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PROS ONLY! Facebook External Chat Application

I need an external facebook chat application which asks the user for the chat permission (xmpp_login i think) and than sends a message to its online friends.


=> The application MUST stay up for at least 5 hours on facebook before getting deleted.

Payments will be only sent when I have tested that the application stays up for at least 5 hours. Than payment will be sent instantly.

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Develop Simple Facebook Application.

I want to create a facebook application which will ask user about his/her current mobile phone model. I will have database of phones in my website in SQL database containing phone manufacture and model with picture. When user approves application, it should ask what is your current phone model and which is your next phone will be and should take data from my database. It is ok to select only current phone or future phone. once youser selected it, you should update a database in my website (you can design it) which will fetch and store users preference with users details. Also users selections should be posted in his/her dashboard in facebook. after user confirms his selection we should give user chance to send applications for his friends consideration.

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