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Drupal CMS Community Genealogy Website

I have an exsiting genealogy website built as static pages in html with a little PHP. It has over 7000 pages, some related to service provisions but mostly free content.
I would like to migrate to a cms. I have looked at drupal but came across some issues and need some help.
I would like to add functionality to this free content allowing customers to add ancestors to a military unit such as an army regiment or royal navy ship. This would create a link through a page that would be created for their ancestor (automatically – similar to a wiki).
The customer should then be able to add new information to this page, creating more links back to the original page but also other pages that are selected (perhaps from a drop-down list). The pages would also have the new ancestor added to them and linked to the new page. Essentially it is internal reciprocal linking.
This should only be available on certain pages.
I do not want customers to have to do the work manually – they should be able to fill in a form (or something similar) and the links/pages created for them.
I would like to limit what customers can and cannot add (ideally specific fields) as I want my pages to remain of a certain quality and format.
It would need sign-ins for customer for security and something to detect undesirable text (swearing, etc) – I should be notified.
It also needs a comments or a place for customers to query content. This needs to come through to me for visibility but I should not be a bottle-neck for adding content.

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Community Website Design

Looking for someone with experience in building a website from the ground up. The goal of this project is to get the website up and running in its most basic form.

The website would be a community oriented site that allows users to search for and comment on particular results.

– Member sign up and log in
– Storage of member information: names, passwords, contact information, comments
– Storage of searches and comments
– Search function that queries GoogleMaps and provides locations
– Community forums
– Construction of forms and surveys
– Image/video upload capabilities
– FAQ/Contact page
– General website statistic tracking

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Website Structure Design

Project: Design: Web site structure that will be implemented on 3 sites

Content Types:
User Logins with Demigraphics
New Feeds
Google Ads

Sites will be basic user interaction and feedback sites with some article content will be deployed to three sites each with unique content and goal

Aim: Site is to provide communication and rally support / connect people of simular interests while promoting a community issue

Delivey – Ideally the sites will be completed within a 3 – 4 week period

Design – Joomla or Drupal or other CMS tool – please note in bid offer

Budget – Depending on the design the structure will be consistbant acoss all sites thus budget is NO MORE then $400 AUD

Comms: Via gtalk or Skype & email

Theme Design: Contemporary and simple

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Develop Basic Website With CMS

I am looking to hire a developer/basic designer to create a very basic education oriented website (all content, no pictures either). The requirements of the website are as follows:

1. Design home page, as all remaining 30 odd pages will be exactly identical.
2. A Content Management system install, based on the premise of a providing it an html extension for SEO purposes
3. Wireframe for the home page will also be provided to the interested providers will send it once bid initiated.

Again this will be a very basic site and your bidding you definitely reflect that..

The winning bidder will be awarded future work on development of new sites, if principles of high-quality, value, and honesty are maintained. I am looking to create one site every two lot of future business.

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Website Design Makeover

the job is to restyle our site women-date(.)com into more a general dating community style while the same functionality remains.

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Mascot Needed

We have a client that looks for a unique mascot. The mascot provided cannot have been used for another project. Please supply all your suggestions and quote the price wanted. If the client chooses your mascot, we will pay you the full price that you requested and we will then develop it in 3d as requested by the client.

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Team Website CMS

Download the Free Step-by-Step Guide

Job Summary:

Budget: $ 250-500
Required Skills: Gaming clan sites, Website Development, Website Programming
Attached Files: (None)

Status: Closed for bidding

Buyer Summary:

Feedback Score: Rating: (No Feedback Yet)
Award Reliability: 1 posted 0 paid

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Member Since: June 15, 2010

Invited Users: There are no invited users

Description Looking for a website coder for a gaming team. The design is in full process and we require a coder to develop the CMS for the site.

CMS Features required

Photo gallery
Video gallery
Cup System
Sponsorship Area
Download (file system)

example sites

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Website Design Develop – SEO – JOOMLA/Drupal, Google Wave

I need to develop an Immigration Consultancy Services Website.
Following are the requirement.

1. Custom Theme Design and review/modification
2. LOGO and Slogan
3. SEO

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Need A Joomla Website

This project will require knowledge of following technologies:
PHP, MYSQL, XHTML, CSS, js, jQuery, AJAX, Joomla( creating components, modules, plugins, templates)

Additional experience in the following areas would be a plus, but not required:
– Any PHP framework(CodeIgniter, Zend, CakePHP, Yii)
– Any other CMS(Drupal, WordPress)
– Basic Linux/Apache administration

Please, describe your experience, where you are located and what languages do you speak.

Thank you!

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