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Simple SIP Dialer For Symbian Mobile Phones

I require a VERY simple SIP client for Symbian OS.

Here is the list of the basic requirements:

1) SIP Server IP/domain needs to be hardcoded.

2) SIP Dialer should work in most editions of Nokia phones like N Series, E Series and 5th editions like Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic…….

3) Show Balance (Get balance from a url … url will be provided)….[Optional]

4) a minor change to make it working through my proxy server .. (I will explain you during conversation.. )

5) Dialer should work through GPRS, 3G, Wifi , Edge .. etc

Make sure your experience is related to this field. I know alot of developers have some ready made work to show and ready made code to sell which will be a plus point…….You MUST be familiar with the source code to answer my questions about source code and sip stack which you have used in the dialer.

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Pjsip Symbian SIP Dialer Code Maintainace

I need to modify/update/fine tune some features in open source pjsip application for symbian SIP dialer, you dont need to start from scratch, i already have done most of things, you need to fix some smaller bugs related to UI and access point.

More details will be provided on PMB.

please do not bid, if you have not worked on PJSIP symbian. my budget for this project is around 300 USD.

Happy Bidding

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Customized Dialer

I have a Asterisk server, I need to have a dialer application( using SIP ) which can be installed on windows based system and on one click originate and connects the call to call to my Asterisk server, something like "yate on sip" but I dont need a number dial pad on the dialer thus restricting it to dial to anywhere else except to my server

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VICI/Asterisk Dialer Timeout Problems

We are running a modified install of the VICI dialer. We are running this in several offices, but are having problems. When the agents are dialing, they will sometimes lose connection to the server and have to log out and back in. There is no pop up or any error like that. It simply will be dialing for an agent one minute, and then the next it wont. Incoming calls and transfers will not get sent to that agent either. When viewing from the admin panel, they show they are online and ready, but if I try to submit any changes to their ingroup logins or other such thing, it pops up an error saying that their system API is not active.

We have upgraded slower computers with more RAM. We have upgraded bandwidth and router to 100 mbps or higher in all shops. When an agent pings our servers from the command line, they get about 100 ms.

Upgrading all that seems to have helped, however it has not completely solved the problem. We still get agents who time out a lot during the day. The dialer will be dialing fine, but then the agents system API will go offline, and they will not receive calls even though they are logged in and ready.

The dialer seems to work fine other than this issue. We have tried all ideas we could think of. If anyone knows of any possible causes for agents who are online but stop dialing, we would appreciate any help you can provide.

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We need a simple SIP dialer for Iphone with a login page asking for username, password and IP for SIP server and than a dialer with the basic form in G729 principal Codec.

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Simple SIP Dialer For Symbian

We need a Simple SIP dialer for Symbian

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VC , C# Urgently Developer Need For GUI Of Pc2phone Dialer

Dears ,
We have already SDk for developing Pc2phone dialer , We need handsome progrramer having experience to develop professional and handsome interface (GUI ) along with skins minimum order for skins will be 25~ to 50 Skins , bids will be apreciated only from those developers who have already any previous experience in developing Pc2phone dialer .
more details will be provided and SDk to developer who will be eligible to do that task .

exampled of skins and GUI provider here also .
Fizan Telecom

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Custom Asterisk Based Dialer (For Meral)

We need a Asterisk Dialer according to Custom Specification previously arranged. To be reconfirmed in PM.

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Iphone And Blackberry SIP Mobile Dialer

We need a Iphone (app store) and Blackberry SIP dialer:

We provide all UI for both device

The SIP dialer must have:

– Login control: username and password
– SIP preconfigured settings
– SIP Configuration data should be invisible to the user.
– APN settings
– Codec minimum : g711u, g711a, G729, GSM
– Connectivity over WIFI, EDGE, GSM and UMTS.
– Call log
– Show the contact list (phone numbers) of the iphone and blackberry device.
– Favorite page
– Multilanguage ( we provide all languages )
– Push notification for receive call on background

We need all source code and introduction to do some basic configuration and compile app sucessfully. A NDA contract will signed by both part.

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Symbian Dialer

Interested in branded symbian.iphone,android mobile softphone with vpn tunneling (ASAP)

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IPhone App

Mobile Phone App for use in our business (in-house service). Able to operate on Iphone, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia smart phones. The use of this App is for our employees within our company. For reference we will call the App "Work Dialer".

Our employees will install on their Smartphones the "Work Dialer" App, and will operate in conjunction with our company software.

When an employee needs to access information from our company automated service, the employee will select the "Work Dialer" App on their Smartphone and press a button "Dial".

The "Work Dialer" will then dial a predefined phone number which was written into the App software, than disconnect the call after 2 seconds.

Our company software will than call this employees Smartphone back, after verifying the employees mobile number on our company database.

The "Work Dialer" App will then answer the phone when it rings, providing that the "Caller ID number" is matched against a predefined "Caller ID number" written into the "Work Dialer" App software.

Upon the "Work Dialer" App identifying the correct "Caller ID number", the "Work Dialer" App than makes a sound, notifying the employee that our company automated information service is now available to interact with.

The employee is then able to interact with our automated software by using the keys on the "Work Dialer" App.

We would like to have the App available within the next 21 days if possible.

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Auto Dialer Phone VOIP Application


We need an integrated SIP Web-phone that can automatically dial a telephone number on a field box.

1. Sip Web-phone using G729 Codec, Control Active X or Java Machine.

2. Upon log-in of client, the phone is connected to PBX. Calls can be made by a click of a button or by typing in a number on a dialer.

3. Dialer can be minimized and hidden from view when not in use.

4. Calls can be audio or video calls.

5. Can show utility report: calling, call in progress, call ended, no. is busy

Project will be evaluated on:
1. Quality
2. Support
3. Price
4. Time

Thank you.

Rose I. Ubando

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Mobile Dialer Needed

We need a mobile dialer compatible with symbian S 60 3rd edition higher version , andriod version 1.8 and higher , windows mobile and iphone compatible developed using open source technologies like linphone project or pjsip libararies

There needed an operating system script / daemon (like cron job) which will check internet connectivity and if there is internet accessible through device the script / daemon will initiate and luanch mobile dialer on screen automatically

any other suggestions are welcome

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Need SIP Trunk For Dialer Traffic

Looking for a SIP Trunk provider for international traffic termination in Nigeria

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OS X Dialer Conversion

We have dialer software written in VB6 that functions in Windows from 98 to Vista. This project would be to port the functionality of the current dialer to OS X.

We have several versions of this software that differ primarily in their branding. I have provided one as an example, but we would actually like to have two different versions ported, which I will provide upon our acceptance of your offer.

You can download the provided example at

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Windows 7 Dialer Update

We have dialer software written in VB6 that functions in Windows from 98 to Vista, however it appears to be unable to create a DUN connection in Windows 7. We can install and run the program, but it returns an error. This project would be to update the software to work with Windows 7 whilst retaining backward compatibility to Windows 98.

We have several versions of this software that differ primarily in their branding. I have provided one as an example, but we would actually like to have two different versions converted, which I will provide upon our acceptance of your offer. We expect that the easiest way to test will be to install the existing client and then replace installed files with new compiled files for testing.

You can download the provided example at

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SIP Mobile Dialer And Pc Dialer Source Code Required

Required source code for mobile dialer and pc to phone dialer

Im looking for SIP mobile dialer for mobile phones of symbian, windows mobile. The features should include the following:

1. Fully featured SIP client.
2. Must work with any kind of Soft switch which support SIP.
3. Must support multiple codecs (G711 ,G723 ,G729 ) for sending audio stream.
4. Must support DTMF dialing during a call.
5. Can run behind NAT or on private IP.
6. Can display balance on successful login
7. Can run on application layer so it supports GPRS/EDGE/WiFi/3G for internet connectivity.
8. client can hear remaining balance by listening to IVR.
9. The ability to change voip provider IP and logo in the software if needed.
10. This software will run on the phone having Symbian or Windows Mobile 5 and 6.

Experience in developed similar product with a demo or sample reference preferred.

All source code and documentation must include.

Exapmle dialer: and

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SIP Dialer Iphone Private Djking

For Freelancer djking
Mobile Developer for SIP dialer.iPhone


All known features to be included.

Bidding Conditions:
1. You must supply all source code.
2. Source Code Ownership Agreement to be signed.
3. A working demo to prove your abilities before awarding bid.
4. Post delivery support.
5. Daily communication and updates
6. 30 day timeframe

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Iphone SIP Dialer

Create Iphone SIP dialer,

-runs in back ground recieving calls with push notifications
-Multiple Call support, Call Waiting, Conferencing, transfer
-G729 Audio Codec
-Voicemail Button that calls a voicemail extension
Missed/Recieved Calls
Intergrates with Iphone Contacts

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Customised Mobile Dialer For Symbian,iPhone With Antiblock

Need a customized mobile dialer for Symbian and iPhone. Must work with voipswitch tunneling and support SMS, balance, IVR, http command, ad supported, cdr, phonebook, IM with hotmail, yahoo and own users. Search phonebook for registered user and add to voip contact list for onnet call. Source code to be provided. See our website [Contact detail removed by admin] for what we do.

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Desire a programmer and designer to create a predictive dialer. Features listed below. MUST HAVE Experience with Dialer/CRM design/programming. Must be familiar with SIP. Quality work required. Independent party will test your work for bugs and quality design review.

This will be a web based platform.

Progressive Dialing
Preview Dialing
Voice-mail programmed messaging
Three-Way calling within the agent application
Scheduled Callback
Call recording
Call scripting
Logical Branch Scripting/Rebuttal scripting
Whisper, Barge-in, coaching
Email template
Documents review and sending
Built-in CRM
Customer History Database
Team based selling
Web Leads

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Sip Encryption Solution Required For Pc2phone , Symbian Dial

Dears ,
we are one of ITSP service provider engaged Retial and Wholesale Voip services Aroung the Globe , We are looking Solution for Our Sip Blocked Countries Clients , Specially We have our major Clinetel in UAE where already Sip is Blocked and any Pc2phone dialer or Symbian Dialer can run with Encryption algorithm E.g TLS SRTP So So looking for Developer who able to offer us complete Solution on Client as well Server side beside Formal OpenVPn Solution .
more Details of Project can be provided too .
Fizan Telecom

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Looking Pc2phone Dialer Solution Can Work In SIp BLOCKED

Dears ,
we are looking for Sip Solution provider who able to offer us Pc2phone Sip dialer with possible Embeded Encryption solution for Blocked countries as well , Depending on Skilss and Good Presentation and solution we are ready to bare cost beside bidding also .
Fizan Telecom ltd

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Tunnel Enabled VPN Pc2phone And Mobile Dialer Needed Urgent

Mobile dialer (Softphone )(Which should work on VOIP Blockade countries like UAE "VPN Tunneling Embeded), You need to customize the Softphone to our brand name including our logo and need with source code and should be also protection or license system.
1) User friendly interface ( which we will discuss later)
2) Mobile Dialer should support SIP for signalling.(no way without it–cause nokia supports sip)
3) Mobile Dialer supports G729 G.711 codec for sending audio stream (Basically passthrough mode over gprs or 3g or wifi)
4) Mobile Dialer can run behind NAT or on private IP with VPN Tunneling embedded (byte server or tunnel server tecnology.(Ex:
5) This software will run on the phone having Symbian via GPRS/EDGE/Wi-Fi/3G (s60 3rd and 5 th edition)
6) Mobile Dialer should be fully customizable.(better if it is based on Themes)
7) Able to use Mobile Dialer with any kind of Softswitch,Voip Billing Platform which support SIP.(like voipswitch—we will provide this for test)
8)BandWidth control from server (slicing—-if it is possible)
9)Bandwidth optimization (max 10.5 to 12 kbps payload)

Second important part of this project is to add tunneling feature so call can placed even where VOIP protocol (SIP) is blocked.(ex:Dubai)

Example of Mobile SIP Clients === Tiger dialer,itelmobile dialer,vps,gplex,etc

Control panel to set operator code with following options,
Sip proxy
Codec Selection
Header/footer message
Balance URL
Support contact information
(these will clear if u visit the site:

We will provide any kind of example you need.
If you are VOIP expert and can achieve all the above things, please bid, must provide Demo. Time is important so dont waste mine so yours. must fix all bugs before delivering the entire project, Lowest bidder will win the project.

Thank you for reading.

####We will also provide monthly salary for support of the software if the programmer wants to give support####

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SIP Dialer Blackberry Android Iphone

Mobile Developer for SIP dialer. J2ME, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile.


All known features to be included.

Bidding Conditions:
1. You must supply all source code.
2. Source Code Ownership Agreement to be signed.
3. A working demo to prove your abilities before awarding bid.
4. Post delivery support.
5. Daily communication and updates
6. 30 day timeframe

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Outbound Telemarketer/Call Center Needed


We are looking for agressive Telemarketers/Call Center with agents that have B2B Calling experience.

You will be available to start immediately.

You will be calling medium size businesses in USA (M-F 9 AM to 4.00 PM Eastern Standard Time)

You will be given a basic script, full product knowledge and a list of common questions you might encounter.

This is a trial project for calling 1500 LEADS ONLY.

It is nice if you have auto dialer/predictive dialer software where you can call a lot of leads and talk to the live ones who answer.

If you make any propective leads/sales after this, we will be able to hire you full time or for as many hours as you want to work.

We have more than 1 million leads to call and a long term prospect for the right candidate.

Respond if you believe you are the right company or person for the job. We look forward to discussing with you more details.

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Voip Project

We are looking for VOIP-Dialer(Desktop or web based), so users can dial from computer to Phone and mobiles. The key points of projects are:

**Voice quality should be good
**No lagging in voice messaging.
**Dialer should work in all countries, mainly in **UAE**.
**We are open for usage of any API or establishing any server in **UAE**

I need your technical skill regarding this project only. I am not interested how many websites/projects programmer has developed already.

UAE block many VOIP services, please come to me with proper proposal, discuss how can you handle it.

Thank you

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Flash Web Dialer (SIP)


We are looking for Flash base Web Dialer that can work with any standard SIP server. It must support G723 and/or G729 codec and Embadded with VPN tunneling or encryption for UAE.

Solution must be whitle lable with license protection. We need with source code.


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Flash Web Dialer (SIP)


We are looking for Flash base Web Dialer that can work with any standard SIP server. It must support G723 and/or G729 codec and Embadded with VPN tunneling or encryption for UAE.

Solution must be whitle lable with license protection. We need with source code.


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IPhone Dialer App

Dialer App.

Ability to
– replace "+" in phone number to a "special number"
– user can save and easily access list of "special numbers".
– access phone book within app (ideally changing the background to lilac when in phonebook)
– ability to have favorite contacts within app.
– Very similar to an existing app in appstore "Calling Card" by "Andreas Amann", but less complicated

Ideally –
On first use:
1) User opens app
2) Setup page appears, ask user what to replace "+" with, user inputs any digits (eg. 123), user can opt to save it with alphanumeric name (eg. Special 123)
3) Dial screen appears (with special number name appearing on top) contact info near bottom just like "Calling Card" App.

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Elastix Call Center Dialer Configuration

We have cleanly installed the Elastix Asterisk Version 2.0 and the Call Center Module (see version numbers below). We are having difficulty getting the Auto Dialer to work properly.

We are looking for someone to help us properly configure the Auto Dialer or to recommend and install a more robust dialing system that will work with the Elastix Interface. We would be happy with ViciDial (GoAutoDial), if you can make it work with Elastix, but we understand that this can be a daunting task.

We would prefer a fully-featured predictive dialer, rather than the one in the Call Center interface, but in any event, we need a solution that will actually make the outbound calls, at a minimum.

This is a project with an immediate need. The successful bidder will be expected to commence work immediately. Our expectation is that this project can be completed within 24-48 hours.

Only those with experience in similar projects should bother to apply. We need an expert.

Our set-up is as follows:










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