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Small Edits To DVD Cover & DVD Disk

I have a dvd cover and dvd disk that need some small edits.

I have the psd files to make edits.

Simple font changes, insertion of graphics, movement of text etc

Will take 1-2 hours Maximum for changes.

Budget: $20

Must complete within 1 business day.

Any bids above will be rejected.
Please provide sample of work
Must be proficient in Photoshop.
Must make changes till correct.

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DVD Cover Designs

Were looking for a designer who can work on some new dvd concepts. We will be launching a new label with 3dvds in one box set, so the cover should incorporate the 3 films and a mutual theme (which can be Japanese slasher films or american grindhouse, films about love, films about food, etc etc

One collection will be mainly leftfield, cult, erotic, horror, genre driven. The other collection would be more female, themes art, love, food, mutual places, history etc etc

For more detailed information please contact us with your portfolio and a list of your favourite 10 movies of all time.

We will provide you with a basic concept, a list of movies divided into the different themes and relevant artwork.

Projected timeline would be april / may for first 2 boxsets, from there on 1 or 2 on a monthly bases.

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DVD Cover & Disk Design

– Project

To design a dvd cover and simple cd disk design.

I have all the images required, I have the layout, measurements and all text for the designs, I just need someone to put it all together. I have a previous dvd cover and disk design completed which you can reference. This project should take no more than a few hours to a good designer.

– Budget

* $50 (any bids over will be ignored, so dont waste your time and mine!)

– Timeframe

* Once all the infomation is submitted, I expect the designs to be completed in a few days.

– Essential Information

* By making a bid/accepting this project you must agree to all details under project and essential headings. If you dont agree with anything in this entire project description, do not bid!
* Both parties are only to leave feedback when the project is 100% complete.
* You must supply a portfolio of work for your bid to be considered. No previous work or feedback and your bid will be rejected
* All correspondence / changes to be made kindly within 24 hrs of contacting / submission.
* Providers must have excellent/fluent english. Past experience of this has caused lots of problems getting projects finished on time/changes completed.
* The provider must be detail orientated. Do not cut corners and pay attention to the smallest things / changes / problems. I expect nothing but professional work.
* You must be 100% proficient in all skills required to complete this project.
* Unlimited revisions until project is to be 100% completed as indicated by customer.
* Any bids outside of my budget will be ignored, not read and made as "not interesting bids"
* All final files will be the property of the customer/me.

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Online DVD Rental Site

I need a dvd rental site based on netflix model. Including the ability to track DVD inventory and rental history for each of discs. Manage inventory in site catalog with thumbnail pictures that can be vewied larger.

An email system that sends personalized, integrated emails informing the subscriber of status of their orders.

Customizable rental plans

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DVD Finder Searching XML With PHP

Heres what we have:

1. An XML file filled with Data for a DVD selling affiliate program (it has titles, prices, affiliate links, etc)

What we need:

1. We need to be able to search through the XML file and output the results in PHP.

So take for example, in a search bar i place "Transformers 2" all information that has the keyword "transformers 2" must come up in the results page.

We will send the XML file to the person who makes the winning bid.

We need people who are experienced in this type of programming.

We prefer someone who can provide samples.



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A mineral water manufacturing company wants to have a presentation cd/dvd to present the company and products to potential customers.The cd/dvd will consist of 3d animations, photos and video.There will be a narrative voice in Turkish, English and Arabic.(selectable by the customer through menus)
You can find samples at below address:
I will provide the video,photos and narrative text.
The photos may need to be customized and edited in PS or other software for a better look.
The video I provide will be about 30 minutes long and the final video is requested to be about 10 minutes.The video I provide will be cut, edited and mounted by yourselves.
The narrating must be done by native speakers of the respective languages and the narration and the video must be synchronized.When the narrator is talking about an aspect of the company or product, the related video must be running at that time.

The job covers:
– Design of the interactive cd/dvd menus.
– Design of the cd cover.
– Design of the envelope (or should we call that a box may be?)
– Video mounting, editing.
– Photo edit, customize.
– Sound over the video in 3 selectable languages.
– Some 3d animations regarding the company, products, facilities.

Please supply previous work samples when bidding.

Thanks and regards to all…

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Evaluate My Media-youtube/user/pjperlakogAPPRAised@50k

"You have the opportunity to witness & stock(mintage) some rare skateboarding footage of talented rising stars. Approximately HALF HOUR of edited Film that was shot between the years 1998-2000. This Motion Picture includes Skateboarders most during their high school years performing difficult acts or stunts for the audience s pleasure. "The HALF HOUR of Film takes place through out regions of Los Angeles and but not limited to Orange County. This film was originally created for a grade in a High School art class, although with the triad s vision and with your help Victory Skateboarding through D. A. D. would love to stretch the original limits and give viewers across the globe the opportunity to view these images & or Graphics. Former C. A. S. L. Member plus triad; Paul R Perla is literally managing to scale the mountainous 3CCD DIGITAL WORLD of the recent film industry by copyrighting a smashing HALF HOUR 8 millimetre definition VHSX, DVD, or BlueDisk upon demand; titled "SATURDAY SCHOOL." Back in 1999 a group of Minors (Thunder Bolt, PJ, Chicklett, and Dragon Ball) skateboard from Euclid street in Upland(57 too the 60 too the 10 exit Indian Hill) through deep off of the 710 N inside the city of San Pedro, With in the Los Angeles County collecting what they like to call footage, moreover artistically created tricks with flips, spins, and, jumps. Upon demand can be reproduced inside VHSX, DVD or BluRay COMP. The Nineties ERA proove clips within material could be antiquated Choice despite EightMM definition RAW(direct) & RARE.
For sale on this website as well as Payless Tobacco in La Mirada.

an animation I have been working on for the last two years, yet was captured inside eight MM video during the turn of the new Millenium. Within the video you can see clips, graphics, or images that are A-ccurate D-istribution.) Which is my Business Some of these eight MM clips are skateboarders that have appeared in Transworld as well as atleast five that are caught inside four one one Skateboarding Video Magazine, where Bam Magera made his first debut. The film Maker and Creator of "the Beginning," wich this title can be found through out the Netflix as well as the DVD Empire Database(under Extreme Sports) has some of his artistic ability, plus touch found hidden in multiple scenes. Also there are two clips and or scenes of Board Rider found in Motion Picture "Lords of Dogtown(." Role-Tony Alva s Stunt Double.) Plus, finally caught on tape is celebrity & board rider seen in an "Warner" Pictures Gaylord Film Please enjoy this Media, thus is the memories of my past.

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Seo Dvd


We need to have our dvd web store ranking on the first page above the fold of for the following keywords:

dvd, dvds, buy dvds, buy dvds online, blu ray, blu ray dvds

NO BLACK HAT! We will not pay you.

Thank you


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Website Design

DVD Comparison website features:

* main front page containing
-special offers
-new releases

all auto updating except the articles.

separate pages with link from main:

-articles and submission
-special offers
-new releases

auto updating.

to compare dvd/bluray prices from retailers around the world.

affiliate comparison i.e amazon, ebay, etc as many as possible



Must be modern, professional looking, i have ideas for the main page.
i have been looking to purchase this type of website for some time now and would like to know what it would cost me. so if you think you can provide this for me then pls pm with details of your proposal and any examples of your work.

I have many examples to explain better that can be given in pms

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Customize & Populate Joomla VirtueMart DVD Website

Customize & Populate Joomla VirtueMart DVD website.

Work Website:


Move all movie DVD content from


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Edit A DVD Length Viodeo

I only want genuine superstars to read any further……

If that is you please read on 🙂

I am a motorsport photographer / videographer based here in Australia.

I have a series of video clips and photos that I need edited into a DVD burnable file.

The DVD will be of a recent motorsport event and will be split up into race categories.

You can see a short YouTube version of what I require here:

I basically need this expanded out to a feature length version DVD (approx 90 min) and edited into chapters so someone can go to whichever chapter they like.

All the video files and required photos will be in order with a detailed set of instructions.

With over 20 GB of video / photos I would prefer to give someone remote access to my own computer to complete the task.

I have Premiere Pro and Encore on my iMac for you to use (you can access my computer from a mac or PC). I dont use the software myself so you will have to be competemt yourself.
If you prefer to work with other software please let me know as I might have it.

You will need to have a fast internet connection to complete this task.

You can complete this task during any hours you please but I need the project completed ASAP (within 5-7 days)

If you are interested in this project please email me with the subject "Im your superstar"

This is only a one off job but I am looking for a full time employee.

I look forward to hearing from superstars…

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DVD Transcribing

Voice to text transcribing from DVD to Microsoft Word. I require the audio and visual (text on screen) to be transcribed – word for word along with programme time. An example script and DVD will be provided to ensure accurate layout. DVDs vary in length from 18 to 40 minuites. Up to 90 DVDs are available for transcribing. Content is educational and G rated. Fast typing or voice recognition software essential.

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DVd And CD Templates


I am looking for 150 CD Graphics Templates to be used for website and resale.
Artwork needs to be license free for commercial use up. Combination of Clip-art, Photos and new graphics and Fonts

A simple, repetitive and boring job but one that requires Imagination and understanding what may be needed by consumers and business people

Thanks MM

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Download & Convert MPEG4 To DVD – Bulk Project

Hello all,

I need about 50 public domain movies legally downloaded from and burned onto DVDs.

I have tried to use DVDFlick but the audio is consistently out of sync with the video.

The final DVD will need to be tested to ensure the audio and video are in sync.

Again, the 50 movies need to be burned on to 50 DVD-Rs (MUST BE DVD-R and must be 1 movie per DVD). This price includes shipping. You can ship them any method you see fit.

The DVDs do not require menus or any additions- just the movie on DVD-R in region-free format.

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DiscPrint Service

Hi All
I am looking for the creation of an interactive site to design a CD/DVD Label. The service will allow a user online to design label, order, type of disc CD/DVD, quantity of Disc and pay for it.

The solution must then be able to be white labelled/hosted on behalf of other printing companies.


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Photo Restoration, Logo Design, Vector Work, CD/DVD Art

Graphic Designer conveniently located online with FAST service.

Proficient in all Adobe products. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and many more.

Plenty of experience in college, internship, clients, and more.

*Photo Restoration * Logo Design * Vector Work * Information Data Graphics * CD/DVD Art * and much more.

Fast response times.

*+4 years of experience

*Reliable and willing to meet your needs

Please feel free to message me with any questions and projects.

Graphic Designer + Fast and Reliable

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Marketing The Cartoon DVD "International Love"

Need someone who is very strong in marketing for the cartoon "International Love" .
When bidding, please provide your marketing strategy and experiences that will convince that the marketing of this product can be achieved.
The budget is $30 only.
The information of this product is as following:
English Video On Deman:
English DVD:
Chinese DVD:

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M2V To ISO Automated Program

I am looking to find someone that would be able to design and build an automated application.

The application would do the following:

– Have the option to set a watch folder for importing media into the app.
– The files that would be put into the watch folder by the user would be M2V files as well as an AC3 files (DVD video and audio)
– The application would then recognize that two files (the M2V and AC3) have been added. The program would then take these files. (The audio and video will have corresponding names.) and convert these into an ISO. (DVD Disc Image File) For every separate M2V/AC3 file name, a different ISO can be created.
The following files could be added by the user into the watch folder:
Therefore 2 ISOs would be created:

The DVD will need to contain a menu with one button.
– The button would be named after the M2V file name
– And the background could be set up before running the application by selecting a JPeg or PNG still image from your computer.

As much as functionality is key, we would like to have a well designed interface. Also this would NEED to work on a MAC computer.

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PHP/Mysql Website To Cd/DVD

My client has a website that is a catalog type website with many products built with php/mysql. They want the website to be transferred to cd or dvd so that it can be run on computers that may not have internet available.

Some minor changes to the code including the inclusion of a "these prices are current as at – date – " and we may need to turn off certain functionality within the current site to suite the offline format – i will handle this part.

I need the help here of someone who has done this before and can show me the sites they have done this for and explain the method you will use to do this job.

I will need all the files sent to me to make this happen (ready to go on the CD), I will then add the php files and the product images. I can provide the database to you for setting up on the cd if required.

I will then need your assistance during the testing phase when I put it all together.

Thorough documentation will be required so I can make any required changes down the track.

All contact is through me not the client.

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DVD Rental Website Similar To

Please visit, Need to have the same website as this with CMS and different design. Same functionality.
Project MUST BE COMPLETE already or completed within 7 Days.


Lowest Bidder will be selected for the job

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Http:// Comparison Application

The succesful bidder will develop anapplication that:

– crawls or searches for items selling for more than £20 cheaper than on amazon – for example: The application will notify us as soon as a website changes its price.

– search routinely 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

– is fully automated.

– notifies us of suitable items, via email and sms.

We wish to develop an ongoing relationship with a competent developer/programmer. We will work closely with the winning bidder to develop software which does fulfills our parameters most efficiently.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Required – Landing Page + DVD Cover Design

Need a high-quality single page website selling a single product. The product will be a tutorial DVD. Needs to be high impact for quick and easy sale.

Qualified designer please provide examples of your work, preferable something similar.
Revisison of Design,up to 3 times
I am paying $30 for this.


looking for a designer to design a REAL DVD (and e-cover) cover for my tutorial DVD + website Header!

DVD file should be in PSD + image
cover width 3236
cover height 2173
spine width 165
dvd print width 1394
dvd print height 1394
(all dimensions are in pixels)

please send you portfolio and costs,
Revisison of Design,up to 3 times
I am paying $20 for this.

please bid for both projects

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Movie/DVD Reviews

Hello and thank you for viewing my job posting. I have a new movie website and currently looking for someone to join the staff in the mold of a movie/dvd reviewer. Your job would be to write reviews for movies at the theaters as well as dvd/blu ray movies. Now on the dvd and blu rays would want all the features and all that included in review. For the right person this could be a on going job. Looking for 1 theater movie review per week plus 1 to 2 dvd/blu ray reviews. While this is a new site the budget is not that great and will improve as site grows. You will be required to post your own reviews and will be given login information once deal is agree upon. I will pay either paypal or GAF either is fine by me. Would like a sample of a review from all potential bidders. Samples will not be used so dont worry. Please no copying or palagrism. Any questions feel free to ask.

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NEED Youth Football Game DVD

I have a Youth Football game that will be covered by multiple cameras at different angles. I want the game to be a highlight real with music, slow motion, instant reply and anything that would make a parent, player, grand parent watch it over and over again.

I am open to suggestions. I will be recording this event on Saturday, December 18, 2010 and be able to submit the video that evening. I would like to be able to get this completed and delivered on or before 12-23-2010. If you are interested and can complete the task let me know.

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Ecommerce Store Needed Similar To

Ok , I currently have a Oscommerce store.

I don

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DVD Cover And Label For Cultural Event

Hi folks,
I am looking to design ASAP a DVD Cover and Label for a cultural event name All Cameroon Cultural Day Celebration. Please the organization behind this event is Camsoc (Cameroon Social Club),
Please the country is Cameroon and you may want an use everythink possible and legal to produce a very exciting DVD Cover for this unique Event.

Please make the final file in PSD, but the viewing file should in PDF or JPEG.

Best Regards.

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Detecting Cd/dvd/blueray Burning Events

I need a piece of DELPHI Code in order to log every cd/dvd/blueray burning activity on a computer
done via native OS abilities or via a cd/dvd/blueray burner application like nero, ashampoo, etc…

Drive letter, burning datetime, burned file list should be reported as log content.

Code should work on every windows OS including XP and newer x86 and x64 with any service pack.

Code should be written with Delphi2007.

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DVDs 4 Trade

I have a couple of domain names and – What I am looking for is someone to create a site that will allow users to swap DVDs for other DVDs or DVDs for Bluerays.

I am looking at the possibility of arranging a Trade in system with various suppliers etc.

For the moment I want a swapshop, DVD 4 DVD or cash.

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28 Children’s Videos; Approx. 30 Sec.-2 Min.

I need to complete a DVD of my Phonics Time With Miss Jenny CD asap.

The songs along with most of the basic artwork (in Illustrator files) are prepared for you. Id like for you to focus on matching words on the screen to music from my songs, adding interesting transitions, and creating a professional, working DVD. Im looking for someone who is a motivated, creative problem-solver. While I will give you basic ideas, I want to see your innovation to improve the product as an educational tool.

I have 8 more CDs if things work out, and I keep making more! I also have many other ideas for opportunities.

If you are skilled in flash and/or web design, this is a bonus.

Please submit a proposal as well as references and examples of your work.

Thank you!


Jennifer Fixman
"Miss Jenny"

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DVD Graphic Work

I am seeking someone to do graphic design for my Christian DVD project. More details will be shared to the person selected.

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Create 5 Inserts For Dvd-boxes

Need 5 similar 1-page inserts for my dvd box (standard dvd-box dimensions). I will provide texts in word document + draft design of a dvd booklet in esp file.

The graphic should be deliverable in eps and pdf files. Graphic should be made in high-resolution, prepared for printing in printshop.

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Movie DVD & Online View Sales

We produced an independent film in the field of Holistic Health and have had 70 screenings in theatres in Canada in the last year. The movie has been a big hit with viewers giving it an average rating of 9/10.

The documentary film has numerous lessons that provide viewers with the knowledge that they can see with their own eyes that most illnesses can be prevented or reversed. It has just been made available internationally on DVD for $24.99 and for online views for $5.

This film was designed to help relieve the unnecessary suffering of millions. So we are looking for the rare few that are not only results oriented but people that are genuinely interested in helping others. We are willing to consider creative marketing experts with proven track record of successes or expert salespeople or virtual assistants.

We noted this as a small project (ie: weekly rate for a virtual assistant) however it may become much bigger. We are flexible and willing to customize a business relationship to suit whether it is a virtual assistant working for a weekly rate or an expert marketer working on a sales commission. Interested candidates please submit your initial proposal for our consideration together with your qualifications and previous successes if any. Feel free to think outside the box. Thanks.

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