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Facebook/Youtube/Twitter EXPERT

Looking for someone that is an expoert in Facebook – Twitter – Youtube.

Please provide as much detailed information on facebook and twitter services along with prices ie: iframes, landing pages, custom backgrounds, like buttons, connecting websites to facebook etc.

Also looking for friends/fans for facebook and followers for twitter. Need pricing for 50 to1 000 for each. Must explain how this is done as well.
Is it possible to link friends/fans from one specific city?

Also price for youtube views and backgrounds.

Price for twitter/facebook /youtube account setups.

Anything you can provide with pricing on all social media. Full time work available.

Thank you


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2 Million Facebook, Twitter, Myspace Emails Needed And Sent

Hi i need Vaild new uptodate 2 million emails from Facebook, Twiiter, Myspace and college student emails worldwide

and i need you to send it out on behalf of me i will give you a template you will need a server to send it out for me

please make you understand that you will provide me the 2 mill emails and send the bulk emails out for me so

make shore you have a server that sends bulk emails and that can handle 2 million emails

also the temple i provide you with you need to modify it so the email doesnt get delisted

also before i pay i need a report that 100% no bounces and all emails sent so a quality report is needed

i will only pay 10% milestone when the project is completed and report given with proof i will give you rest of the money

please understand what i wrote then bid if not dont bid i wont reply thank you

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Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans And Youtube Views


We are interested in offers that cover exactly what we want, no different and general services like SEO etc.

Since well buy big amounts of Followers, Fans and Views in the future, this is a test to check the quality of your work.

Please INCLUDE TARGETINGS you can offfer. We are mainly interested in customers from Europe and the US. Our business is linked to aviation, luxury, travel and military.

Were looking for a QUALITY, RELIABLE and COMMITTED Twitter Follower, Facebook Fans and Youtube Views supplier. We need the Followers, Fans and views to be REAL and high quality and with extremely good prices and fast delivery times.

This is the information we need:

– Prices for 1000 Twitter Followers.
– Estimated delivery time

– Prices for 1000 and 5000 Facebook fans.
– Estimated delivery time

– Prices for 100000 Youtube Views.
– Estimated delivery time

If you fill this requirements please contact us and bid, if not: Dont even bother, were NOT going to consider the following:

– Biders that CANT supply enough
– Biders that have delivery times over 20 days for followers and more than 100 days for youtube views
– Biders that dont include the full details were asking
– Biders that cant deliver high quality
– Biders that dont provide competitive low prices

Those who dont comply with the requirements above wont be considered.

Thanks, happy bidding. We are happy to work with you in the future if you are a quality supplier.

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Young Actress Website

Looking to redesign the website for a young actress in Hollywood. Basic site to be cloned is Notes below:

– Basic background will be black
– Pictures will be supplied for rotating banner (please use Javascript rather than flash, if possible)
– Banner text is a follows:

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We Need A Social Networker For Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

I am looking for a long term relationship with a good provider for this type of work so please read every word of my project detail below.

We looking for targeted, real, quality, male/female Facebook fans that are mostly from Georgia and the surrounding states.. Other work will include all of the United States and Canada.


Requirements include all conventional rules for professional facebook fan acquisition and include the following:

* Fans MUST ABSOLUTELY must be actual people who actively keep up their facebook accounts. No fake accounts, no at-risk accounts, no spam, no bots, Farmville or Mafia wars.
* All fans must have at least 4 photos and 40+ friends.
* All fans must be between 18 to 65 years of age.
* All fans must have updated their status no more than 10 days ago.
* Fans must stay active and not be suspended for 30 days, or they must be replaced at no cost.
* At no time must the fan page you are working to add fans to be put at any risk.
* All fans must live in the counties we provide


* I will need to see proof of your previous work. I will need references, and fan pages you have worked on. I will need a description of how you plan to undertake this work. Please only bid if you have previously worked on this type of project and have positive reviews in
* You must not do ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to put this Facebook fan page at risk. You must use white-hat, Facebook approved practices for inviting new fans. Your account must also stay active and not banned. If either account is banned, you will not receive payment.
* Please list your favorite sport or movie in your response, so I know that you read and understood this project description. I will ignore all bids without this information.

* Payment will take place in two stages, one payment halfway through and one payment in 30 days.
* I have a small budget for this project

Will pay 20$ for every 5000 fan invites

Will pay 20$ for every 1000 targeted fans added to our fan page

Please only bid if you are a facebook professional who can prove your success in acquiring targeted, legitimate fans.


Thank you kindly for your interest.

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Worldwide FB/Twitter/Youtube Fan/Subs/Follow/Viewer Supplier

Hello everyone.


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Worldwide FB/Twitter/Youtube Fan/Subs/Follow/Viewer Supplier

Hello everyone.


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Make IPhone App

Make app like RealCover or iCover Pro for iphone/ipad free ver – free ver –

I provide cover art

I like iCover Pro Ui(cover flip) after it make as RealCover

Make two app with ad & without ad


1. tap the icon. app open
2. Select cover
3. After selecting photos new UI open select picture from camera/camera roll/photo album
4. save I need facebook,twitter, myspace, email & camera roll/photo album
5. Done

I will own the rights to and it will be copyrighted. You may not sell it. I have apple developer ID.

Submit app in the app store for me with my apple ID

you have to make –

Desktop icon for the application(57×57 png)
Large icon for applicatipon(512×512)
Description for the application(not name)

budget $220 max

PAYMENT(escrow) –

Design Ready: US$ 25%
Beta Release: US$ 25% (adhoc testing)
Final Release: US$ 25% (adhoc testing)
Apple Approval: US$ 25%

time MAX 45 days

any question or problem pm me

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YouTube, Twitter And Facebook Project

*I need someone to design a YouTube, Twitter and Facebook page for my branding efforts.

*I am creating a start up company and need your help for branding.

*If your great and a good fit I am looking for a partner for my other clients as well. (Bad Ass Opportunity, really it is!)

*Need to see your proven work so show me what you got!

Good luck hope I can work with you and be partners.

+If you created something like this before like a social campaign that would be awesome+

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Web Site Design

Need a new web site. at
We are a Bar / Night Club / restaurant / Pizza Joint.

Need to have a calender for easy updates. Current events.
Photo updates.
Live Cam feed.
Menus for food.
Tee Shirts orders.
social networking links.
* MuseNantucket

thank you

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Facebook / Twitter/ YouTube Marketing Guru To Start ASAP

Facebook / Twitter/ YouTube Marketing Guru Needed ASAP


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Facebook / Twitter/ YouTube Marketing Guru Needed ASAP

Facebook / Twitter/ YouTube Marketing Guru Needed ASAP


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Twitter & Facebook Experiences And Paypal


I need someone help me and must be professional with experiences and past work at :
twitter , facebook and paypal .
If tests and real work is good , then may continue as long term .
this for honest persons and methods only .
you are welcome .


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1000 Votes On Facebook.

I need 1000 votes/nominations here. I need as many votes as you can provide according to tos. Please advise.

Use real facebook / twitter ids.
I will pay you 30$ for this.
Instant work needed.

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Facebook, Youtube, Twitter And SMS EXPERT Needed

Need top build a frequent site visitor program. If one clicks on special link on faebook, twittter or yourtubbe you create points. if you refer someone and they click the link, you and THAT referred person will build points,

Admin must detail points and designate which site the click came from.

Must also work with SMS.

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Create, Fully Optimize And Manage Facebook Fanpage/Twitter

Create, Fully Optimize And Manage Facebook Fan-pages + Twitter (separate price for twitter please)
10,000 Facebook Fans for Facebook Fanpage.

-All Fans must be REAL PEOPLE with ACTIVE facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended. ABSOLUTELY NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
-Fans are to be located within United States
-All fans must have a minimum of 50+ friends with a minimum of 5 photos.
-All fans must be the age of 18 and over.
-All fans must be active and have logged in within the past 15 days.
-All fans must have their status updated within the past 30 days.
-ABSOLUTELY NO fans are allowed to be spammers or risk of having their accounts deleted.
-ABSOLUTELY NO fans with illegal pictures, pornography or any content that will jeopardize their accounts deleted.
-ABSOLUTELY NO fans that will risk my fan page being deleted.
-Please use good practices for inviting fans. (Facebook account must not be banned/deleted for your actions. It should always be kept active. If Facebook account is not complete there will be no payment for this project.

You will be paid 20 days after project completion. Please note that payment might be reduced accordingly if fans do not remain active during the 20 day period.

Please provide the following:
-Price (for 1 and 4 accounts) + facebook + twitter separate quotes
-Estimated delivery date
-Past work experience
-URLS with some of the best Facebook Fan page work

Have a ton of work

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About 15 Page Elegant Clean Website With Html5

I am looking for a website about 15 to 20 pages. It will be a normal website with products showcase. After completion of the creating, i will be able to edit any content itself by myself. It could be done with dreamveawer.
1-I am looking for a clean elegant looking website like, starkcarpet-dotcom, safavieh dotcom,
Site will include about us, products collection, events, order form, become a dealer form, contact us, privacy notes, blog (matching colors and design created with wordpress or blogspot)
2-also, new creative logo design is needed.
3-facebook, twitter, youtube buttons should be added.
4-there are only 6 collections now. Collections info page should similar to safavieh dotcom or any design you should suggest, elegant looking.
5-I want to able to insert 1 videos for each collections to show customers the difference of the qualities. All Videos could be on the same page or, one video on each 5 collections. This is upto you to decide for your creativity of the website.
6-first page should include html5, showing of the 5 different slides for our collections.

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Need 100 Signups Long Term

I need 10 sign ups delivered to my MLM program. MLM is $25.00 only…..
Income possibilities for those that sign up are awesome……

I am looking to build a long term relationship with an individual. I would like you to be able to continually provide sign ups after the initial 10. Bonus payments for those individuals that sign up after the initial 10 are guaranteed…….
I would like to have 10 to 20 unique sign ups a week. The longer they stay with the program….the greater the payments.

The first 10 is to determine whether or not you can deliver as promised.
–> You must use legitimate methods. No Bots, No SPAM, No Spam, Fraud, Blackhat or incentives.

–> You can promote via Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, Craigslist, Tazlist, PPC, Offline marketing, SEO or any legal and legitimate methods at your disposal…..

Please only bid if you have experience and can fulfill the assignment.

Thank you in advance for your efforts.

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Twitter, MySpace, Facebook Fan Page Design

I am looking for someone to do the design of my following social media sites or my personal business. Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook fan page. 1 design for all sites so they look alike as well as the logos. Please show examples when bidding. Also let me know how long it will take you.

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Seeking individual or company that is very skilled and fast-paced in expanding social networks on music artists FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, TWITTER & MYSPACE pages

Example: 30,000 facebook fans added within one week (this is for one facebook page)

Send your experience in all of the fields listed below as well as the speed you will do projects in


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Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace


Im looking for a php coder who can build us a social networking site which has the combined functions of:

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and MySpace

Registered members can invite their friends as soon as they have registered…so this must link to their current email i.e. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail etc and send each and everyone of their contacts a personal invite.

The site will also have:

1. A property listing section for sale and rentals (by country, city etc)
2. A jobs listing (by country, city etc)
3. Advertisers (banners)
4. Live Twitter feeds
5. Google News Alerts
6. Shopping portal (product feeds in xml format from affiliate networks)

This project spec is work in progress, but from the outset, I must say, we are not looking for a completely bespoke site unless the price is price.

I need an expert coder who can integrate my design work with maybe 3/4 other social networking openSource applications and remove their branding. But this must feel to the user as if its all one site. They must not know its powered by external software.

If you have any other ideas for this project, please feel to PM me. Im looking forward to starting some discussions about this.

Please be realistic with your budget also and submit any links that you think would be useful to this project.

Good luck and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Need Myspace, Twitter, Hi5, Facebook Profiles Made

Need 500 profiles made for each of the social networking sites mentioned below. Your task will be to go to our profile page (will be a standard bio link) and then you will need to make a copy the profile image and then create a profile with that models name in each of the sites below. We will 500 profiles of each model for:


You will then need to add banners (we will provide) to the profiles or a background with our company brand. In addition to the "about me" text. The profiles will need to look real so they must be unique looking. You will have to know how to change IPs and not get accounts deleted. Must be organic so you will need to make a small amount a day and then move on to another platform to risk getting profiles deleted. Please make sure to write showtime with your bid and give a detail explanation of your relevant experience and what would be your strategy to doing this task so the ads stay live. We will also offer management fee if you can manage the accounts as well.

Thank you

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