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WordPress Theme Design

I need you to create a new WP theme for my site. This site will feature free WordPress themes for download, so it must display the themes attractively, as well as offer a live demo of each theme. You can use this as an example of what I am looking for:

You should be an expert WordPress theme designer capable of creating custom themes quickly. If you can do a good job with this I have lot more theme design work for you (15+ themes every month)

Final version of site should be completed by April 12.

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New WordPress Theme Design

Need a structurally more wordpres compatible theme than the one we have.

The colors, Pictures, and skin must stay.

We just want you to develop a theme that works with Wp commerce plugin.

1) Move the items in cart and checkout to a new location. Currently Cart is on page and not working.
2) Integrate custom created (will provide sidebar images) social networking images to sidebar
3) Add light box to two links to open two pages.

The whole theme must be redesigned for compatibility and image quality needs updating.
We need this within 5 days. Lowers bid with verifiable wordpress skill takes the project.

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Design A WORDPRESS Theme

I need a WordPress theme designed. The theme options should be very clean and user friendly. The theme should have options to:

Add adsense, CJ, CB & amazon ads that can be displayed on the blogs posts/pages/achives/search-results on TOP,BOTTOM,MIDDLE & mouse hover keywords and an option to display a peel away ad.

Also, the theme needs to have various color options and should be fluid magazine layout.

Please BID only if you can do the task

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WORDPRESS, THESIS THEMED-SITES: Simple Tweaks & Improvement

My main designer is taking too long to respond so Im looking for a secondary programmer.

This project is fairly simple: improve current layout of 4 WordPress-Thesis Themed sites (add right columns, drop down menu, add pages, fix small glitches, ADD WIDGETS (code ready), INPUT PRE-DEFINED CODES).

Note that these 4 sites are already up and running, with solid layouts,design and for the most part — already functioning, BUT I WANT TO IMPROVE EACH SITE and fix minor problems (ex: cannot upload pictures in blog post, thumbnail picture not working). This is more of a maintenance project.

I only want to work with people who do a thorough job and care about details: "a job half done is a job undone".

I value honest people who work hard. I treat people working for me with respect and dignity and I am loyal if you prove yourself to do a thorough job and respond in a timely manner.

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WordPress Theme + Facebook Page + Twitter

PM with past work

I need you to create:

1. WordPress template, (PSD design + template code!)
2. Facebook page in FBML (PSD Design + code!)
3. Simple backround + design for Twitter

The design is already available, you can scetch after it
Max 40

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WordPress Theme Design

I want you to design my blog wordpress theme this is not hard its like copy other theme.

hit me with your previous work and we will talk in detail.

its about product review blog.

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Thesis WordPress Theme For Photographer Site

I need psd to wordpress Thesis converted. Concept and Design will be delivered. WordPress will be used as CMS rather than a blogging platform.
To implement the design you will have to be familiar with Thesis theme and use the "custom css" so the Thesis framework is upgradeable when a new version comes out.

You will need to design the home page and about 3 or 4 interior pages.

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Ithemes Designer

Have itheme…need someone to install and customize my design

show me your wordpress itheme designs

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WordPress Theme Design

I would like to create a high-end looking WordPress Theme. It is for a specific science fiction television show that I will tell you when we start the project. I will give you all assets.

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Woothemes And WordPress Expert

I need someone that can upload, tweak and edit my woothemes for some upcoming projects. Primarily, you must be able to edit psd, create, upload be able to use wordpress or familiarize yourself with the installation, design and workings of woothemes. heres a theme I am working with, you need to be able to upload all the files, edit and customize to my approval.

Please be able to work with image resizing or psd files. Also, when you load a theme, please be able to use placeholders for the text, graphics, etc…

It is not a lot of work, very minor since I wont be customizing theme much, I need someone more reliable and able. This will turn into multiple projects if you are good….

Please speak good english, please use skype or gtalk and be reliable

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Customize WordPress Theme

Hello I am in need of a skilled wordpress developer to create a similar theme with the same features as the following website:

The site is using the following theme as a base:

So you may use the same theme as a base if that is easier and I can provide you with the theme OR you can create a whole new theme from scratch if you wish. Please let me know if your bid is for a completely new theme or customizing the organic portfolio white theme.

Thanks and looking forward to working with you!

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Web Developer – Maldives

We are looking for a freelancer to develop websites and custom built some in House applications.

Skills Required:

– Outstanding PHP skills
– Excellent knowledge of standards compliant HTML/CSS
– Advanced Javascript skills/ AJAX/ DOM manipulation/ XML
– Familiarity with AJAX toolkits such as Prototype, DOJO

– Experience with APIs from Yahoo, Google, Facebook etc.
– Ability to customize open source CMS and Blogging platforms such as WordPress, Textpattern, Drupal
– Reasonable creative design skills/ Some Flash knowledge would be a bonus
– Also knowledge of iphone, ipad and android apps basic development skills would be an added advantage.

Also like to see some portfolios on below skills mentioned.

Note that we are not necessarily looking for an expert on the skills required.


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Finetune Custom WordPress Theme

Just had a custom made wordpress theme installed on my site Still unhappy with a few details. Need help on:

– Linking the Twitterfeed to my Twitteraccount (so that my last tweets appear on the site)
– Fix the layout and typography on the homepage. We went from a bigger font to a smaller one and now the page is – I think – out of balance. Maybe we just have to make the right column a little bit smaller, maybe we need to play some more with font and font size.
– Transfer this new design to the archive-items as well (they are still in the bigger font)
– Make sure that, when clicking on a month in the archive, all the items appear in one row (now it displays only seven or eight and you can click on older posts)
– When an archive item is displayed, under it two buttons have to appear, back and next, to make it easier to go through items.
– When there is no comment yet under an item, the comment box should be hidden, and only the word Reageren (Comment) visible.

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WordPress Theme Header Design

I have a site based on WordPress here:

Currently I do not like the theme header background and would like a new one, you will have to deliver the header in PSD.

PM me your banner/header designs in the past, if you can show mockup, itll be preferred.

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Create / Customize A WordPress Theme

We currently have a theme installed on my wordpress that [Removed by Admin] and would like some customization done to it.

Here is the link to the demo of the theme. Click this link and look at it as you read what we want done for our customization:

1. Now is an online job provider and on other hand the other website is some HYIP site, We dont want those features, I want all features of JobnJobs to be modified as

2. Jobnjobs has a strong back end database of register members, whose username and password are saved, so we dont want them to be disturbed.

3. Remember as is not a wordpress theme, its only in PHP as an expert can do this job, so bid before you are sure you can make this as wordpress theme.

4. Theme font, sounds, and graphics will be same only contents will be changed, the bidder which didnt full filled the rules will not be qualified till the end.

5. We are expecting more and more work as we are software house and the bidder which can work with not expecting large amount in each project and work at his best will be working with us for all projects our company gets. (sites of schools, colleges, companies and hospitals etc.

6. In short it will be best if this "" as a wordpress theme working accurately, because of database of members registered, and plugin used for this website of hidden contents showed only to registered members.
Or any best suggestion can also be entertain given by bidder

Complete information will be given to bid winner in PM or by Skype.
Message me a link to websites with wordpress themes you have customized and anything else that you have customized before.

Please do not waste our times and only bid if you understand what customization I would like done and are an expert in wordpress and customizing wordpress themes. My maximum budget is $ 70. Please keep in mind that this is a really simple project for experienced specialist. Ive got a several WP websites and Im looking for WP guy with skills for my future projects and customizations. Thank you and good luck!

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Easy Customize WordPress Theme

I currently have a theme installed on my wordpress that I purchased from and would like some minor customization done to it.

Here is the link to the demo of the theme. Click this link and look at it as you read what I want done for my customization:

The following is the customization I want done on my website:
– Make the slider from the homepage smaller and create a block where I can add advertisement (300 X 250 Advertisement)
– Change the widths of the homepage (where the content boxes are) + change the size of the content boxes. Currently there are 2 boxes and I would like to make it 3 boxes across.
– On the homepage I would like to add an advertisement in-between the content boxes. ( Add an ad every 9 boxes)
– Add a border around content boxes + add spaces between them (currently they are attached together)
– Add a block above

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Customize WordPress Theme


I need someone who can customize a wordpress theme from (theprofessional)
You will get all content, you just have to customize the theme. You must be good at CSS or must very intelligent.
Its about changing menus, sidebar, changing colors, add slider images, change slider appearance and other funny stuff.

Iam looking for a cheap offer. I can give technical support if its needed.

Pls provide some examples of your work.

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WordPress Theme Design |

I need someone who can create a wordpress theme for me similar to the the "Sliding Door" theme available in


Them theme should be similar in format. I am relying on your graphical design experience for a good design but would sugget the following likely:
– Maybe a white background design instead of black
– Should be a general theme applicable to many different types of blogs
– Important that it has the ability to display pictures in a similar way
– Need help submitting it to
– Project not done until submitted to and received acceptance (there may be little changes asked of us)

You need to be an excellent graphical design (photoshop etc.) and I need to see your portfolio. You will get the project if you bid around $100.


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Theme Thesis Blog Redesign


I need to change my navigation and layout on my Thesis WordPress blog (make sure you know thesis, or dont apply).

I need to creat a similar structure (nav) and layout to or (well tell you what we need, since copying direct is not cool)

Its mostly PHP/CSS with some javascript.


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Need WordPress Expert To Design And Integrate 5 Pages

Need wordpress expert to design and integrate it . we will provide you the ready framework so you need to design and do necessary chages to it .

you need to customize 5 pages .

Budget $80


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Create WordPress Theme From Fireworks PNG Design

I have a site design that is created on Adobe fireworks and I would like to convert it to a wordpress theme. Max budget $100. I have many themes to create, so a good job will attract more work.

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Design WordPress Theme: Movie Review Site

I currently have a website where I review movies ( ). Its running WordPress. I need a re-design.

I like the colors I am using now, but those can be changed if need be.

Here are some reference sites:

I will probably have a new logo design done by someone else.

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Thesis WordPress Theme For Dallas Website

This project is for an overall theme design for the site .

This site used the Thesis theme. If you dont have experience with this theme, DO NOT BID!

In your PM, please provide samples of other Thesis themes you have designed. If possible, please provide a spec of my own site to give me an idea of your talents and what ideas you can generate.

This is an overall theme design, so that includes a graphic header, background, left-navigation, and footer.

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Customize WordPress Theme For Escort Agency

I am using prestige wordpress theme

I need it modified to include escort agency features, such as uploading galleries and girls about page.

Please show me if you already have a suitable theme, or bid for price of customising prestige theme


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WordPress Theme Design


need a simple wordpress theme design.

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WordPress Theme (Design + XHTML)

I need a new design for wordpress blog which is highly customized. Its about 4 different page types (template files) and I need the design done + the html which I can use to code a wordpress template file by myself.

Here are some requirements:
Design for the current (custom) homepage
Design for my categories (they are custom too)
Design for the single post view (I like to see great comment list/form)
The archive list (except the first page for categories) must be clean and nice
The HTML must fit the current default WP theme (2010)

Here are a few sites where I like the design:
I like the header section (colors and typography) anything else is very basic.
I like on this blog how they work with background colors/backgrounds. The part for the post title (incl. date and meta) looks good too. I dont like the dashed lines in the related section.
The comment list look really good, I found those on several sites.
Nice blog, dont like the wooden background, but the zigzag is cool. The header section is not common and looks good.

Some more information which should help you to understand what I need:
The article text should be on white background but I like a darker background for the "unused" right/left side
Dont abuse the header section, the most important information should be above the fold
I dont like the arial/helvetica font type
on my current template I have the templates ad in the upper right corner. I can change that add (Its my site). Maybe we can place this ad in a other design in a footer section
A footer section is nice too
I two columns side bar is not required
I post "code" in most of my tutorials, please keep this in mind.
I dont like to create thumbs for all my (older) articles, I can do this for popular articles and new ones
Spend enough time for the comments list.

Im in need of a partner who is able to think in solutions, its about a WordPress site and not just a website design. The design need to fit on my current blog and content.

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Minor WordPress Thesis Theme Design Change.Almost Done.

Requires Knowledge of WordPress Thesis Framework. –

I will provide you with:
1. Thesis framework
2. The blog theme that is almost done.

What I need:
1. Most of the design/CSS work is already done. The rest of the design needs to be completed like
2. On the right navigation, there must be a tabbed CSS box(should be LI not javascript) for "Current Hits, All Time, For Begineers, My Favorites" like homepage.

Only freelancers with feedback & knowledge in WP, Thesis framework to apply please.

11/19/2010 at 4:40 EST:

3. Add a 468×60 ad widget in the header.

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Fix Custom Footer On WordPress Theme

I am trying to set up a custom footer in a WordPress theme, and I have totally wrecked it. The theme is still fine, but the footer is not coming out how I want it to come out at all. I need someone to fix it for me. I can show whoever I hire exactly what I want it to look like and do.

I need this fast and will be choosing someone ASAP.

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Website Design + Customize WordPress Theme

Who We Are: We are a small, family-run pet sitting company located in California.

Our Objective: Our objective is to transition our standard HTML site to a WordPress site.

What We Are Looking For: Weve purchased a premium WordPress 3.0 theme that we need to have customized. We are looking for someone who is proficient in customizing WordPress themes; creating Flash banners and 3D graphics; creating online web forms.

Upon hire, we will send the a document that fully explains, in great detail, what our desires are for the graphics that we need created, the forms that we need built and installed and so-forth.

For someone proficient in the above skills, this should be easy money!

Its important to note the following:

1. This project needs to be completed by 12/20/2010.
2. We need someone that can work by our clock (Pacific Standard Time)
3. All funds will be in USD.
4. We will need to see references and a portfolio of work. Since the majority of this job deals in graphic design (Flash and 3D), emphasis needs to be paid on these particular skills. This doesnt mean the other skills are less essential but we will be looking for exceptional graphic artists.
5. We need to know what your protocol is on the guarantee of our satisfaction
6. All original graphic work needs to be included
7. Budget for this project is $300 USD.

Job Specifics Are:

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Need A WordPress Theme To Mimic Html Design

Hello, I need a wordpress theme converted and mimic a html website. I will be using a slider plugin to show content on homepage. Please PM me for the webpage sample and details and I look forward to your quotes.



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