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Customize Layout For [JTAG Videos For YouTube]

The project is to customize the layout of component JTAG videos for YouTube

component will be installed, and modified to be as the client wants.

Main idea: into left side, will be the current video playing, and into right side more videos to check!

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Bring Traffic To My Youtube Videos

I have 22 Videos on Youtube. I deleted my channel so I lost all the traffic. I need someone to send a large amount of visitors to each of these videos to gain popularity and reputation. I am on a budget.

Please message me and tell me how much traffic you will bring to each video and how long it will take.

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TRANSCRIBE YouTube Videos To Written English & Descriptions

62 video clips – 30 seconds to 8 minutes in length – 2 hours and 22 minutes in total – require transcription into written english – both what is being said along with short and concise visual descriptions.

Eg. "A truck is spreading mill mud in bands. Stephen: what we call this system is the three tails…".

25 video clips also need descriptions written – 25 x 150 words aprox. each, some key quotes from the transcriptions can be used in these descriptions but the descriptions need to summarise the key ideas presented in each clip.

Applicants will need good English language and writing skills, and be able to understand Australian accents. Applicants also need to be able to access the video clips via youtube, they are already uploaded, my username is shedmeeting. You can view them using the following URI.

A good understanding of agriculture and agronomic concepts would be helpful and preferable.

Transcriptions should be provided in word files, one per video clip, using the video clip title for the file name. If there are words you cannot decipher or do not understand, write what you think the word is and high-light with a colour so we can easily identify and correct uncertain words.


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Green Energy Videos For YouTube

I need 3 videos, created using PowerPoint/Keynote and your own voiceover, on renewable energy/magnetic energy topics. I will give more details upon your acceptance of the project.

This project requires:
– a little research (prior knowledge is a plus!)
– writing 3 simple scripts
– creating 3 attractive PowerPoint presentations (NO copyrighted images!)
– recording 3 videos, speaking the script over the images

Length: 3 videos, each 2-3 minutes (5-6 slides)
Format: .mov, .flv, .mp4

This is an urgent project. I need your videos by September 21.

Please feel free to contact me with private messages if you want any clarification.

Thanks for applying!

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Create 15 30 Seconds Videos For Youtube

I will be looking for someone to create 15 videos to place on youtube. 14 videos will be 30 seconds long with the music of my choice and you will choose random pieces of art off my site for each artist at the 15th video will be 60 seconds long and i will provide all pieces that I want on that video. Instructions to be sent via a word doc

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Video Editing Needed For 200 Youtube Videos

I need an experienced video editor who can pull down all of my video on a disk or digital cloud and categorize it by subject matter. I need videos edited to add an excellent intro and exit and the removal of all "umm..s", etc. Must be willing to upload videos where instructed and add proper key words, etcs.

Project must be completed by the end of the week.

Please only serious inquiries!!!!

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3 Videos For YOUTUBE Needed

We are looking for someone to make a few good quality presentations form our services and post them on

They must be named after our website.

I am looking to bring some traffic from video watchers and get better Google presence.

Our website is a Translation, interpreting and Transcription Services Company.

You will create the account and post the videos.


Looking forward to hear from you.

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Youtube View


I need to increase my youtube views for a video. I need views and occasional posts and must rate video 5.0. All views should be generated from different GEO locations (IP addresses/ continents) and unique visitors: No bots/ androids/ scripts allowed. I preffer US, UK, Austrilia views.

You should not use methods banned by Youtube.

I need to have 500K views across 5 videos.

Please explain how you will achieve this task and how long it will take.

Funds will be paid in installments. Payments will be made every 1/4 of the way. Please do not use a method that will get me banned or my account/video suspended.d


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Youtube Expert Developer Needed

I need someone who is an expert developer in the filed of embedded videos and youtube technology

PM me for full details.

Thank you.

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Need Youtube Accounts

I need 200 long-lasting, email-verified, ready-to-upload Youtube accounts.

1. Each account MUST be made with different IP.
2. User names must be realistic.
3. You will also provide email accounts associated with youtube accounts.
4. All accounts must be confirmed.
5. Preferable European and North American IPs
6. All accounts must be provided with excel spreadsheet.
7. Yahoo or hotmail emails are a plus.

Please provide the list in two formats:
1. as .xls file with usernames and passwords in two separate columns
2. as .txt file with username and pass in the format username:password, with each login info on a separate line.

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School Photography Company need website 2 sell pictures

Microsoft Access 2007 Driven Website
I am a school photographer. I need a web site that allows the customer to be able to see and order pictures and pay for them securely on line. I need each customer to only be able to see their own pictures.

Backround Information:
I am a photographer of children. I photograph children at day care centers. I am using a Microsoft access 2007 database that I created to manage the bookings and pictures that I have with day care centers in my area. The main Relevant tables that are in use are as follows.
Schools- this table maintains information about the schools that I do business with each school has a unique school id number
Bookings- this table manages the bookings that I have upcoming and past. Each booking has a unique booking id. Each booking is linked to a specific school.
Pictures- this table actually holds embedded copies of the pictures. The pictures are compressed using an active X control called DBPix that makes the file size very small. Each record in this table is linked to a specific booking. In the pictures table two copies of the pictures are there. One is a thumbnail (very small file size) that would be appropriate to place on line. I have a automated batch uploader that uploades the pictures into the database very quickly. This may be appropriate to use again if re-uploading the pictures to the web site is necessary. I hope re-loading pictures is not necessary.
Sittings- This table holds the sitting numbers of all potential sittings. A sitting is defined as a number that groups a series of pictures together. I take approximately 6 pictures of each child.
I use the primary key/auto number settings to give a new number for each child photographed.
Example: Johnnys sitting id is 567. All pictures of johnny in the pictures table have the same sitting id of 567. This indicates that all pictures with the sitting id of 567 are all associated with Johnny as opposed to Suzie. Johhny and Suzie go to the same day care center. They will share the same booking id but not the same sitting id. This is how I tell Johnny and suzie apart.
Orders this table holds information that an order has been made and customer information. It is linked to a specific booking.
Order details This table holds information about what exactly has been ordered. The picture selected and the product (portrait package) selected. This table is linked to a specific order.

Software: windows vistas and Microsoft access 2007, Dbpix

What I need:
I need a website built so that I can sell my portraits to parents. I want parents to be able to go on line and enter the booking id and the sitting id of their child (I will provide parents with this information). I need a web based solution to use my exsisting database information to provide parents with the ability to buy on line. I am willing to move the database to some secure location on line. The database is currently on my computer in my office. I currently have a web location for this project reserved with
I would like the web site to populate data directly into my exsisting database. I would like to host the exsisting database on a secure server on line somewhere. I only want this option if it can be done cheaply and easily.
Other considerations: I need the data to be encrypted so the customer can enter credit card information securely . I need the information e-mailed to me after the customer makes the order on line. I will process credit card orders by hand. I want to be able to easily control when pictures for a particular booking are available and when they are no longer available through a quiere of available pictures. I will mark them available or unavailable based on the bookings table. I want an error message to pop up if a customer enters the booking id and sitting number of an unavailable picture. I want the error message to say

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Project for Cip only

I need a blog to be added to my website, one termed "Blog" and another termed .. we will talk about this thru pm. Please make sure this blog is capable of embeding youtube videos as well as attaching images.

So technically, "2" blogs

I also need an RSS feed to be made.

Thank you.

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