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Raffle Script

I need an addition to my vBulletin Forum.

I want to be able to add a raffle to a thread, like the poll. My members must be able to choose numbers between 1 and 49 and then pay for them at my specified and varying price via Paypal. Once the number or numbers are bought and paid for by them it will show as purchased by that member and cant be resold in that raffle.

Something visual will be ideal

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Another Project For Mominur

add simple checkout to site where the customer can either buy 1 image or 3 images at a set price
link through to paypal and back
send a notification to us over which images they want to order

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Need Good Illustrator / Designer..

I need a good illustrator/designer, I have many ideas and i need you illustrate my ideas in vectors.
I need view portfolios.
I need 2-4 illustrations each month, i need set price for each illustration.

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Facebook Application Needed

I am looking for a facebook application to be written.

The application will allow users to pay (Paypal / mobile phone / micro payments) to download PDF and swf files.

The PDF and SWFs need to be in a secure area. Users should be supplied with a use once and expire link to the file. They will select from named lists in categories.

I will need to be able to modify the lists (Ive set up a Zen Cart store – so you can assume I have some skills) add new categories add new files and set new prices.

Your initial bid should include:
An outline of your previous work
Cost for the whole project

If shortlisted I will ask you for
An hourly work rate
Suggested milestones for delivery

There may well be follow up work (twitter / myspace / linkedin).

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