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Smartphone App: CallHandling

The app is needed for all major smartphone OS (but to start, its okay if you could only offer single operation systems).

We need an app that rewrites the dialed number by making an HTTP query.

This means:
– the app should start with a number pad to dial the number
– the app should be able to browse the address book/contacts
– the app should be able to browse a redial-list

And: If possible (I know that its not possible on the iPhone) the app should listen for outgoing calls in the background, so every call the user makes e.g. from the native address book is also handled via this app.

Once the user dials a number, the app should

1. cancel this call
2. open a URL like
3. read out a new phone number from the output of the called URL
4. dial this number

So, e.g.: The user dials 88814 on his phone. The app asks our server via http, we respond 00491234588814 and the app dials this number. If step 3 fails, the app should try to dial the entered number (fallback).

Parameters added to the URL should be (if possible):
– the entered number, e.g. 88814
– the phone number of the user (and if possible the IMEI of the mobile device)
– the mobile network (e.g. "T-Mobile DE" or MCC/MNC) and if this is the users home network or if hes roaming
– the GPS position of the user
– a version-key of this app

Configuration menu:
This app is given to a closed user group (its not a mainstream app), so there is no big configuration needed: An on/off-switch and an "exclude list" (numbers like 112 or network shortcodes like check-voicemail), thats all.

Beside from the dialpad/contact list/call list, there should be one item "Toolbox". The toolbox is only a browser window (or if this is easier: it could be a link that opens the browser) that shows some functions the user could force on our server.

Start/Stop of the application:
Everytime the app starts or is ended, the app should call another URL ( with the same parameters to notify us about the status change. We should be able to send GUI-updates (language pack, background/intro-image) and configuration changes (exclude-list, see above) e.g. via XML to the app during startup process.

I do not only need the app, but also the (well documented) source code. Anyway (I dont have time to develop it myself), there will be ideas for forther releases.

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Customized Dialer

I have a Asterisk server, I need to have a dialer application( using SIP ) which can be installed on windows based system and on one click originate and connects the call to call to my Asterisk server, something like "yate on sip" but I dont need a number dial pad on the dialer thus restricting it to dial to anywhere else except to my server

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Mobile Phone App(s) Required

Looking for a simple phone app to be created.

the phone app wil work on


I presume the above are the market leaders.
If you do more then good, please advise what you can develop

The app is for an established phone card company , where users can buy the phone card and dial an access number, type in a code then are able to dial to countries at cheap rates.

There are about 5 different cards to choose from , each with its own access number(s), probably around 200 access telphone numbers depending on where you are in the world, ie if you are in UK then you will dial a UK access number , if you are in USA then you will dial a USA access number.

the app will store ALL the access numbers and allow users to manually pick one to dial (to also give users the option to store a usually used access number so that number is the one that will be dialled unless they change it)

SO , in a nutshell, when users get their prepaid telephone scratch card, they can input the secret code into the app (which will store the number, indeed upto 10 secret numbers incase users buy more than one card)

the app will dial the access number , where they will be prompted by a recorded message to type in their "secret number" this is where the user presses a button and the app makes the pretyped "secret number" "beep" to the recorded message ,

the app will also have a function where users can then access their phone book and dial a number when the recorded message prompts them to do so and/or the app could have the number(s) manually stored on to it

Users will see their available credit and be able to buy more credit

check out for an example of the app required

Any questions (and Im sure I will have to repost this ad again to clarify !!!) please PM me

Cost , not sure, please ignore my budget and submit what you think is appropriate

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I need a web based JAVA-SIP client to add SIP phone capabilities to web applications with a Javascript API . Something like
The idea is to host the "core" jar files in our media servers: our customers can open a popup (link) in their websites that will call our domain ( in order to use the webphone.
Fully skinable (http/css)
VPN support
– Support multiple voice codecs (G711 ,G723 ,G729, GSM,speex, iLBC) for sending audio stream.
– DTMF: Inband / Outband / SIP INFO
– Auto Answer
– CLI Support
– Possibility to run multiple instances on the same machine
– Work with all standard SIP servers, mac,os x linux windows and all broweser compatable
SIP Parameters can be encripted and inserted to the java applet from an HTML file passed on asparameters to it (user, passWord, sipServer) that way the customer wont have to dial anything.
Full documentation for intergration and source code
No dial pad required to be used only for click to call. Sorry i used allot of wording just to make sure as this is very urgent please only bid with demo
thanks .

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I need a web based JAVA-SIP client to add SIP phone capabilities to web applications with a Javascript API . Something like
The idea is to host the "core" jar files in our media servers: our customers can open a popup (link) in their websites that will call our domain ( in order to use the webphone.
Fully skinable (http/css)
VPN support
– Support multiple voice codecs (G711 ,G723 ,G729, GSM,speex, iLBC) for sending audio stream.
– DTMF: Inband / Outband / SIP INFO
– Auto Answer
– CLI Support
– Possibility to run multiple instances on the same machine
– Work with all standard SIP servers, mac,os x linux windows and all broweser compatable
SIP Parameters can be encripted and inserted to the java applet from an HTML file passed on asparameters to it (user, passWord, sipServer) that way the customer wont have to dial anything.
Full documentation for intergration and source code
No dial pad required to be used only for click to call. Sorry i used allot of wording just to make sure as this is very urgent please only bid with demo
thanks .

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Automation Of Opensource Dialler.

There is an opensource software called Sipp made by HP.
I need to use the windows compiled version on XP machines, I would like it it to automate via a visual basic interface or something simple. I need it with several paramaters.
I believe the opensource version will do what I need and my problem is understanding and configuring it.
Interface detail is below..

Or to build an auto dialler which works as follows.. (outbound only)

Select the number of lines required to dial out. (sip accounts or channels)

1) Allow multiple lines to dial at once.
(please select number of lines or channels you wish to dial)

2) Each line to have its own sip account, with proxy, port, username, password, etc..
( data stored on a spread sheet, e.g. line 1, proxy, port , username, password ect..)

3) To dial numbers selected from an xls spreadsheet, using CLI´s inserted from another spread sheet. (automatically) but to loop the numbers dialled, from the sip accounts, so in a 2 line scenario if line 1 dials number 1, and line 2 dials number 2, then next call will be line 2 dials number 1, then line two dials number 1 and so on.. so that the same numbers are called over and over from different sip accounts. CLI will not always be working as some providers will insert their own CLI, I allready know that.

4) To play a pre-recorded looped message for durations which are randomised between a defined number of minimum seconds and defined number of maximum seconds. Intergration to sound card etc is not required.

5) To define a randomised delay between calls (min) and (max) in minutes per outbound sip account/line.

6) To define a minute cap per day, on the numbers dialled.

7) To produce an output of the calls reported on a 24hr basis. (summary per sip/account / line)

# Two stage dialling, for calling cards,
maybe also if possible would be good.

Contact me for further information.
Or if you can do this.

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Asterisk – Amend Dial Plan / Setup New Asterisk Dialplan

We need some amendments to our asterisk dialplan.

Currently our asterisk server receives calls and based on an entered pin/pass dials out and records calls.
It then FTPs the wav to another server.

we need to amend this so that it is a little more dynamic and we also require convertions to MP3

a full dialplan will be supplied on acceptance.

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Fake Dial Pad – For Babies To Play With

I have a 2 year old son that has a bad habit of playing with our Android phone and dialing random people.

That said, I am looking for an Android app that will basically look and feel like a REAL dialpad, with colorful buttons w/ numbers, text that types, sounds etc. This will be loaded for younger kids to play with instead of the real thing.

Should have all the function, minus the actual ability to make calls. Guessing this should be a fairly simple app with limited function.

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AsteriskFreepbx Dialplan Mod

I have a new install of AsteriskFreepbx and cannot dial extension 100. I get a pattern match of 10 when starting to dial and then get the message "your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number blah blah".

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IVR Software

Design of IVR software writen in .net. I need the software to do the following:
1. Deliver Automated pre-recorded messages via telephones.
2. Automated telephonic surveys.
3. Record verbal feedback and speach to text capabilities.
4. Web based upload.and the ability to run software by user protected passwords.
5. Administrative back end including billing platform.
6. control implements call routing and queuing functionality and is used to provide custom ACD capability to an application. CallTimer control maintains a call duration timer and allows a maximum call time to be set on all or part of a call.
7. Delay control implements a waiting period for the caller while some other activity takes place.
8. Dial control is used to go offhook and to start a call, transfer an existing call to another extension or phone or dial some digits to an automated system, such as a pager service.
10.GetDigits control plays a greeting and waits for digits from the caller for a predetermined amount of time.

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Dial Asterisk From Sql

We need some custom scripting done for our Elastix server. currently, our agents connect to a SQL database with telenet and use key combinations to call a customer.

DR Dials the number in the residence field
DW Dials the number in the employment field
DN Is used to dial and other number. (Example) DN96013555211 would dial the
DX*70 Plus the extension transfers calls

This sends a dial command via serial port to an external analog dialer. We need Elastix to accept theses commands and do the dialing.

Thank You.

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IPhone App Development

I need an iPhone app developed that will allow me to dial a phone number I want to contact.

This number (eg: xxxxxxxxxx) is entered into the mobile phone, either by
a. preferrably touching the number which is stored in contacts OR
b. manually dialling the number.

The iPhone app will then do this:
1. Call a PSTN number (eg: yyyyyyyyyy).
2. the PSTN number yyyyyyyyyy will end the call from the iPhone. (I have this developed from my non iPhone end).
3. the iPhone will wait for the PSTN number to call the iPhones mobile number (eg: zzzzzzzzzz). (I have this developed from my non iPhone end).
3. the iPhone will ring and have to be answered.
4. the iPhone will then have an open dial tone, ready to connect to xxxxxxxxxx.
5. The iPhone app will then dial the original requested phone number xxxxxxxxxx into the iPhone.

It would be perfect if this app can run somehow with contacts for easy touch dial, so that either:
a. the contact is opened up via iPhone contacts and touching the number xxxxxxxxxx to dial xxxxxxxxxx will run the app to complete the background above 5 points OR
b. the app will be opened and this allows access to the iPhone contacts so I can then touch the number xxxxxxxxxx to call.

This is all currently being manually operated and I would like this automated.

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SW System To Dial Out And Record Mobile Phone Voicemails

The system should dial out to a mobile phone using VOIP, have a custom call plan based on mobile carrier to enter into the mobile phone users voicemail setup, and then play a mp3 recording which will get recorded as the mobile phone users new voicemail.

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Vicidial Support

Urgently require someone to log into a vicidial box and resolve a few issues: most important of which is when users pick up handsets and manually dial they are connected but then after approx 1min they are disconnected.

We are currently not using the interface as we are waiting for computers but would like agents to manually pick up handset and dial numbers.

Please advise asap.

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IAX SoftPhone For IPhone

We need you to provide Source Code of a SoftPhone for iPhone that works with IAX2 (preferred) or SIP, that can be integrated with the contact List of the iPhone.
We need a totally functional SoftPhone that can:
– Login to a SIP or IAX account on any IPPBX or Asterisk
– Dial a written number eg 13054445566
– Dial for the Contact List of the iPhone
– Ring, Busy, Congestion Signal
– Send DTMF (this is important)
– Receive a Call, Answer it or Reject it.

– Configuration: IAX/SIP login password and domain
– Dial Pad for dial a number or send DTMF on a call
– Popup for answer or reject an incoming call
– Transfer popup
– Contact Pop to dial a Contact on the iPhone

All fancy code must be removed in order to leave the source code clean. All communication functionality, like transfer, conference, text messaging will be appreciated. If you already have it for BlackBerry and Android, much much better.

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Asterisk , VOIP

We are a VOIP provider and we need solutions for our existing issues in the Asterisk server.

"Only serious bidders can bid- Please do not spam with recycled application"

"Experience in both Asterisk and A2Billing is a must"

The job description is given below, however, the first two points will be done in this bid, and on successful completion , the other points will be done.

1) The asterisk server should be checked for the registration fail of the phones
2) The dial plan should be reviewed for the disconnection of the phones at times and unsuccessful call completion
3) New Dial plan should be written for the usage of multiple terminations for selected countries
4) A2Billing should be customized according to our need.
5) Chances are there to write web services which may talk to the application .

Optional expectation:
1) ability to program in .NET
2) Knowledge of A-Z Terminations
3) Knowledge of Calling Card solutions

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Vicidial Administrator

Need someone with knowledge of Vici-Dial to manager and update upon request.
1. edit dial plan
2. custom .php
3. understand mysql database
4. clear knowledge of voip
5. be able to customize scripts

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Urgent Need Of Call Centers

We re looking for centers with minimum 10 seats to dial for USA/CANADA process.

Title: Lower interest rate on debts

Project Description: We need a call center with minimum 10 seats allocated for this campaign, along with predictive dialer to dial during normal US/Canadian hours. Centers have to generate their own leads, but we will provide core training and in depth knowledge of product. Center will be required to record every closed deal, fill template and put on our FTP.

Commission: Payout $120

Contacts: You will be allocated dedicated accounts manager, who will resolve your day to day queries.

Title: US Travel

Project Description: We need a call center with minimum 10 seats allocated for this campaign, with dialer to dial during normal US/Canadian hours. Centers have to generate their own leads, but we will provide core training and in depth knowledge of product.

Commission: Payout $120

Contacts: You will be allocated dedicated accounts manager, who will resolve your day to day queries.

Title: US Pharma

Its has been told to you by my subordinates already that pharma is based on targeted calling you dont call any or every one its making outbound
calls to people whom you know buy a certain prescription and we did
inform you that for running pharma you need to buy targeted leads. You
can find a vendor yourself and then let us know we will train you on it
but its a useless exercise training you when we know you can not run it
with out leads.

Training and script is simple we are calling in regards to your current medication prescription that you take and then
you move on telling him you can get a cheaper delivered at home option
and take there card details and close the sale

Here is the details


Tracking ID will be provided within 24-48hrs of time when shipped from US

Center Commission: Controlled : 25%
Non Controlled: 25%

All Sales will be re verified, Payment terms are as follows

If volume provided first payment after 7 working days of first three days and then
twice a week so its a 3 day hold.

Waiting for your reply and looking for a healthy business relationship in future.

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Windows Mobile TAPI Dialer

I am looking for a simple TAPI dialer application for Windows Mobile which can do phone dial, answer incoming call and call conferenceing. Regarding call conferencing, I should be able to dial 2 GSM numbers and build conference call with all 3 parties.

The solution can be in C# / C++. The application must support Windows Mobile 5 or Higher.

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IPhone Calling Card Application


I am looking to develop an iPhone OSv2/3 application (will be ported later to Blackberry and Android) with the following specs:
=> Create your profile with dial-in number and PIN
=> The application will allow pressing a button to dial the dial-in number, pause 5 seconds and send the PIN over DTMF
=> The application name, application icon, color scheme of the app and pictures should be customisable to fit several resellers (white labelling)
=> User friendly interface

This will be the first evolution of the application, future enhancements will include:
=> retrieving credit info through REST Web services
=> log-in into a web-account with dial-in number and PIN already provisioned
=> Choice of local dial-in number based on hanset location
=> DTMF menu to interract easily with the far-end IVR

Must Fix all bugs Before Delivering the Entire Project,Train our Personnal,And sign NDA with the company. Buyer Get all the rights of the Sourcecode and the software on top it should be Customizable.

Please Do not ask for any prepayment Until Project is been tested and checked with QA. Lowest bidder will does not guarantee winning this tender.

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Simple Dialler – Dial Numbers On A PC Over An ISDN Modem


I require a program to dial various numbers over an ISDN modem installed into a PC. The PC will be dedicated to this task so the choice of O/S, setup and configuration is yours.

The completed product should allow me to upload a simple list of numbers that it will dial, it should then go through this list dialling the numbers for short periods before hanging up (terminating the call) and then move onto the next number. There should be NO patterns to the calls, i.e. it should be programmed to different call lengths (set by a simple interface in seconds MIN=/MAX=)and it should wait for a short period (set by a simple interface in seconds MIN=/MAX=) before redialling a different random number from the list uploaded. Nothing needs to be transmitted over the call

I would require the facility to:

– upload new lists of numbers to dial
– set the min/max time in seconds of each call before terminating the call(hang up)
– set the min/max time in seconds to wait before dialling the next random number from the list
– set the time to start the program
– set the time to end the program

I am open to suggestions to other ways to add features etc. Please PM me with any questions you have.


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Voip Based Pbx With Billing Abilities Plus Follow Me


I want to create a voip system for the basis of mail box set up and onward calling with billing abilities.
The service is based on a mail box system where a user dials a telephone number followed by a mailbox number, he will then hear a message based on the mailbox set up. at the end of the message, the caller may dial a key and be transferred to the mailbox owner. the set up of accounts should be via a web front end and be based on a menu system. Our customers are clients of ours who register via a web portal, the callers to the system are customers of our client.

Our client will apply via the web portal and agree to a monthly fee, one accepted based on payment acceptance, the system must do billing on a monthly basis via paypay. the price per month allows a number of mail boxes . so £1 per month per mail box purchased in bundles of £10. each mail box will be associated with an incoming dial in number, so each dial in number can have many accumulative mailboxes. each client of ours will have a user name and password , in this area, they will be able to set up mailboxes based on parameters, all set up data must go to a my sequel database. we as the administrator will set up the fields, all mailbox voice messages will be set up via a dial in of the associated mailbox dial in number. all information must also be able to be played via a website. so, in summery, client buys 10 mailboxes, he then sets the mailboxes up by initially the internet . based on parameters he chooses, then he dials into the mail box and is allowed immediate access to leave information based on his CLI recognised by the account set up. if a caller dials in to the mailbox, he will hear the message, if he chooses to dial the key for more information, the call is diverted to the set up client number and the client is billed by the system for the call.

You are required to utilise:

-A good SIP proxy to take care NAT bursting and media RTP issues (OpenSips?Kamailio?Freeswitch? You need to select which one and justify the reason behind.)

billing engine for monthly fees and onward calling
Our clients should be able to select a follow-me number that will be billed according to their active tariff. (If the forward is to a voip (SIP) number then theres no charge.


I will provide you with access to the two servers so you can perform the installation and testing.
You will be required to demonstrate to me the load balancing abilities of the setup. For example, when Telephony Server 1 is full of calls then the proxy sends the calls to the second Telephony server (the 2nd telephony server will also be provided for this test). The tests should be performed with appropriate testing software provided by you.

This is a telephony project for a small community and it should not be regarded as a large project. Your quotation must take this into consideration.
If (and only if) the project turns out successful financially, then further investment will be done and hence you will be doing the further development!

If you have done such a thing before then youll know that most of your time will be spent on doing the voicemail/follow-me/ voice to email integration

If you have any questions please let me know.
Please do not bid if you have never done this before. You will be wasting both my as well as your time and there is no need for this!
Please also note that the project is advertised elsewhere as well.

Thank you.

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Asterisk – A2Billing Installation And Configuration

We are running Asterisk 1.4 with Gentoo, mysql. This is a production server we want A2Billing installed and configured.
Currently we have a homegrown PHP/MYSQL billing program that hooks into a optigold server for monthly recurring invoices. We need to incorporate our current billing requirements into a feature rich A2Billing. The dial plans currently not in mysql and to be.

We have 4 specific plans. Each plan includes specific countries that include long distance charged to the defined countries.

The dial plans DID

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Water Meter Logger

Schematic , Layout and pcb prototype for the following:
Water meeter to be able to:
interface to magnetic rotating dial, approx 15mm diameter.
3 coils or reedswitches + tamper switch needs to be mounted to magnetic dial, i will worry about fixture for this.
Have RTC onboard.
Have RS232 connector std pin db conector.
Detect direction of flow, ie wether dial is rotating clock wise or anti clock wise, send alarm code plus date time stamp out thru rs232 port.
Store daily pulse count, send out monthly pulse count to rs232 port or when requested from pc
store last 12 months pulse counts, one total for each month.
if cable is cut between logger and meter alarm code is sent to rs232 port with date time stamp.
if tamper switch is detected then temper code sent to rs232 with datetime stamp.
command to read any of the last 12 months pulse count (if reading the current months pulse count then give me month todate).

please refer to cyble sensor as a means to interface to the meter.
meter to interface will be similar to Aquadis dn20.

schematic design
pcb design
pcb prototype manufacture
develop firmware
supply prototype
ONLY interesed in person who has expeiences in water flow metering and ONLY people that can complete the projects and supply to me a working prototype. water meter will be supplied by me.

Do not bid if you cannot provide all services.
please send on similar work.

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Dial Up Connection Over Broadband-Using VOIP & Asterisk?

I need my computer to use its broadband connection to connect with a dial up provider. I am assuming this will be done over VOIP and many people mentioned asterisk as a possible solution. I need the computer or at least the browser to use the connection of the dial up not the broadband when it connects to websites.(i need the ip address of the dial up)

I dont currently use a VOIP provider and would rather use a free solution.

I am open to all and any ideas/methods on how to get this done.

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I want the following implemented in my dial plan:

1) All extensions are of the form 278XXXXXXX
2) My users must be able to dial 08XXXXXXX and dial the corresponding extension (i.e.: replace 08 by 278 and dial the resulting extensions)



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Real Time Data Analysis

Hi there,

We have a live project which we want to outsource to get it done at the earliest. We are in need of a company/freelancer/agency which can take up this developement work and provide us with solutions at the earliest. We have fabricated this developement into two parts and we can give both/one/none to the bidding personals. Hence would request you all to bid as total price keeping price ratio of 2:5 for project A : project B. For example if you bid USD 7000 then we will assume that project A costs USD 2000 and project B costs USD 5000.

PROJECT A ::::Real Time data Analysis
Here several hand held devices will be used to feed in numerical data into the server and the server software should be able to detect and integrate all those datas together for analysis. This should be then followed by graphical analysis of the data. Similarities can be found by googling for Dial Testing and seeing the technology used.

There would be modifications and updation into this software depending upon our requirement but concept
would remain the same.

PROJECT B ::::Integrated Real Time data Analysis
Here the integrated software in a central server should be able to take in data from various sources. The sources would be

1. SMS from mobile phone vendors/ Free Internet SMS sites
2. Mobile Call ( Tie with mobile vendors)
3. Landline feed ( Tie up with landline operators)
4. Online Website polling ( Will have a number feedin mechanism from 1 to 100 on the site)

These datas would be taken in live by the server and compiled together to generate a graphical report to know about percentage trend of data feedin.

This software may be used for seeking people opinion for different surveys.

Would appreciate if you can send your feedbacks at the earliest.


Y Sinha

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Voip Swing Component

We are looking to use the jain sip api in our software. We have been looking into the api an think we will figure it out but its not easy. We are looking for a developer to help us develop a simple swing component who has knowledge op the jain sip api.

It should be embedable in a awing application.
The component should be able to accept incoming calls.
Given a phone number it should be able to dial the number.
configuration should come from our surrounding application which comes from the central server for atuthentication agains an astrix or sip pbx.
This is for an application that runs on child day care centers. It should give an employee a easy way to dial phone numbers to contact parents and colleges.

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Drupal 6 Template

This project is for a drupal 6 template. Here are the general design guidelines:

– Color scheme: prefer using color combination and symbol used in the Canadian flag (red, white, maple leaf)
-Navigation design should be simple to make it easy for users to navigate
-Design should look professional but not very heavy. It should load in a reasonable time with a dial up connection.
-Design ideas: images related to Canada, economic growth, finance, precious metals, family, nature, attractive people with smile, livelihood, etc.
-Smart use of animation is preferred when possible to the extent that the site looks professional and still light enough to load reasonably fast with a dial up connection.

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IPHONE Apps Development Needed

Speed dial app for iphone.

Before you bid you will need to give me samples of iphones app you developed.

USER can create an icon and assign it to one person. Then this icon can the following
direct dial,
direct text, or open the Contact page for that person.

Thank you

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Setup Features In Elastix

Looking for a person to setup certain features in free pbx or elastix.

need to use the existing features to have a main extension to call into system from a sip or pstn line and be able to access other extensions then dial out from that extension with that extensions cid that has been previously setup(it would probably be best if dialing into phone book for easy access) then dial out with disa function.

i need that feature set up for individual extensions to call there extension and have a ivr set wit a unheard feature in background of greeting to be able to dial out from there extesion with the cid already in place

i need also how to set up ivr properly

then loading bulk extentions and dids into system

settting time feature on wherecalls go at certain times of day and which greetings they will get

how to record calls and where they can be accessed later, same for voicemails online and from sip phone at many different ext

how to set up call button code from pbx system to website and placing code properly in site

basically these are the main features i want setup immediately
also need on video the run thru on the system on what each feature is used for and how to setup

also need this put on video mp4 need clear english audio

main thing to bid for this job is you must be able to demo online via a web gui

limit for this project is 150

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