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Facebook Landing Pages

I have three facebook pages. The landing pages should be the featured page created for a business – NOT the individual. When I sign into facebook, the product/website PAGE should come up – NOT the individual facebook page. I need to be able to INVITE people to my business page, not the individual page.

Right now, when I log into facebook, the individual page comes up First, and then I have to go to "Manage pages" to find the page. I dont want to have to do this.

If you can correct this on 3 of my pages, then let me know.

SIMPLE to you, complicated to ME: $30

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10,000 UK Facebook Fans Needed For 2 Pages

I have two Facebook pages. I need you to get me 10,000 additional Facebook fans for each page.

Fans MUST be from the UK for one page.
The second page can be worldwide.

Currently one page has approx 500 fans, the second has approx 300.
Details on which page is which will follow.

Must be able to add fans without login into my Facebook profile and without becoming a page admin.

For each page:
33% Payment will be made after 3,000 additional fans.
66% Payment will be made after 7,000 additional fans.
100% Payment will be made after 10,000 additional fans.

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Facebook Fan Pages 3,100,00 Milion Fans

I own 6 Facebook Fan pages in Total of 3,100,000+ milion of fans!
And am ready to do a Status Update per Hour!
Pages have mainly Usa/Uk/Canada/Australia Fans!
Pages can be sold too!
Also depend on the buyer, if i talk with nice friendly person i can leave status after time for few more minuts!

1hour on all pages – 290$
2hour on all pages – 450$
3hour on all pages – 600$

Prices for posting status update on single pages are also possible:
Pm me for details on posting update on single pages!
Thanks and hope to work some business!

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FaceBook Fan Pages

Need to develop 2 Facebook Fan pages ("mini website") similar to below given example:

Looking forward to the best offers and starting the project soon.

Maria C.

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