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Zen Cart Mofications

We require some minor modifications to our zen cart deployment and have been referred to you by a colleague. Below please find specific requirements:

1. An additional log in page requiring credentials. Currently our main page is anonymous
2. On purchase complete call URL (which we will provide to a TY page. Embed this HTML content into zen cart default template
3. Fix payment page submit action re-initializing all fields on page forcing user to re-enter data twice.
4. Auto fill email field on purchase page using param provided in URL to store

Other details:

Cart Type: Zen Cart
Cart Version: 1.3.9c

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Online Quotation Tool

I need an online quotation tool similar to the one show in the top right hand corner of this website:

It will essentially be the same other than some small amendments like asking the user to enter their email address, phone, name, etc.

This will then be used to replace our current online quotation tool.

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Interstatial Form For Php Site

I have a requirement for someone to produce an interstatial form – or some similar solution – that appears on my clients site after a time delay (variable) – visitor completes the form, or closes the window – if compeltes the form they never see that particular form again (we will change it periodically), if they just close it then they wont see the form again during that session on the site, but they will see it each time they access the site until such time as they complete it.

Forms content is emailed to a given email address and user taken to a certain url on successful submission.

Questions via PMB

Please note that I will not pay more than $40 for this solution so any bids exceeding that will be ignored.

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