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Social Network Using PHP And MySQL


We would like to have someone who can help develop a social network, in which all registered users have their personal pages. The personal pages need to be similar to personal blogs, and all registered users can leave messages on others pages. All registered users can also check others profiles.

Since I already have a Joomla website and a phpbb forum, you will need to integrate the accounts as well.
Please send me your previous work if you are interested in this project.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.


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Threaded Message Board Php & Mysql

I need a a threaded message board creating written in php & mysql.

User can either sign up to the board or use twitter, facebook, myspace, google account to log in.

The user has option as anonymous or display their name.

Their must be a table of reject works

Full administration to admin account

It would be good to use ajax or similar to update threads etc

layout and example please view here –

an duplicated (simpler) board must be created for smart phones.

optional phone app but this would be billed/quoted separately

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PHP – MySQL DB Move And Custom Query

PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, OR YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIGURE THIS OUT. I need someone who can do this in their sleep. If you waste my time I will find someone else and you will not be paid.

YOU MUST READ/WRITE EXCELLENT ENGLISH. If not we not be able to communicate and the project will be over before it starts.

1) Copy existing DB, Admin Access etc. from website A to Website B
2) Create a Query that is similar in function to

Parameters for the query needed are:
Bedrooms: 2+, 3+, 4+
Bathrooms: 2+, 3+
Garage: 2+, 3+
Square Foot: Minimum – 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2500, 2750, 3000, 3250
Square Foot: Maximum – 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2500, 2750, 3000, 3250, 3500
Area: areas from the db
Community: communities from the db
Minimum Price: 75,000, 100,000, 125,000, 150,000, 175,000, 200,000, 225,000, 250,000, 275,000, 300,000, 325,000
Maximum Price: 100,000, 125,000, 150,000, 175,000, 200,000, 225,000, 250,000, 275,000, 300,000, 325,000, 350,000

As with the Classic American Example, the end user should be able to use all parameters, some parameters or none to perform their search

The results shall not be in tables but instead CSS – DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS. Returned results should be returned sorted by community.

There are more small projects behind this. Ideally if you can do the work and do the work quickly we will use you again. The ideal candidate should be highly competent in PHP and MySQL, there is no training or learning afforded here.

We pay weekly every Friday.

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PhpLD Custom Template

I need a couple of custom templates for phpLinkDirectory version 4.1. I need very simple design but need to be unique so it should be easy for someone who know this.

I think this can be done easily using smarty.

Let me know if anyone can do this and your best price. Show me some example if you have done this before.

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Linux Bonding Driver Modification

We are looking for a custom modification to be carried out to the the standard Linux Bonding Driver to add an additional mode
The new bonding method will work in the same way as straight forward round robin based bond with an added algorithm to decided on how much traffic is sent out of each slave. This information is kept within a transmit hash table and can be dynamically updated once traffic is being passed over it.

For example using two devices for simplicity with round number figures:
Tap0 connects at 500Kbs, and is then placed into the bond.
Tap1 connects at 1Mbs.
The bonding driver would then pass out the UDP traffic being sent out of the 2 interfaces on a 1:2 bases.

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Outgoing Email System Using CKEditor And MYSQL And PHP

Hi all
This is the first time in posting a project, I am hoping that the description is detailed enough.

Needing a outgoing mail system using CKEditor to format the email.

I was thinking that the code will need to do the following

1. A page using CKEditor to type content with a save button. When save button is clicked, opens a dialog to enter a reference name before saving.
2. Save content to MYSQL Database with a unique ID (a php page).
3. A page with a table of the reference names. When reference is clicked will retrieve content from mysql and display in CKEditor so it can be edited.
4. Code to loop though contacts from a mysql and sends email by using the reference id selected.
(i.e click on the table for what you want to send, gets the reference_ID retrieves the content and puts into an HTML formatted email.
5. Need sample mysql database files to show that it is all working.


Craig Laird

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We are looking for a PHP Module to create a crosstab/XY Data Grid editable data form, from a mysql data set.

The module/form will provide the ability for simple data ( strings, numbers, enumerated types ), to be presented in a spreadsheet format, edited, and saved.
Col1 Col2 Col3
Row1 Value1 Value2 Value3
Row2 Value4 Value5 Value6
Row3 Value7 Value8 Value9

The application will call the module using a simple interface, for example
sql => select row_id, row_value, column_id, column_value, cell_id, cell_value from dataset
row_id_field => row_id
row_value_field => row_value
col_id_field => column_id
column_value_field => column_value
cell_id => cell_id
cell_value => cell_value

Data will be presented in a Grid, using an AJAX component. Where possible the solution should re-use an open source Ajax component.
The Solution should be able to support up to 1000 rows and 1000 columns, and hence support selective/subset data fetching and managing.

The component/resulting HTML output will support CSS, and the solution must demonstrate how to use CSS to present the output. An example CSS/html style will be provided which the solution must demonstrate.

Three remote example data sets will be provided and used to confirm successful delivery.

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We have a project built in PHP/MYSQL that requires reports in html for good web integration as well as pdf for "pretty and formatted" printing. Our team has elected to go with the Jasper Reports/ireport solution.

We have the need for about 10 reports to be built.

Our developers are learning Jasper/Ireports from scratch, so we thought wed hire an expert to accelerate our development.

We need the following three items:
1. Need to bridge between the Java code and the PHP/MYSQL code.
2. Complete any Java code needed to complete the reports.
3. Need up to 10 reports created from hand mockups, including pulling the data from our database of tables.

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