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Need Country Specfic Facebook Fans Suppliers

We are a very big company selling fb fans,twitter followers and yout tube views.We currently deliver facebook fans to lots of big companies on a regular basis but we can deliver only worldwide and usa fans.So we are looking for more suppliers who can provide us any country specific,gender and age group targeted facebook fans other than worldwide and usa like UK,canada,australia,italy,mexico,singapore,europe and many other countries.So if you can deliver any country specific facebook fans no matter which country it is and can target gender and age group then please bid here and mention which country can u do .Multple bidders will be chosen.Best of luck !
Only those bid will be entertained which will be in this format :

1.)Mention which specific country you can target.You can also bid and enter only this if you can target only specific countries and not gender and age targetting
2)Mention you can target specific gender or you can target only gender and no specific country
3)Age group that you can target
4)Price per 1k and delivery time.

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Looking For Twitter Followers And Facebook Fans Suppliers

Owner of 3 facebook, twitter and youtube view websites looking for more reliable suppliers.

No-admin Targeted Fans 1k,2k,5k,10k,20k,50k
No-admin non-targeted Fans 1k,2k,5k,10k,20k,50k

No-password targeted followers 1k,2k,5k,10k,20k,50k
No-password non-targeted followers 1k,2k,5k,10k,20k,50k

Yes-password targeted followers 1k,2k,5k,10k,20k,50k
Yes-password non-targeted followers 1k,2k,5k,10k,20k,50k

REAL YOUTUBE VIEWS 10k,20k,50k,100k

I need to know several things before hiring you.
1. specify what you can supply
2. estimated time of delivery per each k.
3. proof of experience.
5. whats your supplying capability.
6. Are you able to reply my questions and concerns within 24 hours?

If you have read up to this point put the word "twitterrox" on the title when bid or sending private message.

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Need 10,000 Facebook Fans From India – Long Term Prospects

We require 10,000 Facebook Fans for our Facebook fan page.

Please read total description before bidding.

Project requirements:

– All Fans must be REAL PEOPLE with ACTIVE facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended. ABSOLUTELY NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
– Fans are to be located within India only.
– All fans must have a minimum of 20+ friends with a minimum of 1 photo.
– All fans must be the age of 15 and over.
– All fans must be active and have logged in within the past 15 days.
– All fans must have their status updated within the past 30 days.
– ABSOLUTELY NO fans are allowed to be spammers or risk of having their accounts deleted.
– ABSOLUTELY NO fans with illegal pictures, pornography or any content that will jeopardize their accounts deleted.
– ABSOLUTELY NO fans that will risk my fan page being deleted.
– Please use good practices for inviting fans. (Facebook account must not be banned/deleted for your actions. It should always be kept active. If Facebook account is not complete there will be no payment for this project).
– Payment will be made 14 days after project completion, provided fans remain subscribed.

Additional Information:
Previous experience is essential. You MUST include an overview of your methods, along with samples of previous related work, when bidding.

When bidding please also include:
– Rate for 5,000, 10,000 and 25,000 fans
– Bid for complete project
– Do not place a bid that you will increase later
– Accurate delivery date
– Previous work and references if possible
– Urls with examples of previous Facebook Fan page work

On-going work is available for the selected bidder. There are going to be many more such projects to follow

Write "fb" in your bid so that we know that you have read the terms and conditions of this project

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Suppliers – Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views

We are one of the largest advertisers online for customers looking for Facebook Fan Page Fans, Fan Page Invites, YouTube Video Views, Likes, & Comments, and Twitter Followers. We receive 10 new orders daily. We are looking for new suppliers to help us with these orders. Below is a list of services we are looking for as well as what we will pay for those services. If you are interested in getting a lot of new orders weekly and can deliver as promised, then we want to work with you.

When you do respond to this Project posting please tell us what orders you can fill, and how long it will take you to fill each order and your preferred method of payment. We are looking to add only a few new suppliers to our supplier list as we are very happy with our current suppliers…..we look forward to having a few of the best providers join our team. Our prices that we pay are set so dont respond with your pricing…but keep in mind you will make it up in volume orders…….as long as you provide excellent services and communicate well with us….if you have good feedback we will most likely contact you via PMB.

YouTube Views
5,000 – $20.00
10,000 – $35.00
20,000 – $60.00
50,000 – $120.00
100,000 – $225.00

YouTube "I Like" Ratings
100 – $25.00
500 – $100.00
1,000 – $175.00

YouTube Comments
100 – $25.00
500 – $100.00
1,000 – $175.00

Facebook Fan Page Invites
5,000 – $20.00
10,000 – $30.00
20,000 – $55.00
50,000 – $125.00

Twitter Followers (with login info)
1,000 – $25.00
2,000 – $45.00
5,000 – $95.00
10,000 – $150.00
25,000 – $325.00

Twitter Followers (NO login info)
1,000 – $40.00
2,000 – $70.00
5,000 – $150.00
10,000 – $275.00
25,000 – $600.00

Facebook Fans

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RSS, Newsletter, Social Network Marketing, Facebook Fans 2

Ongoing project. Looking for someone with a lot of Facebook accounts with US friends for website marketing. Also looking to build RSS readers and newsletter subscribers. Please provide your credentials with bids and we can discuss long-term ongoing project prices. Im using Google analytics, I want US traffic mostly incoming to my website.

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Need Some Experience Facebook Fans Suppliers

I am looking for some Experience supplier of Facebook Fans. This supplier must be able to handle daily orders.
The prices must be competitive, and they must be able to deliver on time.

I am looking for someone who can provide reasonable prices but also quality as well.

When submitting your bid, please provide prices for the following:
USA Fans: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 etc.
Worldwide Fans: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, etc.

Supplier must be able to respond to daily orders, and send me progress reports as proof of delivery of service.

This is ongoing work, and can get you a good amount of daily income if you prove to be a decent supplier.

Please only provide your quote if you have fully understood I want evidence of your pricing.


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Facebook Fans Suppliers For Long Term Business Relationship

I need to hire more than 4 service providers for my projects.
Read the description before you place a bid.

1) Fans must be gathered WITHOUT the use of spam, bots, automated programs or the like
2) Fans must be REAL people with REAL accounts
3) Fans must have status updates that go back maximum 15 days
4) Fans must have 50+ friends and pictures and at least 10 photos
5) Fans must be from USA only
6) NO fans are allowed to be spammers or be at risk of having their accounts deleted
7) NO fans with profiles promoting pornographic, dating, gambling, illegal or youth endangering sites of ANY nature

Send me PM with this details.

1. Give some past work you had done recently.
2. Cost per 1000 fans, Targeted and Non – Targeted,
3. How long it will take for 1000 fans.

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