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Get Images From RSS Feed And Display Them Full Screen

I need a simple app that will take all the images from, and display them full screen as a tab bar application.

– I dont need any titles or descriptions – just the images to be displayed full screen.
– It must be a tab bar application with a tab for an info screen
– The user must be able to "swipe" back and fourth in order to change pictures
– It should have a spot on the bottom for an ad view

I need this app to be done in 1-2 days MAX, so please ONLY bid if you are able to do it in a day or two.

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Mobile App To Display Xml Content (pictures, Video, Forms)

We need an application written for all the 5 major platforms (i.e. iphone/android/nokia/blackberry/windows) that will retrieve an XML feed from a server and display the content.

The content may be images, video, or forms.

The location needs to send periodic location updates to the xml server.

Prefer a local supplier (to Sydney, Australia) who we can meet with to discuss the project in greater detail.

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RSS Feed page

Hi, I need A webpage where i can display my local news rss, weather-5 day forcast and adverstisment videos ( 5 – 10) display then repeat the same videos over. this page will be displayed on a tv where patient wait for their appointment. This page should be full screen with just close button and address bar should be hidden too. videos should be coming from a specific folder where i can replace with new onces if i need to. Please see attached drawing for more idea. any question, please ask me

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Display XML feed into an HTML page


I have an XML feed that has multiple listings, and Id like a random listing posted to an XML page. Recommendation on how to implement it welcome.

Thanks, and happy bidding.

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