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Facebook External Chat Application

I need a developer who can create an external code for a facebook application which when a user visits would than have to grant access for the application to use their chat (xmpp_login) and than straight after that, the application would send a message to every online friend in the chat, which I can customise. After this, the user would be redirected to a final page which again, I can customise.

Other requirements:

-> The script must be able to be ran on shared hosting, no VPS or Dedi
-> The script must be able to allow me to configure how many online friends will it send a message to (i.e. 5, 10, 20 or to everyone)
-> The interval between sending each message should be able to be customised (i.e. 1 second interval between sending each message)

Payments will be sent instantly after project is finished without any delay!

Any questions, please ask me.

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Facebook Likes 1000

I am looking for 1000 facebook likes, likes must be from real accounts, with at least 50 friends and 4 pictures.
The likes must come from active accounts, non spam accounts.

Looking to get more likes after first 1000 is ment.

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Mafiawars Clonning Script

I am needing someone to write a script that clones mafia wars weapons and lotto. this is for facebook. willing to pay good amount. please email

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1000 Active Facebook Accounts

Looking to buy 1000 facebook accounts, with atleast 4 different profile pictures and a decent amount of wall posts and atleast 100 friends. Looking for a email list of emails/password within 24 hours after being awarded.

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Facebook Accounts / Target Friends / Send Requests

I am looking for a company that can provide me with 25+ (the more the better) accounts that have friends of 1,000 or more (unique to each other) within a targeted audience.

For instance. Need someone that call pull all the IDs of a specific fan page then send friend requests to all IDS of people that like that page. Thus creating accounts with targeted audiences.

So qualified prospect must be able to pull IDS of Fan Pages within our target audience (will provide), create Facebook accounts (that dont get deleted), send friend requests from those newly created accounts from the targeted fan page IDS, and deliver the accounts with 1,000+ friends to me.

How much for each account provided (ei. accounts totalling 50,000 friends, 100,000 friends, 250,000 friends, 500,000 friends, 1,000,000 friends)

Looking to do ongoing work according to the above parameters so also need to know estimated time tables for each.

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Facebook Project For Webhelpguy

Add 500 friends to account. Friends need to be all USA, and all Realtors

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Facebook API Expert Needed

Facebook api expert needed. simple task for expert. do not bid more than $30. do not send PM please

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Facebook Accounts

Please bid with the number of FB accounts you can offer for $30. I am interested in US accounts, with English names, 3+ pics, 30+ friends, at least 3 months old

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Facebook 100k Greek Fans Needed


Im looking to buy 100k+ real facebook GREEK fans, OR greek speaking peeple on my Facebook Group that I have created already.


The fans must be real legitimate facebook users.
They must be on the page for more than 1 month. (to check this you will be paid after 1 month)
I also need you to show me an automatic way to gather their email, posted on their profile

You will only be paid if the facebook fans stay on the page for more than 1 month

Message me what you need and how long it will take please.

You will be paid after 30 days after project completion.

It will be better if you speak Greek….

Thank you

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Facebook Script

I am looking for someone to write some code that would invite all friends to a fanpage

ive come across code that you paste into the URL that invite all friends…. but im wanting something that once the user clicks the invite friends button… would automatically invite all of their friends.

after they have invited all of their friends then it would automatically send them only the page they were requesting..

ive seen the 3 step FBML way but I think that no longer works.. was looking for something in PHP

if this is something you might be able to help me with then please contact me

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IFame Facebook App

Need a simple iframe facebook app with following feature

1. show a gift link and on click –> use xfbml to send it to profiles friends.

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10k Friends And 10k Wall Comments On Facebook (Hoodout)

I need 10k real friends and 10k wall comments that promotes a YouTube link. I will need a excel document with all of the account information and make sure that the accounts ARE REALISTIC WITH ATTRACTIVE AMERICAN PICTURES.

1) all Friends must be real people (no fake ac
2) all friends must be from Houston, Texas
3) all friends must have 30+ friends and 4 photos
4) all friends must be aged 18-45

1, You will be paid only after I check the accounts to see the friends are real and from my target area

Please tell me your methods of doing this and how it is within the Facebook rules

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Need 4000 Fans/Likes To My Facebook Page

I need 4000 fans to my facebook pages:

1 Page add +2000 fans
1 Page add +2000 fans

All world welcomed but US, CA and UK fans mainly

I can pay $30.00 US per this 4000 likes. Please consider that this could be very simple since I am asking just 2000 fans per page, so you can invite your 2000 friends to 2 pages.

5-7 days for completion. I have more FB promotion projects so I can give you more projects and a tip.

Please let me know.

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Phpfox Script Upgrade

We have a website that runs on this script we have not done much on it for a while and would like to retake it. so we want do upgrade to the latest version and we want this theme. ( Fresh Air)
also before it would allow users to design their profiles like myspace , if this is still the case we want that option removed.

we also want to make sure that it has the facebook option like the new demo.

we will send you the logo and new banners to place…

please only programmers who have worked with phpfox

dont bid to high this is only an upgrade

thank you

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Facebook Connect

I need a Facebook Connect feature connected to a website currently in development. The FB Connect feature should allow user input on the website to subsequently be posted on the Facebook website, viewable by friends in the Newsfeed area.

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