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We are looking to iphone app that can interact with external device. the app has to collect data, analyze and do more by using special external devices which would be developed for our project.

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Simple Data Collection Project


This is a very simple project.

I need general info collected for me.
you can collect it by hand, using a script, find a ready made package, i dont mind as long as i get it on a simple text format.

This is what i need:

List of 10,000 US addresses.
List of 1,000 US Organization.
List of all US States.
List of 200 Interests (hobbies).
List of 1,000 US phone numbers.
List of 2,000 resumes (full resumes in text format).


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Data Automation Project

This is a short-term project for which a .Net programmer with some SQLServer experience is needed. The job involves exporting data and passing it to the data analysis tool, and loading the results. We need someone who has a good technical sense and is personable and can directly deal with the client. The initial work is one week and MUST be perfofmed ON-SITE in Washington DC, so we need someone no further than New York (Amtrak) or within driving distance. After the intiial work, support will be required but that can be done remotely and will be part-time.

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Web Data Aggregation Project

I need to do some data aggregation of online auction sites for an economics paper. Ideally would be able to get historical info, but if that is too hard, maybe we can set something up to capture info on an ongoing basis.

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Webdesign CMS Project

Attached, please find an image that shows a general outline of how I would like the website to appear. This is what the home page should look like. Under "Reserve Yours Today" I would like there to be a calendar. This calendar should show the available time slots which are on the hour every hour between 9AM and 7PM. Each hour should have the capability to accept 8 reservations, but needs to have the option to extend to 25 in the future. Also, lets incorporate an RSS feed to reflect the current temperature in Marina Del Rey, CA (90292) immediately below the calendar. Additionally, the tabs for the different pages should be included to the right below the links for twitter and Facebook. Please have these links redirect to and .

The website should be four pages: Home, About Us, Find Us, and Contact Us. Home will have the reservation page (the Calendar) that should be able to save the reservation and store the name and credit card information. All of the fields should include: Name, Billing Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Where Did You Hear About Us?, Coupon Code, Credit Card Number, Credit Card Expiration, and Credit Card CSV#. It should also have the capability to take coupons. Please set the standard price for $120 per hour, but include Coupon Code 35OFFSPECIAL to give them $35 discount and 55OFFGOSPECIAL to give them $55 discount. Also, please have a coupon code PREPAIDPASSES that allows them to reserve a slot for free. About Us will be strictly text content and include video. I will put this video together and get it to you by the weekend. Find Us will have a snapshot of Google Earth showing where we are located and perhaps a link to Mapquest where it would auto-populate our address and the customer can enter their address to get directions. And Contact Us will include our phone number and contact information and have a form in which the prospects can send us inquiries and receive responses.

Please have an automatic email response system in place to auto respond to reservations Saying thank you and confirming that the reservation has been received and that if there are any problems, they will be contacted within 24 hours. Also, please have an auto respond in place for every time that someone emails us on the Contact Us page letting them know that we received their inquiry and would also respond back to them within 24 hours.

Please set up an admin sign in for me and my partner so that we can delete reservations and manually input reservations into the system. Also, the most important key factor is to have a calendar on the Admin side where we can click on the day and the hour and be able to see who has reserved for that particular hour and how they paid. This is critical so that we can collect any outstanding prepaid vouchers and so that we know who to charge and who had already paid.

Ill provide all the graphics.. contents and other materials for the site … you can do it in joomla or wordpress.. whatever you want

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Data Synch Project.

Private project. Do not bid here.

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Data Conversion Project Available For Immediate Signup


We are reputed company in Bangalore, We are in the industry from 3 Years. we have signed a bulk project with a multinational Company. As we have a cut short in the work space and infrastructure, we are interested in outsourcing the project. We have 10 Slots available,

1 Slot = 10 Systems.
1 Year Contract.
Work Type : Data Conversion (PDF to Excel)
Tools: OCR can be used
QC: The software will be given by us. Not much editing involved.
Good and regular payments.

We are looking to close all the slots by Wednesday.

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Web Scrape And Create .csv File Of Data

Web Scraping of several websites needed of information to create a potential client list.The provider will then need to create a .csv file of the information in the standard fields we need. The .csv file has to be compatable with the fields required to upload into ZOHO CRM.

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Data Addition Project For Zigmatech

Product addition – Define range
Last of the Endon product addition and cross-sells

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Data Conversion Project-urgent

I need some one to do typing work for me

no of pages is around 600 and i need it to be done in 20 days

my budget is 100$

pm me for more details

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Data Reserch Project – 3

For dataconsultants only

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Project For Ainin

Ainin- This is similar to the last one but has a different data set.

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Data Reserch Project

I am looking for a freelancer who has experience in doing reserch work, its a small amount of work and i am looking for someone who can start right away and could deliver back the results in the next 6 hours.
Please dont waste my time i really need to get it done in 6 hours else i will cancel the project and would give a negative feedback

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Data Entry Project => Only For Nishant

As discussed Nishant!

Thanks again

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Data Collection Project

We are looking for a name and address locater (data miner), using the following resources: (or equivalent)
Excel spreadsheet
The parameters are as follows:

You will go to and search for one specific cemetary (in the US) going back from the date you start 2 years back.
Within that search we are looking for names of surviving spouses and or family members .
With that data will will ask you to use or other sources to get a matching address for that person.

All of this will need to be compiled onto an excel spreadsheet.

The specifics will be given to the winning bidder.

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Monir Data Entry Project

As discus for our previous relation.

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