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Code Search External Database Within WordPress Site

I would like code written that can be placed within a wordpress website that searches and displays content from an external database and displays the results within the wordpress site.

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Locational Database Search

I have an immediate need to turn an Excel spreadsheet query primarily made of Vlookups into an integrated iPhone app. Simple interface, simple data structure, all the data in hand already.

I have already launched a successful app that still sells very well (Sleuth), but this one is a little beyond my capabilities. I can provide a story board and screen shots, all the graphics, etc. but need the internal structure and classes created.

Basic features: proximity sensor to located position on google map. Current location queries database of US zip codes and returns several data fields from databases that I provide.

Ability to individually type in zip code to search data.

All database info is fully created and converted by me. In addition, all graphics help screens, icons are provided by me.

Payment terms are negotiable. Potential dual project bonus if developer has ability to port for Blackberry as well.

Please contact me if you feel this is something you can help with.

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