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Information Architect/UX Designer

Information Architect/UX Designer
Hourly Rate: £40 – £50

Spring Digital is a full-service digital agency that provides concept to creation of digital projects for SME clients across London. Founded in 2001 we have built, managed and promoted over 600 websites and continue to help clients to achieve more online.

We are looking for a dynamic, ambitious, enthusiastic freelance Information Architect who has strong business acumen and the ability to understand and appreciate a wide range of business models. Excellent strategic skills; and knowledge of usability, accessibility and industry standards/best practices

Responsibilities will include research and planning of websites, from simple brochureware sites through to large ecomms and complex web apps. Capturing and analyzing website & project requirements, developing user personas, user scenarios and user journeys.
You will map process flow throughout a site or app, conceptualise and wireframe user interfaces and using a range of tools you will create and develop site wireframes, prototypes and, where appropriate, storyboards.

You will have at least 1-2 years experience of information architecture and/or UX design
You are able work under pressure to very tight deadlines, with a strong focus on achieving client satisfaction
You can work methodically, accurately and can articulate my ideas and concepts to clients and colleagues alike
You understand how websites are built and maintained, especially those built on WordPress, Drupal, Magento
You have a good level of experience and understanding of the Axure, Google Analytics and Google Optimiser tools.
You are eligible to work in the UK

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Social Network Using PHP And MySQL


We would like to have someone who can help develop a social network, in which all registered users have their personal pages. The personal pages need to be similar to personal blogs, and all registered users can leave messages on others pages. All registered users can also check others profiles.

Since I already have a Joomla website and a phpbb forum, you will need to integrate the accounts as well.
Please send me your previous work if you are interested in this project.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.


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Mobile Android Application – PHP, MYSQL And UI Design

This project comes in phases. We are on phase 3 for the project and are looking for someone who is skilled with databasing on the backend and has enough knowledge of android development to satisfy our frontend UI designs. We already have majority of UI designs completed, but additional designs (roughly 25 slides) will be needed to be done. Work should not exceed 100 hours. Quality and Communication will be our biggest selection criteria for determining the winner. Please provide a resume, past art, prior art and the amount of time you can dedicate to this project (We are trying to have to project completed by the 1st of the year, however exceptions will be made for the right team/individual). Technology Roadmap & Spec doc has been completed for the BETA application that will be designed as well as the full project. This project is for the BETA only, but a fulltime position can be offered depending on the right person/team. We are located in Santa Monica, CA and look to work with someone who has as great of communication as we do (For example, Skype is always a great option) 🙂

Project can be explained as follows:
25% mirrors facebook group creation, interaction and invites (both internal and external members)

50% mirrors facebook deals & Groupon style backend work

25% will be UI and UX design

Full Details will be disclosed to winner and we are looking for someone who is fluent in both Iphone (objective c) and Android (both projects can start at the same time).

Outside of this project we have many projects that are backing up and additional work can be given if this project is successful.
-Future projects require geolocation knowledge and more databasing (specifically music files).

Look forward to your replies and to selecting our winner!

Best Regards & Good Luck.

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Move Of Website

I want the original php and other files of an old website to be adjusted for a new domain under different name. this does include a website application using a mysql database. database already in place at the new domain. a .htaccess control should be adjusted for the new website

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PHP / MySQL Application

We have a PHP / MySQL application that needs frequent changes and updates. Experience with Smarty templates is required. Please express interest ONLY if you have time to support our on-going needs.

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PHP/MySQL Accounting Software

We are looking for a PHP based accounting software for Pakistani enviroment. The software should support double entry. We also require DB access for our own reporting purpose.

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PHP Application Using Framework And JQuery

Looking for professional and highly skilled OO-php coder.

Simple application with main items (title, descriptions, photogallery, file attachments) and sub-items (also with fields details, galleries, attachments, etc.) to be used inside an existing website.

Project details will be provided to selected service provider.

Preferred PHP Framework: Yii
Preferred JS Framework: jQuery

– sample applications that use a PHP framework
– details of provider skills
– SKYPE or MSN messenger contact must be provided
– Phone # for urgent contacts must be provided
– work immediately on the application and finish it within 2 days
– web 2.0 approach (responsive, fast application) with much attention to user interface.
– must be capable to adapt graphic design to the application
– DO NOT SEND GENERIC DESCRIPTION (generic message = your bidding automatically deleted)
– SEND LINK WITH SAMPLE OF YOUR WORKS (no links = your bidding automatically deleted)

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PHP Stock Trading Application

I am looking for an experienced PHP programmer who also has experience in Javascript, AJAX and API integrations such as XML. The ideal candidate must also have experience in Website scraping/spidering and be able to develop an application that can handle medium to high load.
The application is in the area of stock market trading and will require an integration in to the Interactive Brokers API –
Developers with experience in developing previous Stock Marketing trading applications would be seen as a plus.
The winner of this job would also receive ongoing development as the application is expanded.

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PHP Expert – 5hrs/week — Only American Or European Develop.

Social networking start-up in need of a very "smart" PHP developer with at least 5 years of experience.

Bid only if you are an American or European.

And only if you are independent contractor, no firms!

This job requires approximately 5hrs per week. Long term, around 1-3 months.



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Outgoing Email System Using CKEditor And MYSQL And PHP

Hi all
This is the first time in posting a project, I am hoping that the description is detailed enough.

Needing a outgoing mail system using CKEditor to format the email.

I was thinking that the code will need to do the following

1. A page using CKEditor to type content with a save button. When save button is clicked, opens a dialog to enter a reference name before saving.
2. Save content to MYSQL Database with a unique ID (a php page).
3. A page with a table of the reference names. When reference is clicked will retrieve content from mysql and display in CKEditor so it can be edited.
4. Code to loop though contacts from a mysql and sends email by using the reference id selected.
(i.e click on the table for what you want to send, gets the reference_ID retrieves the content and puts into an HTML formatted email.
5. Need sample mysql database files to show that it is all working.


Craig Laird

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Flex Application Modification

I need some modifications on a ready made p2p cam application and a small php mysql backend that correspondets with it.

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