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NetSuite Magento Product Automation

We need someone with experience of Magento and NetSuite to be able to create a way of simplifying the product creation process.

At present, all products have to be created twice, once at the NetSuite end – and again at the Magento end.
We would like to reduce this by 50% so that when an administrator creates a product at the NetSuite end – that product is automatically added to the Magento database and the new product page is automatically created.

Images would still need to be added at the Magento end but this desired automation of the initial product setup should reduce the margin for error by 50% because the administrator would only have to put the SKU, weight and description information in once.

We are aware of a Connector that shares stock inventory and order information between the 2 systems, but as of yet it does not share product creation information and automate the creation of new pages in Magento.

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Magento Product Display Settings

I have a website, I installed using magento. I also added products to it but unfortunately those products are not getting displayed on front end. whereas all default products already in database as sample data are displayed on front end.

It seems to be some setting issue. A very quick and few minute job for any Magento expert.

Need urgent attention. Only provider who can immediately address it are preferred.


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Magento Product Page Quantity Tweaking.

Visit this page,0/APC-Cork-Colours.htm

We want to implement same quantity feature on our Magento Enterprise edition.

Be specific and show similar examples only. copy-paste proposal with long list of websites will be ignored.

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Create A Page To Display Most Recent Visitors – SE V3

I would like to create a simple page where users can view their most recent visitors. This page is only accessible to the user.

This page will have the visitors profile picture, their username, a link to their profile and the time when the last visited the users profile. just a list, nothing fancy.

SQL query needs to be optimzed for best performance.

Im on a low budget, so lowest bidder will likely win. preferably someone familiar with SE v3.

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