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Site Maintenance + Script

Project consist to:
1-Write a script to update everyday automatically an auctiva ecommerce
2-update everyday on google merchant respecting google rules
Experience with such work appreciated

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Stable Leads Wanted

I need stable leads only, some value less leads that they will sign up once and never come back to the site, I just hate such leads.

Your provided leads should come to the site where s/he will be an active user. Just 3 minutes everyday s/he should spend here because s/he has profit to come to the site everyday, its a online earning site, mind it leads must come from unique IP and PC.

If my account gets banned because of your mistake, (1 PC/1 IP multiple account or attempt) Ill not pay a penny and throw you out of freelancer by worst dispute. So be careful at the job.

PM me are you familiar with PTC sites? If yes then name some great PTCs. In famous PTC sites in minimum average every week 200 new people join. You should catch few of those. Now I need 75 leads, not more than 75 or less than 75. Ill pay 30AUD at best. Dont bid more than 30 please. Are you interested in long term contract?

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People Cope With Everyday Technology


I need a report.You will need to conduct few interviews and collect date from it an analyse it.Transcript are needed from all interviews

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$20 REAL Cash Almost Everyday With Just A Little Hardwork

MUST Register/VALIDATE here (USA/Canada)

ALL other COUNTRIES send a PM for the EXCITING alternative especially, if you have NO pay pal or credit card HURRY!

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REAL Cash Almost $20 Everyday With Little Hardwork

REAL Cash almost $20 everyday with little hardwork

MUST Register here to receive details to follow

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Everyday 1000 Real Visits From USA Required On Website

I am looking for 1000 view on my website everyday from USA .I want this visits consistant .Please dont bid if you are thinking of fake or unreal traffic .Because real and US traffic is importent for me .I am ready to pay large scale amout if you are doing as per my requirement .
More details will be provided when your bid is selected .

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Content (re)writer For News Website – Work Everyday

I need a writer to build past content for my news site.

You will have a schedule on which type of articles/news stories you should write (Finance, sports, entertainment, etc.)

Articles with a minimum of 300 words covering a (popular) news story. You will start by writing old content (January, February 2011) and then you will write for the site everyday (3 articles a day when we get to recent content.)

I need someone that can build up an archive for the site relatively fast and then you will be working with me everyday keeping the site up-to-date with the latest news stories in several different segments/topics (as I mentioned above: sports, entertainment, finance, technology, etc.)

I am willing to pay per articles. Articles are rewritten, not copied, so they need to be presented as new, fresh and not copied from other website.

Youll post directly to the blog (WordPress) and I have prepared all the necessary instructions on finding news, posting schedule and how to post.

You need to be skilled at writing in English cause this is EXTREMELY necessary.

PM me with your price per articles (Youll post 3 articles a day with recent content, this is not a hard job and not very time consuming, it will be time consuming at first, to build the site archive, but then it will be easy) and some articles of your portfolio. You can as well send me a message with a recent story (from today for example) rewritten.

Thanks and Im awaiting your PMs.

*I might choose more than one writer as well!

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I Said I Do Everyday

Create an demo for this product

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Need 500 Websites That Update Their Proxies Everyday! URGENT

Pretty much what the title says.
I need 500 websites that update their public proxies everyday.

No forums, No Blogspots.
All the proxies in that website need to be in IP:Port format.

I want websites that proxy scrapers can scrape proxies from.

Example –

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Hot Trends/Niches Script/App

Hello Freelancers,
What i need, is a Windows Based App, that will Pull information everyday from Googles Hot Trends, and Several Others sites [Facebook trends would be very good as well] and basically displays the Top 10 Niches/Trends Daily.
So a user, can pick one everyday, and create something on this Hot Topic…..
The app needs to be user friendly, look cool, and any extra features to help are welcome.
Also, Each Trend will need to Link to a page containing content about that niche/trend, For easy Copy and Pasting for the user.
This is a basic app, So please bid accordingly.

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Looking For SEO Expert To Work With Us

Hi, we are a SEO company, we got several customers (mainly French websites), and we are looking for one or two SEO Experts willing to work with us on a daily basis.

We are looking for High Level SEO only, who are ready to work on a daily basis for some SEO missions.

Send us some references.

Here is the profile of people we are looking for :
– You are able to build Thousands of backlinks everyday
– You are familiared with all the main SEO softwares on the market
– You know the difference between White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat methods.
– You know how to use these methods, depending of the project
– You either speak English or French
– You have already ranked several websites to the first position on google
– You are logged on msn or skype everyday
– You got your own scripts (C or php)
– You are willing to learn new ways of building backlinks

12/07/2010 at 9:33 EST:

Mandatory :
* Please provide us the detailed SEO techniques you can use, and info of similar successful completed projects you have done.

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Get Paid To Take Surveys

Get Paid to take surveys on a daily basis.

Everyday companies are paying big bucks to everyday people like you and me just for our opinions? Its true!

These companies are desperate to understand how you respond to their products and then in turn they will pay YOU good money for your opinion.

They Need You!
Right this minute, we have hundreds of market research firms looking for survey takers to rate, review and even test consumer products.

Whether you are a housewife, working full time, a stay-at-home mom, a student, retired or just looking to make some extra cash, is your ticket to make a fun, easy income online.

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New Post 1 Ad In 29 Cities OLX Classifieds Everyday

Post 1 ad in 29 cities OLX classifieds everyday

Bid for an amount per week so 203 ads posted per week

Thank you

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Need 200 Elite Proxies Each Day And Everyday

Need 200 Elite Proxies that are working. I dont want them to die within minutes…It should last half a day at least.
I dont care if its shared or not, as long as they are working and last for more than half a day then provide me. Thanks.

10/28/2010 at 23:00 EDT:

I do forget to mention they have to be US Elite Proxies only. Thank you

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Everyday Child – Charitable Website

Hello All;

I am the Founder of a revolutionary educational-based non-profit,, and require assistance in the development of this site.

As there is already a template, it should be fairly simple to build off of it. A few things we would like the site to entail:

– images, videos, blogs
– shopping cart
– newsletter
– donation integration
– members section

This is a major initiative and I can assure you that the more generous you are to this project, the more exposure you and or your organization will receive.

At minimum, please provide me with examples of your past work.

I look forward to taking the next steps.

Sean Lamba


P.S. I have a few other projects to share as well but well discuss them after.

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Simple Web Scrape Project

I need to scrape data from this site i only care about the tables generated like this example :

Everyday Mon thru Fri a new tables are added, this project is to scrape old tables in that database and paste into another server then just refresh it everyday at 9am with the new tables posted for that day.
We are now importing the tables via excel, but need something faster and more efficient.

Please send some references or related portfolio.

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Experienced Craigslist Poster NEEDED Now!!!

Only experienced craigslist posters please to post 10-20 ads EVERYDAY

– RDSL preffered
– Budget is $0.40 per post (negotiable)
– FOR SALE Section

PM me it you want the job. This is regular. I need you everyday full-time and long-term.

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Trixbox And A2 Billing

Hi There,

This is the 2nd time I have to publish the project as engineer got too busy with his work. We have almost ready Trixbox, a2billing ready just need some fixing work.

What I want – 1. Create extension which will be use on cisco handsets and will be authenticated with a2 billing. 2. Before providing with the call itll verify how much credit user got. 3. At start prepaid cash or PayPal integration and later may be voice payment.3. On admin panel we will set resellers account then reseller can manage all payments for their clients.

We do lots of cisco/ sip stuffs everyday so dont need any help, just to make to sure its working a2billing thats all.

Plan we will add different sip trunk for cheaper route, Trixbox/ a2billing should find cheapest route to make calls.

I have explain a lot but this not that big job I believe, please no newbie.. someone who done this before or handling it everyday life would be better person. As we may need more help for further cutomisation.

budget – $50

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Help Wanted In Sending Bulk Emails Everyday

I am looking for experienced people who have good knowledge in bulk mailing without spamming which will even cause my website banned and blocked…… so want to know i detail how you are going to do this and how you an gaurantee safety…. only serious worker apply…….

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Team Of 4 Needed For Data Entry: Simple Copy And Paste!

Data entry team needed (minimum four people).

Work description:

– Its simple copy and paste work from a website into Excel (more details via PM)
– Each person should be ready to dedicate atleast four hours per day
– The minimum work required should be met everyday
– Completed work must be submitted on the promised time everyday
– If the set target of completed work is not provided everyday, your team will have to face the consequences!
– If set target is met everyday, there will be a monetary bonus when the payment is made!

Other things to note:
– The project will last for a maximum of 12-14 days.
– I know how much work can be completed per hour so there should be no cheating or excuses!

Bid only $30. Any bids more than $30 will not be catered. Say bonjour in the post so that I can make sure you have read this!

Looking forward to working with a team that best suits this project and is dedicated and committed to provide punctual and outstanding work.

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Tamil Language Translators Needed


I am looking for someone who can translate the English content in to Tamil. You will be given 500-1000 words everyday and you need to translate them into Tamil using the following link.

Very good spoken / written skills of English and Tamil are required. It should not take more than 30-45 minutes of work. Everyday availability is required.

You can also bid if you are a Virtual Assistant, Articles Writer. We have positions available.


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I Need 300 Guaranteed USA Sign Ups Everyday For 30 Days

I need 300 guaranteed sign ups everyday for 30 days for my CPA offers.

USA sign ups only, and each sign up must have a unique ip address…

****No Fake traffic , NO PTC or Paid to Click traffic, and no Bots****

Dont bid if you cant deliver in specified number of days.

You have to tell me where traffic is coming from, and I will be using my own tracking software to make sure all sign ups are USA based, and have a unique ip address.

This is a long term job I need someone that want to work monthly.

I will pay you $120 for every real 300 USA sign ups that accepted by my cpa offers. Payment will be made on the 30th of every month. Please do not bid if you cant agree with these terms.

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I Need Individuals Or Team For My Easy Work

I am looking for individuals or team that can work for my project. its very easy you must only install to your computer the software that i am going to provide with you.

1 computer.
2 you must have a ip changer software because from the moment that your going to install you must use a US ip so that you can download.
3 you need to install 500 everyday.
4. if you do 500 install everyday ,Im going to pay you $500 at the end of the month per agent
so bid now so that your going to start to work.


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Telugu (Indian Language) Native Translators Needed


I am looking for someone who can translate English content in to Telugu. You will be given 500-1000 words everyday and you need to translate them into Telugu using the following link.

Very good spoken / written skills of English and Telugu is required. It should not take more than 30-45 minutes of work. Everyday availability is required.


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News Articles Required

A Singapore-based company is looking for workers who can do a short news story about cars everyday.

Were paying USD6 dollars per article. If satisfied, we will increase the workload to three short articles everyday, 7 days a week.

News articles must be interesting!

If interested, please kindly contact Julian.

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Easy Website Scripting

Hello Bidders,

I want to get a membership website made with the following

1.On the homepage there will be a product picture for the day which I am going to update everyday.
2.The members can login and take some sponsored surveys to get the product for free.
3.You will also need to set up the postback system database to automate the points crediting process.
4.The user that completes the required surveys will automatically be entered to claim the prize.
5.The script should prompt the user how many more surveys are left to win the prize.
6.I must have admin panel to update the product product page everyday or for the whole month.
7.I must have an announcement making system that will be displayed inside the members area.
8.I need this to be made in PHP or with all the functions working perfectly.

Hope to receive your reasonable bids.

This is not a big task at all.

My budget is 80 dollars for this.


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Post Ads On Craiglist Everyday 4 Times

Post 4 standard ads on craigslist 4 times everyday

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Craigslist Poster $1.25 /live Ad

I need 5 ads to go live in CL-personals section everyday for 6 days.

– 5 ads everyday in 5 different cities everyday for 6 days.
– I will NOT provide ad details and ad titles but I will teach you how to write simple ad (copy-paste).
– Ghosted ads will not be paid.
– Reporting of live links everyday (5 live links everyday)
– You will be paid ($1.25/live ad)
– Escrow of $30 to winning bidder (Im a good payer, look at the reviews)
– A long term project approximately for 6 months.

Serious bidders only. I invite professional posters here with good reviews as a reliable poster.

04/17/2010 at 1:13 EDT:

I will escrow $37.50 for this project. Serious bidders only.

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