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Facebook Page Creation

Need facebook page customised and developed for small Film Production Company. To work like this

Needs to be Twitter and Tumblr linked

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Web Site Creation

I am looking for website design. This is NOT an e-commerce site. It will have approx. 10 pages (home, about, news, contact, info, legal, etc.). I will provide a detailed PowerPoint presentation of the site and page design. There will be 2 unique aspects to the site….

1) Ill need a VERY professional UI (web 2.0, elegant, etc.)

2) The home page will contain 2 or more dynamic line graphs. The left Y-axis of each graph will need a feed from Google (or other supplier of financial market data) where one dot or point will be graphed. The right Y-axis will plot user inputs. Each day, the previous days graphed inputs will slide on spot to the left. In essence, this will (over time) generate a time line. There will be some other intricacies, but this shouldnt be a complex site.

I realize this is a very brief summary – Ill supply clearer explanations if/when a freelancer is chosen. The site & database will be hosted by GoDaddy.

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Php Edits For Existing Web Site

Project for George

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Web Site Creation Needed

I need a web site creating with the purpose of directing traffic to my main online store.

The domain of the new site is:

I will be targeting the phrase car seat back support.

On this site there will need to be lots of links to my main shop

I want to work with someone who can:

Guarantee me a page one position in for my key phrase.
Only receive payment when you have delivered the results.

I know this can be done because I have two other sites which are currently at the top of These are


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Video Feature Creation.

We are in need of video feature to be created.
Our users to be able to upload their videos.
1. Data base
2. Upload video page
3. Main video page
4. Played video page
Should be user friendly so suggest in pm how you see this project and what player to be used.

The web site is alive and you will implement script in existing pages.
Escrow will be released when job is completely done and accepted.
More project details to the winning bid.

Happy budding.

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New Web Site Creation With CMS

I need a new and professional website to replace the current my amateur website. It will be similar to wikipedia. It will not be a commerce website.. I do not need to many features..

– CMS based web site building (joomla preferred but not required)
– Creation of new template..
– Editor installation,
– Component creation..

For more details of the project, please contact me, I can provide you with the details.

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PHP Fixing Bugs On Completed System

Experience in professional PHP development (Hand Coded)

We have finish a project for reservation online web site for a hotel, but there is lots of bugs

we want you to solve these bugs ASAP

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Web Site Creation

I have an idea of how the website will look and I basically want it like, so can anyone do this?

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Web Site Transfer From Asp To Php

I would like the site to be ported to php from the current asp pages.
The design and elements can change but the over all scheme and data should remain preserved.
The site currently has around 800mb of data in form or articles and comments and web pages and has about thousand plus members in the mailing list.
The hosting site to which it is being planned to be ported has php, ajax, my sql support and is based running apache webs server.

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OnForce Inspired Web Site Creation

I need a website designed to be like I need to know what is needed to run the site, I have a server company, hosting etc. Complete site (diffrent name), logos, banners etc.. Full cost and time needs completion A/S/A/P.Give me the time line you need to have this complete. This is an ecommerce site as well, so we need to be able to process credit cards for desposit etc…. Thank you for your time and efforts. Happy bidding.

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Web Site Creation

Want to create a simple website, that has the typical about, products, contact, etc type options. want to own all code once created. site creation tools that you use needs to be specified in the bid response (i use a mac), so that i can consider applicant.
if interested i can send some powerpoints that detail the company for the about bit etc..

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PHP, AJAX & Flash Site (Project For Bittloader)

New Site made from PHP, AJAX & Flash, with shopping cart.

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Social Netwoking Web Site

Hello i need to build an website with fanctions of social networking as chating system friends adding albums etc…
all the web site i need in pure php coding no frameworks no scripts no se4

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Tuition Marketplace Web Site In PHP

Need to develop a complete web site for Tuition Marketplace

– same genre as
– Info from web site captured to store in database
– Must be a content management site

2 REPORT (Login Required)
Reports to be generated from parameters captured from:-
Demand Side:
Supply Side:-

– Provide a web form to query
(a) Demands based on Student Types (see
(b) Supplies based on Tutor Type

– web app to be suitable for mobile phones (especially iPhone)

During final evaluation of short-listed bidders, we need
– to see sample design (can be in low-res JPG/GIF format)
– design must be vibrant and zesty to attract customers
– even if it is low price, any poor designs will not be considered

– during development, bidder will host the site for review
– for deliverables, web site will be delivered within a ZIP file and
– Setup Instruction must be provided to upload this at hosting provider
– Instruction on how to configure the MySQL database is also required
– We will be using to host this site

– 10% upon confirmation of project
– 35% upon completion of look-&-feel design (Home & Inside Pages)
Layouts must be approved before actual coding of site begins
Note: Every Inside Page must have its own graphic banner
& design that best represents the content of that page
– 35% upon completion of web site in PHP format including database
– 20% when final ZIP file of deliverable is presented

Note: First 10% is upfront payment
Balance 90% will be in Escrow Account pending completion of milestones

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PHP Script Fix – 1 Hour Of Work

I have a small php script that needs a few bugs fixed.
I have a web site example on how the script should work.

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Amendments To PHP Web Site

I need someone to change the PHP of an existing web site which calculates the cost of various products. I need to add postage costs to the shopping cart – before it directs the customer to PayPal. The postage cost is to be based on the geographical location of the customer. Here are the 5 options and amounts I need to add to the final cost:

Australia $10.30
New Zealand $14.80
Asia Pacific $18.40
USA, Canada, Middle East $$21.85
Rest of the world

I will give you the address of the site if I think you can help.

I need this done by next week – Monday if possible


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Landing Page Creation

I want to create a landing page similar to


I just want to copy it and make some minor changes to make it look different. Please review and bid. Need this within 1-2 hours!

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ECommerce Web Site With SEO


URLs OF OTHER eCommerce sites that you have developed that sell multiple products

PLEASE OUTLINE OF YOUR SOLUTION included a shopping card (Details about this cart)

I need an e commerce site built. This site will sell credit card processing terminals.


PLEASE INCLUDE EXAMPLES of eCommerce sites that sell multiple products that you have developed in your bid

I have a detailed mock up of the home page completed

The following features will need to be included

Custom Website Design

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Need A Help On PHP AJAX Auction Site

I need a little help to resolve a problem PHP auction site.

Details will be given in PMB.

Send me your PHP Auction websites(if any) portfolio in PMB.

My Budget is $30


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Web Site Creation

I would like to create a website for selling shorexcursions in St.Petersburg, Russia.

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PHp:Web Site

We have an existing b2b website and want to develop a retail site images will
be 400*300 It needs to be php based; easily upgradeable if site is successful and with space available for html based seo by ourselves. Important you must save copy before supplying to us

Looking for a team rather than just an individual. Further work will be available if done well. Further details on request

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We need a professional who can do the following for our project:

1. Sign a confidentially agreement upon start the job.
2.. Work in PHP, HTML5, MySQL, and Ajax.
3. Design a website to our liking.
4. Must have experience with web 2.0 design (our site will be a web 2.0 site)
5. We will need you to build:
a) A user interface that will allow simple information input.
b) A website that is approximately 5 pages (payment will be adjusted accordingly).

Further details will be discussed through private message once bid is placed.

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Travel Web Site

This is an interactive web site, with all functions of a regular web site but will allow visitors to post photos, videos and text on their trips. This part should function similarly to a blog. Visitors should be able to register, enter name, email and country of origin, and password. After login, visitor may post its photos, videos, impressions and recommendations on its trips in separated web pages, one web page per place visited. The visitor

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Urgent Creation Of Requirement Document

We need a complete requirement document based on an existing web site. You need to understand the functionalities provided in the web site and create a detailed level requirement document. The document should contains minute level details of each functionality/item on the web site.

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We need a full similarity of Please see website and be aware of all functions before bidding. You will need to know and have an idea of how works (ideally used the site before and have an account at the website). We do not need all the games but we prefer the clean style of

Before you place a bid on this project make sure you know what the full project requirement is as the project post says "full clone". You should view the site and study it to get a better idea.
Look and feel: We require and prefer the clean style the reference site uses.

If you already have something ready and similar with site, please provide us demo and login information for both, front and backend of the demo. Also include information about the modification possibilities so we know if we can change functionalities / look and feel if necessary. Please include information about maintenance of the site as well since we will need someone we can rely on for maintenance.

Money will be put in GAF escrow in the providers name and will be released as soon as satisfied with final result.

The clone has to be written in PHP, AJAX, FLASH and JavaScript.
PHP/MYSQL admin panel.
Language option (English, Romania, , +1 language->we will add).

We need the games as follows: (In side menu bar)

1. Poker Games ->First 3 games (3 games).
2. Pool Games -> Pool 8 & Snooker (2 games).
3. Board Games -> Soccer, Chess, Checkers, Sea Battle, Dominoes & One more game that will be created using the instruction provided by us (6 games).
4. Saloon Games -> Roulette, Slots & Bingo (3 games).
5. Card Games -> Rummy 500, Tysiacha 479, Makao & One more game that will be created using the instruction provided by us (4 games).

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