuring petrol stations; design and iconography,

7 – Evolution of the petrol station, self service, automated,

8 – The effect of fuel costs on inflation and the cost of living (beyond just your own motoring costs), agriculture etc

9 – Why do some diesel cars say no biodiesel (mine says this)

10 – does higher octane fuel and and fuel additives make make any difference to your cars performance + what are the fuel additives that they use?

11 -Incidents of fuel contamination. what to watch out for and what to do if you think you have suffered from this

12 – effect of political unrest in the middle east (or other oil producing countries) on oil costs and the price we pay at the pump. historical oil crises in the past due to this, where is our oil produced? how many oil producing countries have a stable democracy? what conflicts in the past have been caused by wanting to control oil resources?

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Falls Through Unguarded Floor Openings

Falls through unguarded penetrations and floor openings are one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities in the construction industry

We are seeking a Ebook which further explains to the reader how serious this danger actually is.

The Ebook is to include, but not limited, to the following:
* What are the current methods being undertaken by construction workers around the world to guarded floor openings.
* What are the legisative requirements for guarding floor openings in various parts of the world in various industries i.e Confined space, oil and gas, construction
* What products are available on the market to guard floor openings.
* What are the statisics for non fatal and fatal resulting from falls through ungaurded floor openings
* What are the costs to insurances companies and the costs to the industry

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Simple Research To Find Statistics

Very simple project – Costs Of Obeisity

You will find at least 100 "good" internet links to statistics on the costs of obeisity and provide those links to me in a list.

A "good" link, an acceptable link, would be where the statistics are very comprehensive on the medical costs associated with particular treatments, or where very comprehensive statistics about the incidence of obeisity is provided.

However the perfect links would be where costs of medical treatment of disease caused by obeisity was what the link

In those links must be statistics on obeisity in at least 10 countries throughout the world.

If 100 good links cant be found, or cant be found for at least 10 countries, some documentation of what searches were conducted will need to be provided.

The information would preferably be from government organisations, or medical organisations. Blog and chat type sites would not be regarded as a "good internet link to statistics" unless the information was built from references that are either government or medical associations.

Would be thinking a quick job for someone with good internet search skills. If works and the quality is good will be more quick little research jobs to come.


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Children’s Illustrator Needed

I have a short story written which will be used to assist children in Kenya and Cameroon learn how to read English and Id like to get two or three illustrations done for it to get them more interested. The illustrations should be suitable for children between 8 – 12 years. The stories will be emailed to the schools in Kenya and Cameroon because it costs too much for them to receive packages out there, so I will need them emailed to me in a format that can be easily added to a word document.

This is a charitable cause and there will be no revenue generated by this story, so although I dont know how much artwork normally costs, the amount of someones bid will likely be a factor.

Id like to see some samples of previous work from bidders so I can see what type of art you do, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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Big Commerce Online Store Designer Required

I am after a web designer to build an online store on the Big Commerce platform. Im based in the UK.

Ideally, you should be familiar with the software and able to show examples of stores you have created in the past.

Its a small store that is required (less than 10 products) and needs a clean, simple interface with the ability to ship worldwide.

Please provide an indicative cost. Costs should exclude Big Commerce subscription costs which I will pay directly.

A more detailed brief will follow for shortlisted candidates.

Many thanks

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Write A Presentation Letter For Real Estate

If you would put together a general business form letter that we might send to people/companies interested in selling their property to us. Ideas include getting funds to the sellers quickly, that we would pay all costs associated with the sale, competitve offers; focusing primarily on the purchase of apartment buildings, and retail/office buildings.
You should stress our ability to move quickly and get money in their hands. We will pay all closing costs. We will buy properties in need of repairs even if they are extensive.

I need an example!!!!

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Academic Assigment – Finance

I need somebody to write an academic assigment, a business case (Darden Case No. UVA-C-2227)
untill Sunday.

The range of skills can be described as follows:
– costs , capitalised and expensed
-clasification of costs
-calculation of depreciable cost

Details will be posted to interested parties.
Darden Case No. UVA-C-2227
The job is for roughly 2-3 pages.

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XL World – Web Site Joomla Template

Im Carlo Davide Colucci and Im posting here in order to find a freelance who can manage template modification.
The one Im interested in is number 28627 from Internet website.
I need to change it a bit so, below, you will find a list of points about cost estimation of the changes. I would highly appreciate your answers to each of them.

1) I would like to change colors of the main menu and of the headers;
2) I need to have the main menu image halved in order to give much more visibility to text;
3) I would like to have the menu below the image, and not above as it is shown now;
4) I would like to have the menu with sub-voices coming out when I click on the single voice;
5) I need to know how much it costs to upload the first 3 or 4 pages of the template (home page + 2 additional pages);
6) I need to have my website in different languages, so I would like to know how much it costs to have this functionality.

Hoping to receive an estimate of the costs by many freelancers, I kindly regard you,
Carlo Davide Colucci

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IPhone And Android Apps

Were looking for a developer to build an iPhone and Android application for a clients website. The project wont begin until 2011 but we need a rough idea of costs to present to the client

The application is to create a social networking type application which allows users to view local events, allow events to be added to the website and for people to book themselves onto events.

Please provide costs and timescales.

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BeagleBoard Redesign And Modification

We are looking for someone who can take the beagleboard C4 reference design and remove certain components not required in our prototype, we require the usb jack to be moved to another area of the board. it is necessary to think about pcb costs in redesigning the layout, space is not at a premium in the final product. We also require the design of a transformer circuit to bring 240VAC down to the 5v DV required to power the board. We will also require a bill of materials with approximate costs for both components and pcb. We are looking for experienced electronics engineers only who have done similar things before

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B2B Telemarketing For SEO Company

Outbound Telemarketers Required for SEO MARKETING COMPANY

I need 10 Outbound Telemarketers to call Business Website Owners and see our range of SEO MARKETING solutions, this project should be carried out with Native English speakers.

This project is suited only for experienced Telemarketers within the USA, CANADA, UK etc, however suitable candidates from the Philippines, India, Pakistan etc are welcome to apply.

The project will initially be for 15 Day Test Period, and satisfactory applicants will have the opportunity to BID for a permanent project that will be placed on this site.

Project will be calling B2B only, you should have excellent experience in this field. You will be calling businesses in the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia etc, only English speaking countries.

Token Payment to cover costs will be paid to cover the costs of project, along with an amount per sale, however this will be revised for any permanent post, this is just to ensure we are all on the same page, and we know we are securing the right team for the job.

PLEASE NOTE: Send details of what you can offer to my MAIL BOX for review and selection.

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Barcode Scanning Research

Looking for research to be done on how to translate barcodes to products. In particular looking to understand how a site like supports scanning a barcode and translating it into a product. Questions to be answered:

– Sources of Bar code data: Where can barcode data be sourced? Are there databases that can be contacted to translate barcodes into products? Are there suppliers of this information?
– Manufacturer / Buesiness Maintenance: How does a company lke MyRegistry obtain updated barcode product data?/How do manufacturers update this information?
– Costs: What are the costs for this information? Are there any free sources?
– Contacts: Contact information of suppliers of this information
– Articles: All relevant articles that is obtained on this topic should be provided whether it be web / print / or other.

Looking to have this work completed within 1 week of selection.

To differentiate yourself from the rest of submissions, please provide one source on this topic that you feel is relevant. Preference will be provided to the individual who demonstrates the best understanding of what information i am seeking.

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Register A Company & Act As It’s Agent

You should register a company and act as its agent to purchase an SSL certificate from If youre not familiar with Thawte registration process have a look at their site. Ill pay only after reception of certificate.
You should bid for total cost, including costs of registration & purchase. (I want one-year code signing certificate for Java which costs $300)
Also mention the jurisdiction you register in, and a very short description of annual paperwork tax etc. (I want to decide if Ill need to register another company for my business or I can use the same one)

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Socialnetworking Website, Socialengine,forums, Online T.v

EBay allows the upload of data as a CSV file and we have a few hundred items of stock we would like to upload to EBay. These items are currently on an access database.

We use access 2007 and would like a module and assistance integrating to export these and future items to a csv file for upload to EBay.

We can provide item title, price, postage costs and text description to be added to an ebay template, the image is a link.

A simple calculation for automatic shipping costs would be ideal but not essential. This would be for national and international postage and could be <2KG = £?? up to 5Kg £?? etc

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Post Ebay Items From Access Database

EBay allows the upload of data as a CSV file and we have a few hundred items of stock we would like to upload to EBay. These items are currently on an access database.

We use access 2007 and would like a module and assistance integrating to export these and future items to a csv file for upload to EBay.

We can provide item title, price, postage costs and text description to be added to an ebay template, the image is a link.

A simple calculation for automatic shipping costs would be ideal but not essential. This would be for national and international postage and could be <2KG = £?? up to 5Kg £?? etc

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SMS Texting Website And Programme

We own a few small takeaways and would like to offer discounts to regular customers, we would like a texting service making that will do the below functions.

We need a programme making that can do the following:

1. User can send message and receive an automated message back to their mobile with a greeting and code number.
2. The code number will automatically be generated (change) each day so that the following day a different code number can be sent out.
3. We would like an online system that can monitor how many times people have text us and also register their mobile number. The online system will allow us to change the greeting we are sending out.
4. We would like a function that allows us to replicate this for every new takeaway we open. Each takeaway will need a separate unique number for that day. When we open a new takeaway we would like to complete an online form that will register that takeaway with the service so that it will automatically start.
5. Also we need to run a monthly report to show us how many texts have been sent and to which one of our takeaways.
6. Lastly we know their maybe a cost for each message we send to a user so we would like to charge the users 0.25p per message to cover our running costs.

We need to know costs for sending messages and also any other involved costs.



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Desktop Pop Up From XML Feed

I need a simple pop-up, simialr to when you receive an email in Outlook and it pops up in the bottom of the desktop.

It just needs to send a http querystring at regular intervals and receive an xml response if their are any notifications to receive and pops up at the bottom.

It doesnt need to do any calculations itself, just display what its sent in a nice way.

ALso needs to be able to manage multiple notifications at once, so it will maybe display the first one for a set period, then the next one, then the next, or stack them ontop of each other.

Please let me know how you would acheive this, and of course the costs.

I am hoping that someone has already created this tool, so costs should therefore be low.

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Workshop Management Software

I need a software (can be desktop or web based) for car workshop where it will organize quotations on body repairs and servicing, list parts and costs amount of labor charges, right through to invoicing, obviously i will have to input the costs in to it extra, it needs to be a real good software and for multi users, must deal with all things. If you already have this kind of software readily available please only then you can get in touch with me otherwise dont.

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Social Tutoring App

I will do all UI design to keep costs low.

This app will involve users to create accounts, ask questions, collaborate, and receive further help. The quality and total result of this app should and WILL look like an Apple released app and should only be the quality of a featured and high rated app.

I am willing to consider profit sharing in exchange for further lowered costs.

iPad and iPhone compatibility. (I will design and create the UI for both devices).

NDA will be signed after winning for further plans and price stands at bidding price; take account of the requirement – a COMPLETE app with so many features; bid accordingly!

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Need Software Like Video Professor

Looking for educational software or videos similar to the "video professor"

Video professor shows users how to use software like microsoft word, excel, etc.

I am looking to commercialize it.

PM me if you have anything like this or can make it for me. Please indicate costs or costs and time to develop.

Thank you.

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Prestashop Shipping Module

Shipping module needed for Prestashop.

The module will need to :

1. In the back-office products section, add input forms for package Width, Height and Depth.
2. Use those values to calculate shipping costs, based on the e-Go API :;jsessionid=0?page=calculator.
3. Allow us, store managers, to make some postcodes shipping free.
4. Add e-Go as a Carrier.
5. Integrate perfectly with Prestashop checkout system, and calculate shipping costs when clients enter their postcode.

Please provide your availability and previous experience with Prestashop.


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Make A Better Shop

Our web site offers a small selection of items for managing severe speech and language disorders. We ship all over the world, but the items are heavy, so shipping costs are significant. When people buy form our shop, they start by choosing their location and the shop uses this to calculate base and incremental shipping costs. There are 6 regions and therefore 6 almost identical pages.

We would like our shop to be a one-page shop. We would like a drop-down list for users to change their location on the fly. Ideally, on the same page, it will also show the current contents of the shopping basket and shipping costs. It will have 6 items to start, laid out in a style similar to ebay gallery view. Mouseover on any item will reveal a larger image (ebay window shopping view). Checkout will be by Paypal, but we would be happy to consider using Google checkout and any off-the-shelf shopping baskets that suit our purpose.

We have set an small project budget for this project – if it needs to grow, well increase it. We would hope that the winner of this bid will go on to provide further work on our site and the other materials we create.

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Long Term SEO Needed

We are a new company looking for a long term partner who can work with us.

Please list your prior works through as a reference. Please indicate the COMPANY or WEBSITE that you worked for and the KEYWORDS that were optimized for that project.

We are well aware of the process of SEO, but wed like a realistic estimate of the time, BASED ON YOUR EXPERTISE, required to get near the top. Please list references.

Please provide us with detailed costs and long term costs, if any.

If you are selected for this job and are successful, then this will be one of many sites that we will ask you to take over.

Thank you.


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Ongoing SEO

I am looking for a full time SEO Guru, who can work solely on my sites. The pay would be hourly, but for a nominal 40 hours per week.
I would need daily reports of work completed, links built, profiles set up, articles written and posted.
The reason I need this, is to build up trust, as I expect you will be working in another country. We are UK based.Guidance will be available if necessary, as SEO has developed dramatically over the last few years, and will develop over the next few too.

For this I am prepared to pay monthly, and see this work going on into the future. I already have two people working this way full time on my behalf, and I believe it to be satisfying arrangement on both sides. We have a successful niche Ecom site, and have now been trading for 10 years.

The lucky person, will also have to be very self motivated, and be happy working probably from home. I would not expect the guru to be working on other projects at the same time, without discussing it. If someone is working flat out 24/7 365 then work suffers (I know, I have tried).

As a resume, I would appreciate a full proposal of what can be achieved on a monthly basis (realistic please :)) and a monthly cost, including any money transfer costs…. Please include paypal charges, or Xoom costs.

What I am not looking for:

An SEO agency. I need to deal with the person doing the work, and there is nothing in the budget for a middleman.

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College Paintball Field Proposal

The proposal needs to meet the following requirements:
– Explain a brief history of the sport
– Talk about safety statistics in comparison to other common sports
– Costs for start up fields/land/equipment
– Operating costs
– Safety procedures
– Minimum 10 pages, single spaced
– Be a good proposal to encourage a college to want to invest in building a paintball field to compete in the NCPA

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Data Collection & Reporting

The objective of this project is to have a central repository (site) that will assist in creating decisions to questions resulting from a bigger project. Our aim is to have data entry forms to encourage collaboration and then to have various view pages (reporting) that will display the results. Because there will be library tables for lookups, we will also require “Admin” pages where we can edit the backend values. The site is to be created in VB.Net with SQL 2005 as its backend. AJAX is preferred but not required. All code and source must be provided and explained for future development…….

In Detail, we would like a database that will contain tables housing:
Servers and relevant data about them, including CPU, Disk, and other physical attributes, along with OS and version, its primary IP, if its a member of a cluster, application(s) it is hosting, location, vendor, support costs and expiration date. …..

Applications and their dependencies, version, vendor, number of users, security groups allowed access, servers hosting this application (can be more than 1), licensing and support costs.
Devices (like Cisco Routers, Switches, F5 load balancers, Riverbed appliances, etc), their OS and version, location, support costs and expiration date ……

We have 4 datacenters that are housing many servers, network appliances, storage devices, and applications. We want to tie everything back to the current datacenter that it resides in, along with selecting a BCP location (disaster recover). Applications will need to be tied to servers. We would also like Application dependencies to be entered at a generic level, such as IIS, Excel, SQL, etc. …..

Much of the data in the tables will need to be entered on several web forms that we would like created, but some tables will contain relatively constant data, such as application dependencies (IIS, Excel, SQL, Word, etc) or Vendors (Dell, Microsoft, etc). We would like the forms using the data in the application dependencies and vendors libraries presented as a dropdown menu or selection of some sort to make the relation between tables. We want the relations so that running reports will be able to present things such as total support costs for the vendor Dell, or total number of applications having the dependency of IIS, and the like………

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Google Adword Expert Needed

Our website:

we have updated our website so that all category pages all now have a call to action for those shoppers who come to us via google adwords.

id like to try and sell more of our high end products using google adwords so i need someone who can help with google ad ppc costs, bringing down the costs and also structuring the account so it works harder for us.

we spend

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Joomla Expert Needed – Features And Plugins


I already have my Joomla installed and setup with content and articles.

Propose plugins and mods that you recommend be installed to enhance my site. You can assume that my Joomla site is out of the box installation with some slight customizations. We added Google Search (which is not working at all) and Google Ads (working fine).

Provide a list of the top 5 or 10 plug-ins, mods that you recommend and tell me how much to install.

Do not ask to see my site – just propose the top 5 or 10 plugins/mods for Joomla and costs.
Do not ask to see my site – just propose the top 5 or 10 plugins/mods for Joomla and costs.
Do not ask to see my site – just propose the top 5 or 10 plugins/mods for Joomla and costs.
Do not ask to see my site – just propose the top 5 or 10 plugins/mods for Joomla and costs.
Do not ask to see my site – just propose the top 5 or 10 plugins/mods for Joomla and costs.
Do not ask to see my site – just propose the top 5 or 10 plugins/mods for Joomla and costs.

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