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DotNetNuke Business Skin For Business Presentation WebSite

I am looking for a web designer to implement a clean, simple, business skin for a DNN site.
Skin should specifically exclude any not necessary items such as social networks references, 3-rd party add space (such as Google or other exchange systems).
Design should allow multi-language versions selection (for the versions set in the backweb as available), clean business menus (dynamical and allowing nice layout for at least 2 levels), a set of custom flash banners on the site thematic (enterprise infrastructure IT projects).
Design background should be WHITE, main colour of design artifacts (lines, menus, partial area background, etc.) is preferred to be blue.
Please observe existing company logo and visual identity on the web site
Existing content (which is in-hose design from scratch, not DNN) should go as a link from the presentation site.
An ideal result would look much like this site which can be taken as reference (especially for menu, flash and organization) –
For integration reasons we can only accept DNN Skin projects. Please do not send proposals for any other technology.

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DotNetNuke / Or ASP.Net Business Management Website

I need a DotNetNuke / or ASP.Net website where people can log in and create different cases for investigators. Each user will be able to log in to the website and store all their information. This includes creating cases, adding investigators, keeping track of their clients, mileage/hourly data,Creating invoices and reports, storing photos and video, scheduling, etc. I prefer a DotNetNuke website, but am willing to go with a standard ASP.Net site if needed. This site can be really basic with no graphics, I just need some basic website framework to work around. To get an idea of the type of site I am looking to build, visit I want to do the same kind of website with the same features.

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Dotnetnuke & Web Application

Maintenance and development of additional features for the InfoSource website. It serves as a global repository for key information and facilitates access to and the exchange of information online, in order to support the needs of decision-makers and stakeholders.
The list of features includes:
o Changes in the login process. The general public cannot enter fields into the system, only members of taskforces can do it.
o Changes in the Home page. Add new search criteria, change the functionality.
o Remove the details section.
o Advanced search need to be hidden by default.

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Dnn Counter Module

Hi i need a module like the downloads counter module of the home page of site. i want to be able to give it different datasources to each instance of modules and also i would like the same skinning as dnn site has in addition to just simple numbers with different font colors and font weight

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Simple Page To Dotnetnuke Template


I would need help to convert our supersimple site to a dotnetnuke-template/skin, since we want to transfer our site to dotnenuke.

The site is live today at:
We want the delivery as a pre-made installable dotnetnuke zip-file.
We will be running Dotnetnule 5.2.x

We consider this a very simple job.

Best Regards,

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DNN Module/Page – Freight Quoter Using YRC’s API

We currently have a DotNetNuke site. Bidders MUST be familiar with the constraints of DotNetNuke and have experience creating custom modules in DNN.

Im wanting to create a page on our site that enables a customer/dealer to enter data into a form and receive back a freight quote using API Integration from Fields on the form would be something like :

Destination City
Destination Zip

And after submitting the info, the screen returns to the user what the Total Charges would be, by integrating with YRCs XML-based API. I have all of the API information supplied to us by YRC.

Basically, YRC requires you to submit the information in the form of a dynamic URL. (i.e. – and YRC returns an XML file that would need to be parsed to find <TotalCharges>34555</TotalCharges> data field. That data point would then need to be converted to a displayable amount (34555 = $345.55) and applied a factor of x1.2 to cover internal handling charges.

Other data that would need to be submitted in the "Dynamic URL" request would be our shipping-from address, userid, password, classid, etc. Those data points will be static.

Must be able to provide references and have positive feedback.

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CMS Based On DotNetNuke Branding, Design And Customization

We require a web designer (a developer might be needed) to complete the development of a customized CMS based on DotNetNuke. The website will be hosted on (Hosting plan details here on GoDaddy, Economy Plan ).
The web site will bring together elite editors, executives, analysts, entrepreneurs and guest speakers on a live presentation site. GoToMeeting is the platform that will be used to provide and record the sessions (Dont worry about this now, no integration required).
We need to develop a web site similar to . Generally, there are 3 parts in this web site.

1. Upcoming Events (Where end-users can click Register and get redirected to the registration page of GoToMeeting, there should also be a social media bar from which end-users can share or tweet about the event.)
2. Past Events (Where only registered end-users can watch and download past events)
3. Topics ( Classification of all hosted events based on tags, check for more info )

The web site will be based on DotNetNuke, we need a very attractive design for the web site with Flash or Silverlight components for the banner (Silverlight is preferred but Flash is OK). We also need two logos for the web site that will be used for marketing purposes on social media and other web sites.

To be considered for this project, you must send us (along with your bid) a list of DotNetNuke websites your company has delivered so we can review your skills in each area. We require all source files for this project on the completion day.

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Sharepoint File Share Module

Looking for a developer to complete a module customization which involves connecting to a sharepoint server and displaying the contents of a file share module on Sharepoint through DotNetNuke.
The module we will be using is:
SharepointNuke located on sourceforge
Current version is 2.00.08 which does connect to the file share but the browing of folders (sub folders) is not complete. Downloading files in the root works.

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DotNetNuke Designer Needed

We are a travel company who are looking to do a partial redesign of our homepage. The site is hosted in DotNetNuke and we would like to update it, possibly with some flash images and an interactive map of the destinations that we run tours to. In future, we may also be looking for someone to help create skins so that modules we have added fit in with our site better.

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DotNetNuke Server Move

I have a DotNetNuke site currently residing on a Windows Server 2003 VPS running under MS SQL EXPRESS 2008. I would like to move this site to a reseller host running under HSPHERE and MS SQL 2005. (so no, a simple BAK file does not work).

I can provide remote admin connection to the VPS and external SQL access to the reseller site using something like EMS SQL Manager.

Ive tried generating the scripts to transfer the data across but cant quite seem to get it to work, I must be missing something in the editing of the scripts around db owner/login etc. I could keep messing around with it but would rather have it done right than just my attempt

Site is running DNN 5.6.1. I can simply FTP over the site files and have permissions set so that is not the big issue rather than getting the DB transfered properly.

There could end up being additional transfers to the bidder if this one goes smoothly.

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DotNetNuke Site Move From One Server To Another

We currently have a website which is The company that developed the site, created in DotNetNuke and its really ancient. Were now wanting to move this website from the current company to a shared hosting company, and to the latest version of DotNetNuke which is 5.6.0. We dont have access to all the logins but we do have ftp access, which enables us to get the skin, and all the content. We do not have database access, so please let me know if its possible without it.

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Need DotNetNuke Expert Web Farm Deployment

We need an expert who can help us with the deployment of our DNN application in a web farm environment.

The application is already in production, but we need to go on a web farm architecture.

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Migrate Web Site And Training On Css/html

We have a web site that was done in dotnetnuke and it is expensive every time we want to make simple changes. I either need to understand dotnetnuke or migrate to a simple platform that allows us to make most changes and then use freelancer for the serious stuff.

The site is
We also have some changes that need to be made to our in store ordering web site (CSS/HTML/ASP)

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.NET Development – DNN DotNEtNuke

We require a .NET developer/programmer to partner and work with for a project. It is desirable if you have some knowledge of DotNetNuke.

We require integration of an existing database to a new website. Possibly with a requirement of a development of a web service to interface between the 2 systems.

This is an ongoing project. More detail to be provided to the right candidate. Please supply examples of work.

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DotNetNuke / Business Catalyst Developer


We are a U.S. based well established website development shop specializing in DotNetNuke and Business Catalyst. Our company is growing aggressively and looking for a talented individual to add to our team.

The ideal candidate will be highly experienced in working in either DotNetNuke and/or BusinessCatalyst. The ideal team member will work with our team via gmail chat, e-mail and some phone.

Geographic location is not important.

The ideal candidate would have the following skills, or most of them:

– English:

– Excellent written and verbal communication

– Ability to work on multiple projects

– Fast Turnaround Times

– Attention to Details

– Ability to work Help Desk items from our customers as they submit tickets

– Technical:
PSD Conversion into DotNetNuke and or Business Catalyst
eCommerce Experience with Business Catalyst
Data Entry for both DNN and Business Catalyst
.Net Programming
Thorough understanding of DotNetNuke Administration
Thorough understanding of Business Catalyst
CSS Deveopment
Good understanding of CSS and HTML syntax and structuring.
DNN module development would be a plus

This position could become a long term full time staffing opportunity for the right candidate.

Candidate will have the capacity to work based on objectives and seamlessly with a remote team.

Our projects range from 5 page websites to enterprise 100 + page websites.

Please provide samples of your previous work, resume, as well as your contact details in order to be able to discuss the details with you.

We can get the right candidate started today on a trial basis with a DNN or Business Catalyst Project.

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DotNetNuke Portal


We are looking for a DotNetNuke specialist capable of developing custom code for this platform. Please bid with examples of previous work on DotNetNuke platform. Project details will be provided to selected candidates. You will be able to adjust bid accordingly after reviewing project details.


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Converting Web Site From Dotnuke To Joomla

I have a site that is created using the dotnetnuke and it is multilanguage ( ENGLISH/ARABIC) and done using ASP .NET

I need someone profisional who can convert the site from DotNetNuke to joomla in the fastest time possible, all content are available, the current site work on MSSQL, we need the new site to be based on MySQL,

we need a very profisnal skilled people to do it ASAP, the current dotNetNuke we have have some problems so we need to elimnate it be going to joomola, also we have already speperate server to install the joomola in

I need a profisinal answer ASAP please

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Dotnetnuke Catalyst Work

Im willing to pay $200 for this work $100 for each site.

My client purchanse catalyst dnn. I need 2 psds designs chopped up and put into that framework. So its 2 different sites. I need this done in 2 weeks or less. I also will have some mods needs to the designs once they are put in, but that will be minor cosmetic stuff. So you must agree to that. And youll have to connect it to the merchant account and what not.

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DotNetNuke Based Vacancy Agency Site Like

I have a site like the site is dotnetnuke based.

I have already the design and the skins/containers.
What I need:
– programming the creation process of new rentals (user dialog, save dialog, purchase dialog and so on)
– the user backend (statistics, my rentals, my invoices etc.)
– search and filter functions

You can use 3rd party modules like catalook or something else when I authorize it. A catalook Licence is there already.

You can offer the whole program or only one point.


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Dotnetnuke Site Work

Im willing to pay $200 for this work $100 for each site.

My client purchanse catalyst dnn. I need 2 psds designs chopped up and put into that framework. So its 2 different sites. I need this done in 2 weeks or less. I also will have some mods needs to the designs once they are put in, but that will be minor cosmetic stuff. So you must agree to that. And youll have to connect it to the merchant account and what not.

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Dotnetnuke Lightbox Effect

I have a dotnetnuke website
Im trying to incorporate the light box effect for add to cart buttons but they wont work.
Just need to know how to change code to work with dnn.

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Embed Swf File In Dotnetnuke Page.

I currently have a flash file (swf) thats working in a regular HTML page but I cant get it to work in a dnn site. The site is version 4.0.1 and at this time i cant upgrade. I cant get the file to work in either a content editor or by playing it directly in the skin.

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We need to develop the HTTP module for an existing web site written on DotNetNuke for SEO optimization. Multi-language support is required.

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Dotnetnuke Advanced Yellow Pages Platform

I am developing a website for the graphical industry. It has to be a kind of yellow pages with the ability to have 4
membership licenses (free, bronze, silver & gold), each having their own options (more information, logos, contactdetails, adds, online tenders, newsletters, ….)

Because the lack of time to continue to work on this, i want to find a developer who can create this for me. Im an experienced Dotnetnuke developer, so i want this to be developed in DNN.

Its to difficult to specify all needs, because im sure my demands will change during the project, so if possible i want to pay/hour.

There is already a skin created, so it will be only necessary to create DNN modules. Changes in the skin and CSS may be done by yourself, but if necessary also by myself.

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Dotnetnuke And Catalook Module

I have a coder that works on a module thats imports products into Catalook from different sources and some other stuff, and I need some one to work along with him on that so we can finish issues better and faster

The coding is in
You must know DNN and Catalook

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I am looking for an developer for a short term project. You will be working on a job application site developing backend controls, session data gathering and dotnetnuke for cms.

Need to know:
1- your experience
2- your hourly salary request
3- your availability

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.NET Developer Needed

Looking for a .NET programmer/Web developer to assists with projects on an ongoing basis. Preferable from Cluj-Napoca area, Romania. Skills:
– C#
– MS SQL Server
– XML, SOAP, Web Services
– HTML, CSS, Javascript
Knowledge of dotNetNuke, dashCommerce or nopCommerce a big plus but not a must. Working examples of your past experience highly desirable.
Please quote your hourly rate in your response.

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Similar Site Like

I am looking to make a similar site like CLICKBANK.COM. Only those who have made the site already and interested in selling a copy of code should contact.
The code should be written in .Net using preferably dotnetnuke as CMS( other might help if working) and jquery .

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Item Picker

Languages: C#, JavaScript (JQuery), XHTML, possibly XAML and SQL, Visual Studio 2010
Platform: .Net 4.0, DotNetNuke 5.x, SQL Server 2008, possibly SilverLight (latest)

Data Layer: Data layer should be written using LINQ to Entities with custom stored procedure. I have the Entity Model pretty much finished.

UX: SilverLight or XHTML with JQuery as DotNetNuke Module

Logic: A module that shows thumb nails of granite samples. This should have "filters" allowing the user to filter on material type (granite, marble, soapstone, etc), colors (multi select), Category (bath, kitchen, out door), product type. When a user mouses over the thumb nail it should be "highlighted" somehow. make larger, light up… something. When the user clicks on a sample it should bring you to a page with details and larger images. A user should be able to store "favorite" granites and then visit this page.

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