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Grab Data From ASP Based Website

I need a script that will extract the data from an asp-based website.
Its a lottery website, so you will basically be creating a historical database containing previous draw information such as balls drawn; payout per category etc.
Data must be extracted into a CSV or XLS file, and does not need to be displayed or formatted for the web.
The spreadsheet will contact approximately 30 columns.

The data for each entry (that needs to be extracted) is displayed on one asp-generated page.
If you would like to view the website, please PM me.

I will supply an example of a XLS file for reference.
Data will be checked for accuracy.

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250 Product-photos – Resizing An Optimizing For Webshop

I have 250 product-photos for my client´s onlineshop

Most of the products are displayed on a white background, so this is only cutting out and fit it into the right size (one small 158×184 Pixel and one with the same apsect ratio but in the highest solution possible.

In some photos is a blue background – this should be turned into light grey.
Some photos show the product in different model/colour versions – here must be every version cuttet out and displayed in various photos every colour alone.
See as example here:

The photos themselves have mostly very poor quality so it is necessary to get the best out of it with colour optimizations, filters like unsharp mask, modify the curves a bit and so on – so you should be an expert in photoshop!

We are on a very tight budget – so please don not bid too high!

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Build Html Table With Data From An XML Feed

I have two xml feeds that I need some data extracting and displayed on a php webpage.

The first feed has two elements that need to be displayed.

The second feed has seven elements that need to be displayed in a html table, with the table row repeating for the next 10 instances.

A third table is needed for a reworking of some of the data in the second xml feed. Only one instance is pulled from the XML feed this time.

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JS Slider In WordPress

Looking for someone to correct the slider functionality on my website ( I would like the content areas on the homepage (One the wire, film, etc) to scroll when "Next page >>" is selected, similar to the slider at the top. Same applies to " << Previous page " when displayed. Currently when clicked the whole page reloads and changes the items displayed in every box. I want them all to transition independently without a page reload.

Let me know if you need any additional information!

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Website Display Functionality

I would like for my website to display results from our database in time order. Then when one of the results changes in the database, it will appear on the website at the time it was updated, with an option to click or scrollover the result displayed to view the previous results for that specific result earlier in the day. The time would appear next to the result displayed on the site. Looking for someone to write code for this functionality.

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Navigation And Supporting Pages

General purpose: navigation will be used on the website and java code should be easy to integrate and use on the webpage (easy to integrate)
– Navigation1: design should be implemented same way as the top navigation and should have easy color change config
– Navigation2: design should be implemented same way as the left navigation and should have easy color change config
By default, please use neutral colors.

— Functionality

Ability to indicate if category should be displayed or not (top and/or left)

Navigation1: TOP
a. the bar should display letters A through Z and symbol "#"
b. all categories and sub categories which have a NAME or ALIAS of that letter, should be diplayed on the dropdown menu when that letter is pointed out
Example: Category "Processors" should come up when letter "P" in navigation is poited by a mouse coursor. In addition, if category "Processors" has an ALIAS "CPU" then "CPU" category will appear under letter "C" in top navigation. Neverhteless, both will point to the same category.
c. all categories which start from something other than a letter(number or symbol), will be displayed under symbol "#"
d. navigation should not display letters if no categories or aliases exist.
e. categories should not be displayed if no active items exist
f. If category with children is shown, ability to see its tree by pointing to it.

Navigation2: LEFT
a. should display categories based on their display rank
b. subcategories should be displayed in chain
c. categories/subcategories should not be displayed if no active items available in that particular category

Sitemap Page – separated into 3 equal columns. Should have ability to show SHOW categories Alphabetically, or show categories and their sub-categories.

I need the following:
– MySQL Table or tables – you can use attached information in order to start with(I took categories from eBay – for testing purposes), but feel free to perform any modifications to it!
– Java class(s)
– JSP/HTML code and pages
– no bugs/lags
– cross browser compatibility
– Good quality work; I will use your services on occasion

As the final deliverable I need:
index.jsp page that shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: main page
categories.jsp page that shows shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: main page(link) – category1(link) – sub category1(link) – selected category(link)
sitemap.jsp page page that shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: site map and list of all categories

Budget- around $30
Time to deliver – 1-2 days

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Link Exchange System – WordPress Plugin

Main plug to manage links.
– how many links display in a one page.
– how many links to one website displayed. (ex. 20 links on to if webpage has 300 sites – links will be displayed only on 20 subpage.
Links Options:
all parameters <a> marker.

Two plug options:
– in-text modul. If is checked links will be displayed in tekst. (ex. phrase SEO in article, will be changed to link with anchor SEO)
-sidebar modul. If is checked links will be displayed in sidebar.

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WordPress Create Blog.php Page

I need a blog.php page to be made for the Arras Template. I want a page that will list all the articles from selected categories and each will be displayed exactly the way an archive page is displayed with the thumbnail, title, cateogory, comments number, short exerpt with "read more…"
I would also like the number of articles in each category added to the "Almost-all-categories" plugin

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Adsense Like Text Ads Click Bot

Im looking for a programmer for this project.

Here are the specs:

I need a program that will automatically click text-ads on list of specified urls which are displayed in same way adsense ads are displayed. This should have a proxy module to change the ip of every click generated.

Preferably work with someone who has already completed such job.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Bingo Caller

i am wanting a bingo caller numbers 1 to 75 and card generator consisting of 24 random numbers and a free spot in the center made for a upcoming bingo site

i need it to operate as such,,
2 patterns for games being 1 line anywhere on card and a 4 corner on a card that will alternate back and forth leaving room to add more patterns at a later date.
Pattern name,current number,cards displayed on page
9 cards generated
when member joins cards are sorted,numbers called are highlighted on their cards for them.
if a member has a winning card game ends with a popup idles for 60 sec displaying winner and auto starts new game there after with a 60 sec start delay,a play button should be displayed so player does not get card function until play is clicked but can see called numbers and current number being displayed..

programmer should be available for future projects of the same nature,additions,mods ect..

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Magento Product Display Settings

I have a website, I installed using magento. I also added products to it but unfortunately those products are not getting displayed on front end. whereas all default products already in database as sample data are displayed on front end.

It seems to be some setting issue. A very quick and few minute job for any Magento expert.

Need urgent attention. Only provider who can immediately address it are preferred.


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Graphic Designer

We need a smart graphic designer to design internal webpages layout.
We will have the Requirement and you need to be creative to design the layout with eye appealing colors .
You need to develop icons for 15 to 20 modules. The icons should be displayed similar to the onces displayed in apple desktop or laptop.
another example is they should be similar to the icons shown in HP Mediasmart in HP Pavilion desktops or laptops.
There are more requirement which we can discuss further.

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Ajax Module For Accommodation Rates In Drupal Block

Need a Drupal block which calculates the accommodation rates based on availability associated with the node page it is displayed on.

The block would use ajax to dynamically update the displayed rate based upon user arrival/departure date entry.

The ajax script would then plug-in the values for booking submission of form to shopping cart.

Drupal blocks require special know-how to pull content/nid arguments from the page they are on, so please be familiar with this skill.

This should be a simple and quick task. I have other related small projects if I can find a good coder. Thanks for the bid.

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Online Design Script

I am looking for an online design script like this one:

Ideally, the customer would design their text as displayed on the above references site, then after returning from Paypal the graphic displayed in the &quot;Preview&quot; section would be emailed to me along with their order info,

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Simple Iphone Application – Recruitment Company

I would like to find a developer for a very simple iphone application to be published by a recruitment company. The idea is to have a gadget for candidates to receive job alerts (= notifications about new jobs), status reports (= a html page emailed (or sent otherwise) to the app, and simple messages.

When a candidate has registered he shall receive a username (= email) and password. He shall enter these details into the iphone application to establish a connection between the app and this service.

Main functions:

1. Tab/Button "Jobs": Receive new jobs straight to the iphone (they need to be sent from a database software running on a local PC, not on a web server, not sure whats the best way of establishing this communication link, presumably email. But the email should not be displayed in the iphone mailbox then.) (display a page in HTML format)
2. Tab/Button "Status Report" If clicked, app needs to email a request with the username/password by email an email address monitored by the database, which will then generate and email back a HTML page which needs to be displayed in the iphone app (HTML format)
3. Tab/Button "Alerts": This should display messages which I send to this particular user directly from the database; it should be displayed by the iphone app (text or HTML format – depends on what is possible); "Reply" function needed which allows the user to compose a message which will be sent by email to the email address monitored by the database. The reply function can open the email function of the iphone so that the message is sent as a new email. It does not have to be displayed in a sent folder etc in the iphone app.
4. Tab/Button "Website": opens the company website in the browser.
5. Tab/Button "Help": displayes a HTML file with help instructions re how to use the app etc.

Of course your app has to pass the checks imposed by Apple and needs to qualify for inclusion in the itunes store (where people will be able to download it for free). If you have any references/demos please advise. Thanks.

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Random Media With Weather Addon/Script For XBMC

This addon/script is needed for an in-store ad setup using XBMC 10 as the player. The script needs to randomly play all videos and images in the selected local or networked folder. It needs to remember the last 2 displayed items (image or video) so the same media doesnt get displayed twice in a row.

The weather app that gets displayed is the full screen app that gets launched from the XBMC home screen.

Options needed:

Folder to read media from
Images get displayed for X amount of seconds (e.g. 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240 seconds)
Weather on/off option
Weather gets displayed after X amount of media files (e.g. after every 3rd media type, display weather)
Weather gets displayed for X amount of seconds (e.g. 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240 seconds)

The script needs to run 24/7 without user intervention.

The script needs to auto update itself so if new media is added or old media is removed from the folder, the script doesnt complain and just keeps running.

The remotes "Back" button (Key ID = 61606) exits the script

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Facebook Confirmation On SWF Application

We are a company that works with Photo stitching and fisheye lenses. Facebook as is a true source for spreading your panoramic images on and we would like to have created a viewer for our panoramic images that could be displayed directly in the wall place.

Look at!/360cities?v=wall

When click on a posted panorama in the wall it could be controlled and the functionality should run normal.

We have already a viewer that should be displayed we just need it to be confirmed for us on

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Prevent Hotlink MP3 / MP4 / FLV (htaccess / Php)

I need to be able to limit hotlinking to certain sites only. I have 5 (backup) sites that have the same files + file structure (/images/year/month/image1.png) I use the 5 backup sites to play the media/image (to save bandwidth).

mp3/flv/mp4 are played via a flash player (swf hosted on + media hosted on + media played/displayed on
images are displayed normally. <img src> (images hosted on + displayed on

acceptable sites that may hotlink:
and so on…

.htaccess capable: yes
server type: litespeed
os: linux

At the moment bots/websites are leeching our bandwidth. I need to be able to stop this!

Please message me your questions.

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Need A Php Expert To Convert A Static Page Into Dynamic


I have a website page in its raw stage. I need to make it a finished product for which i need a php expert to convert the hard codings into dynamic statement. For, example currently – the value to be displayed on a mouseover is a text string coded in the html page – however i would like it to be retrieved from the database and then be displayed.

The real input shall be provided via PM but currently I would like the bidders to create an ms access db with two field Id and id_text and populate it with 4-5 data sets. Create an html page where there are five links . On mouse over of each link the corresponding text in the id_text field of the database is displayed in the same html page. THis must be written using a combination of javascript and php.


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Need A Php Expert To Convert A Static Page Into Dynamic


I have a website page in its raw stage. I need to make it a finished product for which i need a php expert to convert the hard codings into dynamic statement. For, example currently – the value to be displayed on a mouseover is a text string coded in the html page – however i would like it to be retrieved from the database and then be displayed.

The real input shall be provided via PM but currently I would like the bidders to create an ms access db with two field Id and id_text and populate it with 4-5 data sets. Create an html page where there are five links . On mouse over of each link the corresponding text in the id_text field of the database is displayed in the same html page. THis must be written using a combination of javascript and php.


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I am currently building a job search site using dreamweaver and classic ASP. I am not a programmer though but I am professional with the design mode as the software generates my code automatically. The backend utilizes MS SQL 2008

I have problems using the design view to have data automatically display in hyperlink. (e.g) I have a table where &quot;Company Name&quot; and Company &quot;Web Address&quot; are displayed. I need ASP code to get &quot;Web Address automatically displayed as hyperlink. I have looked everywhere in the web including adobe reources but could not find a solution.

I am looking for an ASP programmer to provide this code or a guide on how to do this in dreamweaver CS4, for a fee .

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Automated Image Gallery Viewer With Event Logging

Please read this project detail fully. It is NOT a standard image gallery viewer script.

I need a web browser script that displays an automated slideshow of jpegs. The script should reference only one specific local (on the web server) folder and create a slideshow based on the contents of that folder. Once the main html page is loaded, it will operate in a hands free mode. The script should be able to dynamically update itself on a pre-defined frequency. It should also be able to update an event log to increment the count of when each image has individually been displayed. When displaying the image, EXIF data (if present) should be displayed as text below the image. The specific EXIF properties to display: Title, Keywords, and Comments.
When refreshing the list of the folder

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WordPress Theme Modification

I am running the directorypress theme on my wordpress site. would like to modify th theme and/or wordpress so that the posts displayed in the categories are displayed randomly. To clarify: as you navigate through the categories and the posts load, I wnat them to be random,, instead of listed by past date. Iam NOT looking for plugins or widgets. The actual theme or wordpress needs to be modified so that whenever the posts are displayed within a particular caetgory they are random. Once complted I would like to know which files were modified for future reference. Need this completed ASAP

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Email Reminder Service – Zen Cart


Im looking for someone to do the following,

Create a zen cart module which is displayed in the shopping cart and can be viewed in the admin area. The module will need to be able to select certain products/categories that the module will work with.

Basically the module will allow the customer to select a time frame (3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months) and based on the order date and time period selected, A generic email will automatically be sent to the customers email address entered in checkout as well as a copy to a generic email address for us to follow up. The module will be displayed in check out (I am using ajax one page checkout) and it will be displayed with the options above as well as a small block of text.

As some products dont require replacement i need to be able to manually select what products/categories are eligible for a reminder.

Its important that this is reliable and please only bid if you have knowledge with the zen cart system and modules. Please dont hesitate to ask if need more information.


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IPhone 4 Gyro Sensor App

This is a request for a very simple Gyro based game for the iPhone 4. It simply has to monitor rotations of the handset and displays an image accordingly. Depending on which Axis the iPhone is rotated on, and whether the areas are touched immediately afterwards, a different image is displayed.

The app should also look for multi-touch after the rotations: i.e. if a finger is touched in both of two places on the screen shortly after the rotation.

I attempted to develop this game for the older iPhones, however the accelerometer wasnt accurate or fast enough. It must recognize very fast full rotations. I am told that the new Gyro sensor in the iPhone 4 will be able to detect with my greater accuracy.

I can provide the images which will be displayed, icons and relevant sound clips. I simply require someone to build the application.

The last attempt was very easy to code, and would have been brilliant had the sensor recognised quicker rotations. It should be a very short project if it is possible.

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Minor WordPress Modification

I have a wordpress site,, that needs minor modifications.

Modification 1:
The posts that are displayed in the Featured Slider on the Homepage display the post content. I would like the post content in the Featured Slider to be replaced with the post excerpt instead. The post content will still be displayed when the user goes to the actual post.

Modification 2:
The image displayed in the Featured Slider area is set to 330 x 220. Id like to the Featured Slider to accommodate an image size of 330 x 260.

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Simple Android App

I currently have my own app and am looking to outsource a few parts of it. The app is a simple ListActivity app. Within the list that I have already built I want to link to some tasks that I ask you to develop:

There are four tasks to be completed.

1. Take a jpeg file and make it zoom-able (using pintch)
2. Display a pdf file and make it search able
3. Create two separate simple calculators. I will provide inputs and outputs. The calculation is a combination of three inputs yield a single output.
4. Create a countdown timer. The user inputs a date, and a countdown is displayed and maintained until that event is realized, and a single line of text is then displayed.

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Xzero Classifieds Cities Displayed When Click On Country

Hi, I have an Xzero Classifieds installation (php/mysql) and I just need to be able to display the cities once you click on the country. I have the countries running down on a colummn to the left, butI want it so that when a user clicks on the country, the cities display somehow below the country. I didnt want all the cities displayed at the beginning because I have about 12 countries, so if a user clicks on a specific country, only then it should display the cities. I need this done right away. I will have some other projects and thing. Thank you

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