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PHP-MySql Photogalleries

The matter is to setup the MySql db and the PHP functions to make possible what follows:

Its a question of Web photogalleries, organized in Sections

Each Section will host a n number of Galleries

Galleries in each Section are indexed in a page with thumbnails, and of course each thumbnail is associated with a text field showing the Galllery name.
When a new Gallery is created, it must be automatically added on this page.

Each Gallery is composed by a thumbnails index page and several pages for a full size view of each of the pictures;

Full size pages need two text fields, holding one the title and the other the comment

From a Control Panel protected by password, the User must be able to:

Create and delete new Sections

Create and delete new Galleries in each Section;

Upload photos in any resolution and have the software resize them to fit a fixed size, and create the thumbnail

Fill the text fields

Modify each item in any Gallery

I would provide you the templates for all the pages, and also the form for the Control Panel, already formatted.

Begin your msgs with the word "stream" lone in a line, so that I can see that youve read this, please.

Our hosting provides 5 MySql db up to 100 mb in total.

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Earn While Tryping Easy Captcha

I have a very large captcha entry project. i need a team of people that can enter at least 2000 to 5000 captchas daily.
i need 30,000,000 entered every 30 days as a whole team that is the goal. pay is through freelancer only this is to protect us both pay is $0.65USD every 1000 correct entries. First payment is after 20,000 correct entries then payment every 5000 * must request when you want payment*

Please try test ids below

the work is on
test id sha1
password 123456

test id kath85
password 123456

if you are interested then please check the given ids and send a message requesting your own new freelancers welcome as well as large big teams.

also plese feel free to check out and bookmark the site below.

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Mobile Site Using Hawhaw Php On Existing Mysql


I have an existing website and i need someone to make me simple mobile site which will display the data etc ringtone, themes, videos, music.

the mobile site should be simple and with no errors and it must be using a php mobile plateform so that for wml browser it will display wml and xhtml browser it will display xhtml.

Its easy job and i dont want to pay big amount.

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PHP/MySql Site Redesign

Looking to re-create an HTML review site in a database format. We currently have a site that lists stores by state/city with information relating to each store. We need a site created in PHP (preferably) that populates the data for each store in each state/city from a MySql database. We will need the site setup, the database setup, and an easy way to input new data and edit current data.

10/07/2010 at 13:54 EDT:

Domain name and hosting is already setup.

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Prestashop / PHP / MySQL – Help With Categories

I have a Prestashop install that is not working correctly when I try to import categories or manually add one category at a time. I need someone who can fix this issue with adding categories, and then add all of the categories that I have in my current ecommerce solution. Then I need all of the primary categories listed with icons on the homepage. Here is the detailed list of task items.

1: Fix Prestashop install (primarily related to adding/importing product categories)
2: Take all of the categories and subcategories from my CSV and put them into Prestashop
3. Make all of the primary categories show up on the my Prestashop homepage with icons by them. ( I have a picture mockup of what I want)

Whoever does this should support me until the project is 100% satisfactory, granted I wont be extremely picky but I want it to at least function properly.

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