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Create An External API Script

I am interested in developing an API script that will pull XML or JSON data from an external database and add that data to a MySQL database.

The data providers documentation can be viewed here

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Sales Letter Required ASAP

Create a long sales letter/copy for a landing page for the service offered at Id like it to include not just the words but the design and layout and graphics, fonts, etc. Id like someone with a track record of good sales copy. After this is done I will make a video to go with it, and I have video landing page templates.

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Odds Comparison/surebet-website

I search a developer of a website for odds comparison and sure betting.
Here you can find two professional examples:

I prefer developer who have experience in the betting-website-area. The site should be able to integrate the odds of plenty bookmaker, compare the odds and present them in a good looking way.

If the project runs fine, i am interested in a longterm partnership!

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Cydia Lock App

Looking for a cydia programmer to create a lock app.

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Sportsbetting Extentensiion For Joomla

Looking for an expert web and mobile developers for development of online sportsbetting extension for Joomla (both mobile and desktop platforms).

*Extension should use userAlphaPoints as currency for money in and out
*It should be work with SportLeague, all information about players… etc.. And all game matches should be created it and bets should be link to it. (No online feeds requested)
*We also need to attach video for each race, it can viewed after racing is finished.
*Betting system should be oriented for games like car racing…. and results should be uploaded through SportLeague.

*It is good if it have mobile betting part.
*We are looking also for developers that can expand this extension features later or create new one for resource with Casino,feed Sportsbetting,poker… and other payable games like on; and payment module for this solution for Deposit/Withdrawals money,better if it connected to UserAlphaPoints.

Developers that have worked in this sector/space are highly prefered. Also understanding the logic of the named website is essential before bidding.

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Looking For A Good SEO Optimization Professional

Looking for a talented SEO optimization professional to take our website to high visibility online.

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Looking For Someone In US Near Walmart

Looking for someone living in US near Walmarkt who owns paypal.
Very good and easy income.

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Commodity Traiding Software


I am an international banking professional who is very interested in futures and commodity speculation. Ive read online that is is very possible to use modern mathematical and econophysics techniques and algorithms to accurately predict and forecast spikes and crashes for any traded commodity.

I am looking for a talented software programmer to create and develop a unique software program that is stand-alone and can accurately graphically forecast significant spikes and crashes for any traded comomdity such as grains, metals, oil, bonds, forex, derivitives etc.

Please contact me with your offer details.

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