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Internet Research

I need contact information found on the internet. This project begins with accessing a website link to gather initial contact information. From that link, you will follow another link to gather email addresses for the contacts that you gathered from the first link. The initial link will be provided by me to the Freelancer that is awarded the project. All contact and email address information will be entered to an Excel spreadsheet that is provided by me as well.

You will access about 2,000 websites for the initial information and about 1,000 websites to capture the email addresses not found on the first link. No passwords are required, the information is public and is readily available the vast majority of the time. The total number of "contact records" will be about 28,000. Each "contact record" will contain about16 to 24 fields. I prefer a price per contact information. For example: $0.02 per contact with all required information or $1.00 per 50 contacts with all required information. Along with the Excel spreadsheet, the Freelancer that is awarded the project will receive specific step by step instructions from me.

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I would like to have en mobile software programmer to make a mobile applikation with the following features.
Exact price for Android and exact price for iOS is preferred.

The app is about comparing voice frequency graphs.
On the phone you got a number voice frequency graphs. By choosing one, the phone plays the sound by the loudspeaker. Afterwords the user off the applikation, are going to imitate the sound played by the phone. The phone records the imitated sound, and makes it into at voice frequency graph, and compares it to the original played voice graph by telling how many % the sound was imitated correct.

All in all the user are going to imitate the sound/voices from the Phone, and get a score in %, off how much is was imitated correct.

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