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Mobile Apps Developers

My company creates, develops, tests, distributes and markets Mobile Applications on the Dutch market. My clients are the corporate clients, Advertising Firms and Media companies.

I am looking for the best iPhone and Android developers around. Very specialized in the development of Mobile Apps.
– Experience in the development of Apps for the iPhone & iPad.
– Experience in the development of Apps for Android
– Essential to be fluent in English or Dutch.
– Essential to have a portfolio of Apps that you have created yourself.
– Essential to have knowledge about how to get the app high in the app stores (of both Apple and Android).

Best regards,

Jasper Bongers

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Web Design & Coding – Cs-cart

Hi all,

This is the project I would like you to quote and work on.

It needs to be similar in graphical design and importantly in all the functionality of as we will be selling similar products.

Attention to detail is of the utmost importance!!

Quality assurance must be here.

It is essential to follow through to the end and check and fix all bugs in design/functionality.

Also essential is clear instructions and pathways on how you have done design and changes for future reference.


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Python Data Mining And Web Scraping Using Scrapy

We are looking for a skilled Python programmer with knowledge of web scraping and data mining.

The project aims to write a web crawler, also known as spider, using the Scrapy framework (see The spider will extract information from a consumer website, such as product price, name and stock availability.

We provide examples of existing production-ready and fully working spiders. We will also provide a clear specification of what we expect the spider to extract from the website. You are expected to write clean and well-structured code.

Solid experience of Python is essential. A solid understanding of Javascript, DOM traversing and XPaths is essential. Experience with Scrapy is a large plus but not essential.

It takes between two and four hours to write a spider.

Successful completion of project is guaranteed to lead to a long-time project.

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PHP ETL / Java Report Help

We looking for help with an ETL-type PHP script that performs queries on a Sybase SQL database with raw logs of VoIP calls, and populates a MySQL database with a summarized version of the data. Once this completes, we execute a Java program that will generate PDF invoices for each customer account and billing period.

The script runs fine most of the time, but we have encountered issues some of the invoices are coming up blank, due to no call activity picked up ETL PHP script. Some of the queries may need tweaking and troubleshooting is required.

At this point we have reasons believe the ETL script is failing, so strong PHP skills are essential for this project, with emphasis on queries to a sybase sql database. Once troubleshooting done, we expect you to implement the fix and test it. If the problems lays in the Java report code, unless you have the skills to troubleshoot and fix, we have Java resources that we can pull for this project. The important thing here is to troubleshoot the problem. We may implement enhancements over time. This script is essential to our business and we are looking to develop a long-term relationship.

Linux skills are essential. We use Ubuntu. You will have access to SSH to work on the server.

We use Skype and expect you to be available at predetermined times only to chat about project and for support. Please bid for the troubleshooting fees. Support fees will be negotiated based on your experience and the extent of your involvement in this and some of our other projects.

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Gaming News Writer Needed

I am looking for news writer to write Gaming related News. gaming news could be from general news from Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Online Games, PC Games, or gadget games news like iPhone/iPod Touch games, android games, blackberry games, nokia games, and much more…

I will give the winning bidder(s) the structure to write the 200-250 word previews and this will be an ongoing, permanent job.

Here are my requirements:

1) Complete English proficiency and punctuation is ESSENTIAL. The articles must be written in proper English with correct punctuation, spelling, etc.

2) Gaming news knowledge is essential and Must now how to write News style article.
3) You must know well on wordpress and know how to write and publish article directly in wordpress member area.
4) You must add One non-copyrighted Image related to the news article

*We can only pay $0.50/100 words for this project, so please do not bid if this rate is not acceptable to you.*

Feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

Thank you and looking forward to your bid.

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Consultant To Purchase A Penny Auction Software

We seek a consultant to purchase a penny auction software
We are in the process of buying a penny auction software like "" We need to hire the evaluation and comparison of tenders. Professional competence and proven track record is essential.
There are many vendors and the prices are very different. The task is to compare the proposals, make the necessary consultations, pre-select best deals and assess the demos of them.
6 to 8 soft offers will be evaluate.
Speaking Spanish is not essential but would be appreciated.

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Blog Writer Needed Experience In Property Essential

Real Estate Writer / Blogger
Im looking for a writer that knows the property investment market in the UK and overseas. We need to write 400-700 words on different countries and areas in the UK regarding real estate property investment.

The writer needs a great sense of humor and quick wit, can write a blog about current investment property events maybe snap a few photos or videos and put something together that will grab the readers attention.

Experience in SEO, white hat, backlinks, video blogging needed. Bidders will need to show some previous work but experience and knowledge of the market is essential as the blog is read by many readers.

We are looking for a long term relationship with 3 to 5 blogs written per week and are looking to someone to bid per artical on and will be paid on a monthly basis.


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Landing Page Creation

We are looking for a technical individual who is native English speaking . The individual will follow a script to create video landing pages and upload to the hosting platform. Good English is essential to modify the templates based on keywords. A knowledge of html, javascript and CSS is required. The individual will also be submitting videos to directories so a good knowledge of videos and seo is essential.
This will be a long term project.

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Print Advertising Lead Generation And Sales

We are a group of newspapers and magazines looking for experienced telephone/email advertising sales people to sell print and online ads.

Sorry, English as first language is essential.

You will be selling and generating leads for online and print advertising for newspapers and magazines. We offer a CRM, but you are welcome to use your own.

Essential skills include excellent verbal and written English, excellent time management, ability to keep records and of course ability to build good sales pipelines and create sales.

Work will be initially commission based for the first 4-weeks. If after this probationary period you have demonstrated your ability to sell advertising, you will be offered an ongoing position with a base of $250 per week and OTE of $45000 per annum. This is a competitive position that is being advertised elsewhere, so only the best need apply.

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Software/Electronics Developer For Product Development

Job start – Now

Job description

Developer required to assist in the development of new electronic products for a small, rapidly growing business in the health care sector.

The position requires an electronics developer to work on embedded software development for a PIC micro-controller.
Ideally, your experience should include USB communications.

The successful applicant will join a small product development team based at the companys head office in Poole but may also be working at other locations in the south so must be able to travel. Driving essential.

Skills and qualities

The role requires a high level of self-motivation and has excellent prospects as the business expands. A keen interest in learning new skills is essential.

Essential language skills: C
Desirable additional skills: assembler, C++, USB, Spoken Chinese
How to apply

For more information, or to apply for this post, please email:-

Location Dorset
Location details Poole
Type of work Health Care
Information Technology and Management Services

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New Website + Contents

New personal website for a real estate agent.
Design Layout will be taken from two/three already existing websites.
Looking for a fresh + excellent look and feeling.

Should be compatible with all web browsers.
Compatible on smartphones (i.e., Blackberry and iphone) – Layout clear.

Database expertise will be required.
Search Engine Optimization + link building essential.
Social Networking (facebook + youtube) essential.

Login accounts for clients + users required.
Contact forms required.

Fully functional admin page to modify content + regular changes and it must be easy to use.

Payment will be made upon the completion of the project.
Money is already in the account – just need to select winner and escrow.

Good Luck.

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IPhone / IPad Applications

I am looking for experienced partners to develop iPhone and iPad applications. More info in PMB.

ESSENTIAL: Please provide completed iPhone/iPad app links.
ESSENTIAL: Experienced people only.

Looking forward,

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Joomla Developer Wanted – Native English Speaker Essential


We are looking for a Joomla developer to work consistently with a very large joomla website, the developer must be an english speaker natively.

We will be giving you a trial project to begin with, and are looking for a long term per project relationship.

The developer must also be proficient with PHP and MYSQL development for this and other projects we will have for you.

Please post your hourly rates aswell as your location.

Thanks and Regards

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Freelance Writers And Journalists

We are looking for writers and journalists to write articles to fire up a new on-line news publication titled "Essential Briefing" with original content, suited to general public reading. You pick your topic. It can be a single article or series of articles (please specify) and can be written for an international, national or specific local community audience (please specify your intended target audience and provide any supporting details that will help us choose your bid).

Criteria we will use to select winning bids are: detail and depth of coverage of your selected topic and for content that will best motivate readers to want to subscribe to Essential Briefing and that will generate advertising revenue for EB.

You may bid with a selection of previously published articles as a package, if you retained the rights to do so, and especially if this represents good value for us, but please alert us to this if it applies.

If you have considerable depth of existing content to contribute and prefer a long term relationship with EB, you can choose to bid here and/or to ask us for a profit share to bring all your content to EB.

Winning bidders retain copyright and you are providing Essential Briefing with an exclusive licence to publish your article on our website. Profit share arrangements are on a non-exclusive licence basis.

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Article Writer Needed

I looking for a content writer who could write me 10 short articles, minimum 250 words. Perfect english without ANY grammar mistakes is essential. All articles must be unique, I will check them through Copyscape and if it turns out they arent unique – I wont pay. Im willing to get these articles within 10 days period after you get this project. I will pay 1$ per article.

Main topic to focus on is benefits of green tea or green tea for weight loss or effects of green tea.

Sample on topic for review is essential for getting assigned.

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Order Form With Javascript And/or PHP

I need an order form that uses javascript to allow users to order things easily.

There are three main products (with sub products):

1. Artisan Cupcakes
2. Signature Cupcakes
3. Cookies

Users should be allowed to add a row and delete a row. They pick the specific type and the quantity.

The script should calculate the total and send and email with the order information.

7% tax applied to each order.

I would like the price to update automatically without needing a page refresh, but it is not essential.

I have made a test page that shows some of the essential features that I need where the person can add rows etc…

The final thing is zip codes.

If the user is in x, x, x zip code it is $20. If in y, y, or y zip code it is $10. If the user is in i, i , i zip code then $15. If not in that group then we cannot deliver to them so it must say they need to pick up.

You may use query or any other library you like. You may also use the code that is already on the site. You do not need to worry about design. Just functionality.

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Entering Details From Classified Web Ads To ZohoCRM

The requirement is to visit daily, two classified advert sections of 5-8 British newspaper websites and for each advert copy the mobile phone number, the telephone number (if any), the contact name (if any) and the actual advert text into a new lead in ZohoCRM.

At the end of each session, use the in-built de-duplication feature of ZohoCRM to remove any duplicates. There will be around 75-150 entries to key each day (numbers will vary according to the number of new adverts listed on the sites each day).

Accuracy and a methodical approach is essential. You can either copy and paste the details or use a screen scraper if you have one.

Please quote price per 100 adverts. Payment will be deducted for each wrong number entered. Payment will be weekly initially, the project will run as a trial for a month. Immediate start once bid is accepted.

In your bid provide examples of similar work. Written fluent English is essential.

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WordPress Website

We are looking for a freelancer to help build a WordPress website for a guys beauty products company. Should be based in the Northeastern States of the USA, we may want to travel and meet you in person or bring you to our offices in NYC for some brainstorming. Indepth WordPress or similar platform experienced is essential, graphic design, some flash, and intricate attention to detail. E-Commerce plugin for WordPress will be required, so a solid understanding of that is also essential. If youre good, a retainer will be offered to maintain the site on a monthly basis.

Please quote based on the exact elements of this is the site that we are rebuilding, your quote should reflect the time, effort and creativity it would take to build this site from the ground up.


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Joomla Maintenance

Required for general maintenance and troubleshooting on several Joomla sites.
Also some CSS and template modification tasks.
– Reliability and quick response times essential.
– Previous positive feedback and demonstrated project completions essential.
Payment based on an hourly rate.

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We would like to re design our website to be more user friendly
the information on the site is correct HOWEVER the site is not converting enough visitors to bookings!

its essential to have a user friendly design
its essential that quotation facility is on homepage
it is essential that you have experience in building sites that actually sell SERVICES
we do not want a flash site – it must be google friendly as we currently have high serps.
it is essential to have excellent design – not bottom of the market. We will pay for excellent quality.

we only need the design and build the html – we will attach our own custom made back office to it…

please – dont just bid for the project, take a look at the site and understand our business before you bid, we offer airport transfer services on 7 islands! the canary islands.

our current site is:

please look before bidding ! we did advertise the job for less money but were attracting not enough good quality – we want the best user friendly design THAT CONVERTS VISITORS TO BUYERS… and you need to show us that you have designed that kind of site before (not necessarily in our business area)

thank you

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Finish Off FLASH Website – Needs Audio Player + Minor Edits

I have a FLASH website, designed by anothe coder that is 90% finished.

It merely needs the audio player finishing off (there is already an audio player on the site, but for background music, I will describe what need below, and some minor edits)

*****SITE IS LOCATED AT D J V O L A T I L E . C O M / N E W *******

***** REQUIREMENT 1 ***** AUDIO PLAYER ******

[ESSENTIAL] This needs to pull large mp3s from a folder and display them in the player.
I would prefer if it would read mp3 tags of my choice and album art and display those if it is possible. album art would be preffered to be embedded in mp3 if possible
[ESSENTIAL] Category support – so i can have different categories or albums of mp3
[ESSENTIAL] I need full play / pause / stop control
and the ability for a standalone player outside the site. – so you can access the player without having to necessarily go to the homepage first.
[ESSENTIAL] Another nice feature would be to skip 3 minutes of the file or at least a progress bar that users can use to skip manually.
[ESSENTIAL] Also, these must have download links that i can turn on or off for each different file.


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Future Writers

Hello, I am in search for a group of writers. Freshers are also welcome. Essential criteria to be fulfilled are:
1. Flawless writing skills with no forms of grammatical or spelling errors.
2. Copyscape related works are directly going to be rejected. So please avoid them
3. Initial payment – $1/500 words. Unlimited works and increase in payment on submitting quality articles.
4. Prompt in communication.
5. Punctuality is essential. Excuses related to the delivery of work should strictly be avoided.
6. At least 8 articles should be submitted on a daily basis.
7. Payment through GAF or Paypal only.Payment on a weekly basis.
It is mandatory to follow these rules. Please bid only if you are comfortable with the terms and conditions of the work.Best of luck.
Thank you!

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