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Need To Send 100,000 Emails To Inbox.

You need to provide the addesses and send emails so that at least 100,000 hit inbox without bouncing.

I will provide the content of the emails.

Must have experience in Bulk emailing.

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Lookup Emails And Websites For 1000 Contacts

Project is to obtain email addresses for a list of about 1,000 contacts.See attached.

The list already has all contact info in excel. By using the firm name you need to look up the www for the firm. Enter it in Column B by adding a new column. In column C enter the email address for the person.

Currently the first and last name of the contact are in the same column. Copy the first name and past it in a new column, leave the middle and last name last they are. You must produce a sample of 10 entries to make sure you understand the project prior to being awarded.

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Software To Find Addresses And Send Emails

I will provide details to those selected. Thanks!

You would be wasting your time to bid if you havent been invited.

After invited, bid $100 and then I will send details.

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Software To Find Addresses And Send Emails

I will provide details to those selected. Thanks!

You would be wasting your time to bid if you havent been invited.

After invited, bid $100 and then I will send details.

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Need To Send 4,000 Emails With High Deliverability Rate

This is a small project which if you do it well will lead to your doing emails for my real estate company on a regular basis to advertise our company.

I just purchased a list (around 4,000) email ids and want to send a blast this Friday and this Monday to all the email ids.

The list is in excel CVS format.

I am looking to hire a real estate agent so I am sending emails to the agents asking them to work for me.

I need experienced email sender to do this.

Senders must have good performance, experience, necessary infrastructure to do this.

Campaigns will be tracked and you must be able to provide a high in-box delivery rate.

Tell me how long it will take for you to complete this project.

I will provide the 4,000 list and email content

Email content will be just TEXT there is no website link.

At the end I need
– Number of emails send
– Number of users read the mail
– Number of hard bounced email ids (with email ids if possible)

Again I can send this myself, but I am not sure it will be delivered in the inbox. So I need somebody who have the infrastructure that most of the mails will reach inbox.

We are looking for aggressive email marketing specialist that can deliver emails to small businesses (under 50 employees). We need a company that has their own double-opt-in list and a reliable white listed SMTP server that is CAN SPAM compliant. If you are 100% sure that you can send emails without any issues. Please BID
You should have your own double-opt-in list of US small companies
You must be able to gain access to inbox on your list
You should be able to send 500,000 emails to small businesses (under 50 employees).
You must provide detailed reports of the emails you sent
You must have a reliable white listed SMTP server CAN SPAM compliant
Servers IPS must not be blacklisted.

If you do not have experience in sending emails PLEASE DO NOT BID
The service provider has to provider us a report showing the results of the email campaign
You must tell us your expected open rate and how long it will take to complete the campaign.
You must have a positive feedback from several people for us to look at or don

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Send 1000000 Emails

Hi, I need someone who can send 1000000 emails for me in max 5 days.

I need a professional bulk mailer, who is able to handle a larger amount of mails in the future.

I will accept several offers.

The freelancer with best inbox rate and price will get a bigger job, about 1.000.000 million mails per month.

I you have any questions, send me a pm.

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Gaming Website

Am looking at having a gaming website where people will register to play games and win prizes everyday. they will be able to invite friends and challenge them on the games that is on the website. In addition the scores of the games been played will be automatically stored on their profile and the highest person for the day will win a prize. the website will also include a forum where users can discuss different topics…The website should be inspired by

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Craigslist Posters Required

We need an experienced Craigslist and Kijiji poster. We have hundreds of products we want to sell on Craigslist. You will have to post 500 ads in first batch. We are only paying for live ads, not ghosted or flagged ads.

We are looking for people with a proven record of craigslist posting. Please share with us how many posts you can do per day. Also send us some sample of your work. NO time wasters please or people who do not have required experience of craigslist with their own PVAs and Proxies.

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Populate DB With Profiles And Send Welcome Emails

I need someone who has the ability to upload scraped/mined profile data of contractors and handymen to my website;

the kic king po st dot com

As u will see there are 2 links on the site that say "Contractor" and "Handyman". If you need to talk to the original developer of the site thats no problem.

If you communicate well and do a good job there is more to do on the site.

I currentley have the software needed to scrape the profiles needed for the directories but if you have mining software that would help as well since I am a newbie to scraping the profiles.

I will want 3 profiles per city in both categories "contractor" handyman"

Let me know if u have any questions.

After all the profiles are uploaded and everything looks good I will want to make some site adjustments/updates and then send a welcome email to the profile people letting them know of the site and requesting there permission to leave the profile or give them the option to erase it.

If they keep the profile they will need to input additional information to make there profile stick.


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Send 100.000 Emails

Hi, I need someone who can send 100.000 emails for me in max 2 days.

I need a professional bulk mailer, who is able to handle a larger amount of mails in the future.

I will accept several offers.

The freelancer with best inbox rate and price will get a bigger job, about 1.000.000 million mails per month.

I you have any questions, send me a pm.

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I Need To Send 500,000 Emails A Day

I need email sending system which runs from dedicated server. I have a huge email database that I need to clean, delete the non-existent email addresses and people that click the unsuscribe button.

I need full status report of delivered, read, link click,unsubscribe and automatic bounce handling.

What I want is a detailed description of how to do it and all the files I require, as well as anything I have to buy (smtp servers, etc.) to do it myself. Im open to suggestions.

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Send 23,000 Emails With High Deliverability Rate

I require a 3rd party SMTP or web based e-mail service that can deliver up to 3 million emails

I want SMTP server or Web Accessed Bulk Email Sending Server to do this.

Senders must have good performance, experience and must not be blacklisted.

Campaigns will be tracked and you must be able to provide a high in-box delivery rate or the rest of the escrow will not be paid.

I will provide lists and email content.

THIS REQUIRES EXTREMELY HIGH deliverability to a highly targeted list of 23,000 email client list approx. 5-6 times over next 2 weeks.

Serious bidders only please.

This is for a potential long term (> 6 months) project for the right company/provider.

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Need To Send 5000 Emails A Day For 1 Month

I want to send 5000 emails a day for 1 month
please quote for 1,00,000 emails
all email addresses will be provided by me
explain what method will be used for sending emails
i need proof of sending emails
all emails should go to inbox
have to send 100 emails as a sample ( i will provide 100 email addresses for this )

please only bid if you can do it

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Find Email Addresses And Send Emails

I need a good company for this project.


– Find email addresses and contact person names of targeted companies (will provide details)
– Send them a pre-made email (I will provide), just change the subject and title.

PM me for more details.

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Timeshare Emails

I need someone to gather a list (sorted by region) of all timeshare resorts with the email, name and phone number of the person in charge of their timeshare operations. I am looking for a worldwide list and am will to pay for each batch of 500…

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Send 40.000 Emails


I need somebody to send about 40.000 E-mails for me with a newsletter.

Our client list are listen in .xls format – Should not take more than 1-2 days. Emails must get delivered to all services without going to spam.

Who can do this? PM with how you do, and what you have done before.

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Surf Google And Send Emails For Us

We are a non-profit Exports Promotion Company.
To let businesses around the world know about us, we need someone to surf Google and get the names of Chambers of Commerce in countries that are of interest to us.
Youll create a list of them (Name, Country, email …).
Then, youll send them an introductory email, which, basically, asks for their permission to write to their members and, if they agree, to give us a list of their members. If they do not agree (Thank you very much).
That way, we avoid being spam.
We need to write to about 100 countries. Some of them have 10 Chambers of Commerce, others have 1,000.
** We will check every email that you extract from Google.
** We are a small business, 99% of our services are free of charge, most of our works are done by volunteers. Therefore, this job will be given to the lowest and fastest bidder.

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I Need To Send 5000 Emails


i need to send 5000 emails from a white-list ip, an ip that has good reputation.
Is there anyone that can send without been spammed?

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Private For Pandey2008

Send 50,000 emails

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Bounce Mail Processing

The goal is creating an automatic process to eliminate banned mails from a mail box and put them in the

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Email Marketing. Send my Customers Weekly Newsletters

Dear GAF Professionals,

I have close to 10000 contacts in my Gmail account of my customers who email our company regularly for customer service related issues. I am urgently looking for a professional that knows how to make use of these Gmail contacts, and send my customers emails weekly. (I will export the contacts to you on a monthly basis from my Gmail account)

Due to the limitations of 500 emails per day from each Gmail account, I will need a professional that can create several email accounts and send my contacts weekly news letters. The news letters must be professional but simple. We will be sending our contacts weekly bulletins of our latest YouTube videos.
Being that we release new videos into YouTube daily, we would like to inform our customers of our latest products through these weekly news letters.

The professional must know how to get around spam filters by creating different email accounts for each round of solicitations as well as other well known techniques to be successful at this project.
I will supply you with a typed Newsletter in word format weekly along with a new email title for each campaign. The professional will use these inputs to create a fashionable template and send my contacts the News Letter.
I am not interested in importing contacts from other sources or sending emails to unknown persons. I would only like to solicit my own customers.
I am looking for a professional that has experience in this line of work with good references and reviews. I will expect my customers

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Hello There,

I need hotmail accounts 20k-50k per day.

They should be in females name, the format of email name:
example: ClaraSamanthaWhite[at]

But if u cant do in that kind of format, its ok.

I need them in rate $12/k

The account should be unlock (No need any confirmation again, when using it to send email)


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Only for US freelancers – Simple Message Sending


Hello.The project is very simple.Your job is just to send message to the members of a website.I will give you the message.Just you will send it.You will have to signup in the website.No CC required.Pls make a bid for 500 message sending per week.


Happy Bidding.

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