I need to ADD 10,000 TARGETED Facebook Likes for an existing fan page. The fans must be real individuals who actively use their accounts.

I will supply you with more details about the types of users I am targeting. The likes must meet the following REQUIREMENTS:
– The likes must NOT be recruited through spamming techniques. Please use good practices for inviting likes.
– All fans must be REAL PEOPLE with active facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon – NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM, NO MAFIA WARS, NO BLACK HAT TECHNIQUES!
– Each fan must have at least one profile picture (no nude photos and no accounts with the default Facebook profile image).
– The fans must exhibit some type of activity over the last 14 days, meaning I should see wall posts/comments/photo uploads/etc. on their profiles.
– The fans must be added at a rate that will not cause my fan page to be banned.
-75% of Follows, Fans and Likes must be from the US.
-Must be 20 years old and over
-No stagnant accounts
-Likes or followers must have NO PORNOGRAPHIC, NO RACIST and NO ILLEGAL CONTENT.
-Must have at least 20 Facebook fans of their own.
-Must not be temporary likes/follows that will be deleted within a matter of a couple weeks.

– YOU WILL NOT BE PAID if our Facebook account is banned/deleted OR if the page gets banned for too fast friend adding (I have no scripts or anything against FB TOS to get my page banned.)

REMEMBER: Fans on facebook itself must use the "Suggest to Friends" feature as to comply with facebook

YOU MUST TELL ME HOW EXACTLY YOU PLAN ON ACCOMPLISHING THE GOAL. I do not wish to have OUR Facebook account terminated.


PAYMENT:, I will pay you half the milestone within 5 days after completion, and the remaining amount 15 days after completion, after I check the fan count to make sure the users remain subscribed. Thus, you must make sure that any fans lost during those 15 days are replaced.

BID REQUIREMENTS: When you bid, please send me the following information in a PM or in your actual bid:
– The Price for 10,000 fans
– Bid amount for the completed project
– An accurate delivery date you can manage
– Links to examples of previous Facebook Fan pages you have worked on
– Description of methods used to add Fans to make sure that the account isnt banned
– You must have previous feedback.
– You must provide proof of work.
– You must use WHITE HAT only.

We are searching for a LONG-TERM PARTNER for our Facebook activities, so there is a chance we will be giving you more work later on.


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