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Translate CSS/HTML Template To Craigslist/eBay Friendly

This project consists of conversion of a website template, which is based in html/css into a Craigslist and ebay friendly template.

– I will supply all stock html/css/sample images
– you need to convert them to a Craigslist and ebay Friendly version (css is not allowed in CL)
– you need to post the template for verification to Craigslist so I can verify it is working
– you need to have at least 3 feedbacks
– you have until 11:59 PM -6 GMT 2/20/2011 to complete this (I estimate 4 hours of work)
– Project budget is $40 USD (1 milestone funded only when I can verify your CL posting, released upon sending files via PM)
– if you cannot complete this today, have not done this in the past, or do not have 3 feedbacks. DONT POST
– Include the words wakawaka in your PM, no spam PMs


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Accordion Style Menu And HTML/CSS To Complete Page

Accordion menu and one page HTML/CSS needed to complete partially coded page. Accordion menu should be click once to open and click to close. Three column web page plus header and footer, already partially coded. CSS to be pulled together from current HTML on website. Link to part-coded page can be given on request.

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HTML , JS And CSS Expert For Create A Dynamic Webpage

I just want to mix up the design of and in a single HTML webpage.
Please dont bid over $50 for such a easy task for a professional. Thanks.

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Create A Personal Diet Based On The Person’s Details

Looking for a professional dietitian or nutritionist who is able to create the method for composing personal diets based on some personal characteristics.


There is a website called "Slimming Expert" where the visitors take a test (10-20 questions) and insert their personal information (like weight, height, age, blood type, allergies for food, etc.). Based on this information a personal diet is composed.

The job task is:
– to compose an efficient diet for losing weight (easy diet without starving and exhausting trainings);
– to develop a number of questions for the online personal test;
– to develop the method for modifying the diet depending on the data obtained from the personal test. It is essential in order to make the diet more efficient for each individual (the method should be layed out in Excel file or described in a text format: If the age is this, than the diet should be modified in this way, etc.). The personal diet composed after completing the online test should work efficiently;
– to write several additional sections/articles which will be attached to the diet: Why do we gain extra weight? Why the personal diet is efficient? Additional information to the diet. How can we control our weight after using the diet? What products should we exclude from our daily menu? What easy sport excercises should we do in order not to gain weight in the future? (the articles titles are give as examples only).

– Able to do this job within a high level of quality;
– Work experience of dietitian or nutritionist is a must;
– Some evidence of the qualification is required;
– Good knowledge of UK or US groceries market (what food is the most popular, etc.);
– High level of written English and experience of writting articles in English is a plus.

The job must also fully meet the description given on the website. The websites address will be given after placing the bid. You must also provide us with a written notice (both by email and post) that the diet and the method were created by you + you transfer the owner rights to us + allow us to use your name as the author of the diet (it will be used in very very rare cases, e.g. by communicating with customers by email in case of the question – who is the author?).

If you find your knowledge and experience suits this job, please feel free to place your bid. The job is URGENT and we really need to finish with it ASAP!

Note: The requirements are flexible. Do not lose a chance to get an exciting work!

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WordPress 3.0 Menu Function

I have a simple menu created that I would like adapted to work in WordPress using the new WordPress built in menu option (wp_nav_menu). Attached is the html and css code with sample content. Please make sure the code is well commented.

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Convert Html/css Template To Suit Weebly

I have 20 dreamweaver templates (html/css) that I want converted so they work properly in weebly. Please give a price and timeframe. Once they are converted into weebly compatible, I want to be able to modify them by changing images, etc using the weebly interface

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Professional HTML/CSS Menu

Create a professional menu for pagix:

– You MUST use the same logo (not change)
– You CAN use the same idea (open to change)
– You CAN use the same icons (open to change)
– You NEED to create mouse over effects

Compatible with all browsers softwares: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc
Compatible with W3C standards.

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Private Project Needed

Hello i would like to know what is the price to integrate one html/css template into edirectory script.

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Create Ebay HTML Template & Update My Ebay Look

I am looking for someone to update my Ebay pages. I have been selling on Ebay for over 10 years but all my listings are basic text and pictures. I am looking for someone who can add classy and colorful templates to my listings and my about me page. I would like for it to be professional. When bidding please include a sample of your past work. Thank you.

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Big Commerce Template Design

I need someone with excellent design skills to redesign our bigcommerce store. HTML and CSS, experience with Bigcommerce only please.

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Activate OSC MAX E-Comerce Site

– Active OSC MAX that we have already downloaded to our server
– Activate admin

– Connect the e-commerce module to our Domain name

– connect via API paypal & our credit card processor to except payments

– add our company Logo to top right of the front page of the website

– ip specific currency masking. If your in UK you see Pounds, if viewing from France pay in Euro etc.

– make sure language modules are installed for French, German, Italian, Spanish Languages

Experience required:

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HTML / CSS Template Conversion

Job Description

We need someone to adapt existing web sites to our framework using HTML, CSS and some light graphics editing. Our customers come to us with full functional web sites and ask that we create a version of our web service that looks and feels like theirs.

To do so, you must view the source of their web site, copy out the appropriate elements, paste them into a template we provide, and then "fix it". "Fix it" can mean adjusting the HTML or CSS (which may be affected by other elements in our web site), changing the way dropdown menus work (this can usually be achieved with CSS, but occasionally requires some simple knowledge of javascript). In rare cases, you will have to recreate an identical-looking top-banner and navigation area using HTML and CSS.

The work is intermittent: some weeks we will have 2 or 3 of these, some weeks we will have none. A typical job will take 2 – 4 hours. We will need one week turnaround, but you should feel free to decline an individual assignment if you have other commitments that particular week.

We will pay $10 / hour for this work.

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Need Html/Css Template

I need 30 web templates in Html CSS for Templatesbox
the design should be compatible in all browser and should be professional and elegant

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HTML/CSS Template Design

Hi vocsowebstudio here is the project as discussed before.

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HTML+CSS Template, 2 Pages, Urgent


need a fast and easy CSS + HTML design work

This is a two-steps project, first step need to be done in max 2 days from now.

Please contact me via PM for details – also avoid to spam portfolio via PM as such bids will be ignored, please send examples only upon my request

Est-Europe freelancer will be preferred

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Design (Menu) Problem


I have a php web site site from Client where we are working now.We changed the new menu template in to existing menu.But, it is not properly fixed after new menu template.Even when i click on the menu the sub menu comes under back-ground.I think it is small design issue for a experienced css,html.php designer.

I will pay $10 .I cant pay more than $10.Please asked me for further details. i need this job to be finish very urgent.

Thank you and happy bidding

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Convert HTML (CSS) Template To WordPress Theme

Hi All,

I want to convert a HTML template to wordpress theme. Here is the link to the site –

I need this urgently and it should be a matter of few hours for the right person. The menu bar in the template should be customizable according to the pages I add to wordpress. Moreover, I wish to add a blog to this as well.

Payment will be made through escrow only and it will be released once I am satisfied. I would require the whole theme package from your end.

I am really tight on budget so bid prudently. Lowest bid will be given preference yet I require quality work!! This will have unlimited revisions till we achieve what is there in the above link+the menu tweak+blog

Happy bidding
Happy bidding!

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Need One Page CSS Template

Ive created a web layout in Illustrator and export it to a HTML file. I need someone create an "clean" CSS rule for my home page and make some elements as library items in Dreamweaver for me to use for other pages. Tasks will be such as CSS for Spy menu, rollover effects, fix positioning… I need this task be done by 9/5.

Please see my page here at

Thank you!

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PG Dating Pro Template Files From PSDs

We purchased a license and several plugins for PG Dating Pro. Weve setup PG Dating and the plugins on a dev/test environment, as well as designed 15 PSDs for the template.

The PSDs outline the general template/layout and screens as well as specific ones such as the Home Page, Contact Us, Login, Quiz, Profile, (Advanced) Search screens.

WE WILL NEED THE PSDs MADE INTO A PG DATING PRO TEMPLATE. That means I should be able to take the template files you provide, and upload them to my PG Dating Pro system AS IS, and be able to use it on the site.

The HTML/CSS will need to be clean, and tables should not be used for the template/layout (data, forms, and other obvious usage for tables is fine of course, but not for the header, content containers, footer, navigation, etc).

We would like this done quickly. Prompt payment upon completion is assured. Thank you!

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Need A Navigation Menu In Javascript Or Jquery

If you can get the tab navigation from EA Games web site. I only want the related html, css styles and js files – nothing else.

Happy Bidding!!!

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Need A Navigation Menu

$15 and an excellent review if you can get the tab navigation from EA Games web site. I only want the related html, css styles and js files – nothing else.

bid $30 (the minimum) and credit me back $15 afterwards.

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Make Html Css Template From Spotify Player

I need a html css template made that looks and feels like the spotify player.

For those unfamiliar with spotify, here is a screenshot of the player

There will be some modifications to the layout here and there.

On hover effects are a must. Aka hover over a row/icon and it lights up/changes color.

Icons and other needed images will be created by you/your team.

You can NOT directly rip from the spotify player.

Please make sure you meet these requirements.

Thanks 🙂

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Html Css Template Easy Work


looking for a designer for build a html+css template (need just one page), please send some of your design work links (just a couple, huge list will be ignored).

Small project, need to be done on the next hours.

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Another PSD To Html And Css

I would like convert my PSD designs into clean, cross browser compatible xhtml code

– Clean W3C valid xhtml strict
– Pixel perfect hand coded xhtml. html5 and css3
– SEO friendly semantic xhtml markup
– Well organised and commented xhtml and css
– Horizontal or Vertical css style format
– Optimized and sliced images for fast loading
– Compatible to ie6+, firefox, safari, opera and chrome
– The design have menu
– Compatible both PC and MAC

I will pay you $40 for home page based on complex design and $10 per inner page
I am looking for the good quality service provider for potentially a long-term collaboration.

Please meet my requirements.

Alan Tang

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Adapt Css Template To Have Css Dropdown Menu

I need a template adapted to have a css menu, within the current formatting. I have the index and stylesheet attached, however can email the whole package to the winning bidder.

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BlogSpot Template Update

I need my css/html turned into a blogspot tempate. See my public_html folder attached. This should be easy for someone familiar with blogspot.

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BlogSpot Template install

I need my css/html turned into a blogspot tempate. See my public_html folder below. This should be easy for someone familiar with blogspot.

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Drop Down Menu On Flash header

If you look at the following template from Template Monster, you will see a flash menu containing 6 buttons:

I need a drop down menu added to two of the 6 buttons in the flash file. One of the buttons will link to 5 drop down options and the other button will have a drop down menu of 12 options.

We would like to see examples of the look of drop down menus within flash nav to ensure you can provide us quality looking sub menus, preferably looking the same as the parent menu buttons.

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Custom Dating / Social Networking Site

Im looking for dating/social networking software with features similar to ,,, etc. Let me know why your custom solution is better than getting a premade script.

Please be familiar with the basic features of these sites because to keep my list simple I just make a reference to the site

I want the coding to be efficient and streamlined and secure. I want it to be scalable to handle 10,000-1,000,000 if the need arises.

Im leaning towards PHP and Ajax programming but open to hear what you suggest.

If you are going to bid, Please have experience in creating social or dating sites with examples, preferably ones in production by successful companies. Please don

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