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PHP Zend Shopping Cart Site

I need a website with a Shopping cart that can process payments securely through a SSL. They dont have hosting yet, so you can let me know what and where I need to buy hosting for them. Also let me know of any fees the client will need to pay on a monthly/yearly/per transaction basis.

In addition to the Shopping cart, we need a CMS for internal pages. The CMS doesnt need to be fancy, mainly uploading text, and images, and videos, along with custom Title tags.

The catalog is pretty small. Somewhere around 20 to 40 products total. So it doesnt need to be a huge website. They manufacture furniture, so new products do not come out constantly. The Administrator tool mainly needs to be able to update text and images of a product. Each product should have a description, images, and quantity section. A simple javascript picture viewer is also wanted to view larger pics of the product.

I will be providing the design of the website in whatever format you need, as well as detailed comps of the interior pages, and shopping cart/product pages. So there is no design work needed. Im an experienced web designer and expert at HTML/CSS, so I know what can/cannot work.

The bulk of the work is doing the Ecommerce side. We need it to track inventory, supply receipts of transactions, security process payments using encryption that is standard.

If you would prefer to build the skeleton and let me do the HTML/CSS styling, that is possible too, if you wish to give me a quote for just the back-end work.

I would prefer the project to use PHP Zend as the framework as I have some work with it, just not to this level. One of the compatible shopping cart applications like OSCommerce or Zen Cart will work too. Let me know what you would like to use as a shopping cart application.

As a web designer, youll find me very easy to work with, as I have alot of experience working with PHP developers. I do basic level PHP, so understand the fundamentals of what you do.

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Mysql Shopping Cart

I currently have a MYSQL database where all of my inventory is kept along with customers data and invoices. I want to sell some of my products using a chopping cart created in mysql database.

Features i am looking for:
* host system no our servers
* use our mysql database
* customizable products fields
* Subscriptions service
* Some products may require others products or subscriptions
* Customer Account Creation
*papal integration

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We need 7 products added to our shopping cart. we will supply details.

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PHP FileMaker Shopping Cart

Im needing to connect a shopping cart to FileMaker using PHP and the FileMaker PHP API

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Flex Application Modification

I need some modifications on a ready made p2p cam application and a small php mysql backend that correspondets with it.

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Set Up 5 Stores From Existing PHP Shopping Cart Program

This PHP program is a simple set up see no programming required
I want to set up 5 different Stores with credit card processor review the program before you bid plus I want support until 5 stores are completed

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