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1000 Fans For An Application

Hi all,

I have an iFrame application that needs to have about 1000 fans (who like it and do something on the application once at least).

The bid is chosen must be finished in 3 days maximum.


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Coldfusion Install On Windows 2008 64-bit

I need help installing a 30-day trial of ColdFusion 64-bit Version 9 English on Windows 2008 64-bit. not clue why is not working after install. i remember the good old days of installing and opening up the CFIDE and everything worked nicely. I made some changes to the server manager IIS to no avail. anyone out there knows how to do this ?? i have remote desktop access to the server. please only bid if know what you are doing… i already tried my best and it doesnt work out-of-the-box.

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Desktop Telemarketing Dialer

we need our Desktop Telemarketing Dialer to be enhanced.

It is currently up and running and will dial any csv file imported. It will dial one number at a time and will proceed to dial the next one once use has terminated the current call in progress.

1. The next phone record in line needs to begin dialing automatically as soon as the current call is terminated, currently it stops and ask if you would like to dial a long distance code. This needs to change and user needs to be able to assign ld codes beforehand so that it will continue to dial with no interruption,.

2. The user should have the option to click on play to begin a pre-recorded message to broadcast. Once the message is complete, the call should terminate and begin to call the next record automatically without any interruption

3. Need to be able to do a one click email of pre templated emails and continue calling in the background without interuption

4. Need to be able to use, magicjack.Com as the voip service, it should all interface together so that the end user simply needs to open the dialer and begin calling without much confusion, the dialer should have an option to use dialer modem or Magicjack VOIP internal dialing.. Extremely important feature.

5. Although the program gives a calling report with number of calls made and the time, we would like something more expansive, the following dispostion codes need to be added in order to disposition the call properly for future calling.

Not Interested – IN
Call Back – CB
Disconnected/Wrong Number – DISC
Sale – Sale
Do Not Call – DNC

These codes above should all mark the call in a new disposition field and then terminate the call and move on to dial the next number automatically.

click on this link to download the application:

We can buy a version online for les then $99 so please do not bid more then this amount. You will need to build rebuild the code and self executable files. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks

02/27/2009 at 14:33 EST:

We are not looking for telemarketing service, we are looking for a coder or coders that can create teh dialer application for use in telemarketing. thanks

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.net/C# Expert with Advanced Installer experience !?!?

Please PM me WHY I should hire you, don’t just say "yes I can do it"
I need to make a decision based on WHY we should hire you!

Here’s the project:

I have a .net/C# application that is causing an error.
I need someone to identify this error, tell me why it’s happening then help me fix it! Then recompile the source to a working exe that works in XP and VISTA without having to run as administrator.

error " HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.
at System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.IWebBrowser2.Navigate2(Object& URL, Object& flags, Object& targetFrameName, Object& postData, Object& headers)"

IF you have experience with Advanced Installer that will help me choose you, but its not necessary for this project, I will need help building an installer for my EXE. I know there is a wizard to do most of this.. just need a little help building a AIP file

1. Installer checks to see if .NET 3.5 is installed. If not it starts the install process.
2. Installer Launches application after setup.
3. All the other basic install info like install location, start menu, desktop links..etc.

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