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Load External Video To Flash

We have a flash site, which is allready made.

The flash site has an intro video (flv file) which is embeded into the swf file. So the loader is loading the whole site and display the intro video, and when is finished goes to homepage of the flash site.

We want to use bigger intro video about 30MB. So it is not good idea to have it embedded into the flash project.

We want to load the video from an external video server, and when video ends to go and continue shown the rest main page.

If you will check another site: you will see that they are doing same thing. They load the video from somewhere else, and the video is not insde the main swf file. I suppose that works with that way.

So we wait a solution how will do that. Ofcourse we dont want to use youtube or vimeo to store the video and take it from there. We dont want that.

maybe to find a video server solution, which cheap cost, put video there, and load it into our site.

The video will be played in the whole available area of the screen, with no buttons for stop or go next and back, with no time bar. just play the video in the whole area and when finished will be loaded the rest page.
Also a skip button will be available if the user want to skip the intro video.

More guides will be given!

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CS5 Flash AS2 Calling External SWF Into A Frame

Need a container in a frame to call up an external SWF file and target it into the container when the frame comes up. The site is AS2 and built with CS5 Adobe Flash. This is simple but requires extensive knowldge of AS2 and Flash to make it work. I have the FLA file but I dont have all the components. so….this is not a trial an error work. If you know what you are doing, it will work on first attempt or you can send the fla file back to me so I can run it locally and test it. I dont want to send all the library components for you to run it. I will have to run it for you.


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Flash Quiz With External Animation

The Project is a Quizgame designed in Flash, and the best way to describe it is when i just write down the client interaction.

1) There is an endless Animation [1] running (loaded from an external file) untill the client clicks on screen. When client clicks on screen a random userid will be genrated in Flash for the user.

2) Animation [2] will be loaded an displayed. When the Animation is finished a picture will be set as background and a Quiz to the Animation will be display. (for example – how many male were there? [2] [3] [none]).

3) Client Answers the question. (Answer will be send to a PHP-script which store the information related to the generated userid)

4) Seamlessly Animation [3] will be loaded and displayed. Step 2 will be repeated X-Times.

5) After the final Animation a PDF Symbol will be display. By clicking on the Symbol the Client can download a certificate how many points he had.

6) Endless Animation from Step 1 Starts until the next user clicks on screen.

1) Very Simple: There must be a Reportingsystem. for example: Like 200 User have played this Quiz. First question was answered in 50% correct etc…

The order of the Animations, Pictures after the Animations ends, and Quiz must be defined in XML-Files oder Database. You can choose what you like. But Keep in mind that the Quiz not always has got 3 Answers. Somtimes it got 2 or 4 or 5.

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TemplateMonster Flash/XML Template Customization

I have a TemplateMonster Flash Template that I need some customizations done. The content of the template is currently managed by a XML file.

I already had someone work on this, and he was able to take care of all these updates, except one thing. The number of images in each category now has to be exactly 24. The flash doesnt work properly if this number is changed. I need to be able to make the image numbers of each category easily changable. Some category may have 5 images, some category may have 20 images.

If you want, you can work from fresh and get these changes done. Or, if you want, you can start off from where the last developer left off.

Here is what I need done on the template:

1) On the current template, at the upper right, there are 3 categories: people, landscape, animals. I need to rename them and add 2 extra categories instead: ANIMALS, ARCHITECTURE, EVENTS, LANDSCAPE, PORTRAIT and WEDDING.
2) Move location of these 5 categories to the bottom, under the main picture.
3) Move About Us, Experience, contacts to the right where the people, landscape and animals categories were.
4) Remove the music feature from the site (both the music itself and music player on the site).

Here is the demo of current template:
Here is the screenshot of how I need the changes done:

As I mentioned, the only thing left to do is having the capability of changing number of images in a category to any number I want. I need this done as soon as possible.


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Updates on a full working Audio/Video Flash CHAT.

I have a full source code of an existing Audio/Video Flash Chat.
I want to add some features to that A/V Chat.
Features with be basic ones like : Customizing the Chat Style using an external Xml file. Also, Re-arange the Layout of the chat and some .fla texts.

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