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Facebook External Chat Application

I need a developer who can create an external code for a facebook application which when a user visits would than have to grant access for the application to use their chat (xmpp_login) and than straight after that, the application would send a message to every online friend in the chat, which I can customise. After this, the user would be redirected to a final page which again, I can customise.

Other requirements:

-> The script must be able to be ran on shared hosting, no VPS or Dedi
-> The script must be able to allow me to configure how many online friends will it send a message to (i.e. 5, 10, 20 or to everyone)
-> The interval between sending each message should be able to be customised (i.e. 1 second interval between sending each message)

Payments will be sent instantly after project is finished without any delay!

Any questions, please ask me.

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Facebook Conection

We need an iPhone app that conects with Facebook, when you press a button in your iPhone it send a message to your profile that appears on the home of your friends and also sends a message to a data base showing it to us.

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Facebook Fans From Singapore Needed

We have clients who need Singapore fans for their Facebook pages.
Only from Singapore. Timeline will be reasonable, but priority will be they have to be real.
Only real fans with real facebook profiles. They must be actual, REAL active people using facebook.
No Bots, Spam accounts, game profiles, undesirable accounts, accounts that will not be suspended, etc

We reserve the right to reserve payment if fans are predominantly not from Singapore or there is a high dropout rate.

For this round, will be looking at FEMALE fans only.
If the result is good, we will look into further cooperation/business in the long term.

Kindly Quote for 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 fans etc.

We may select more than one Freelancers for this or future projects.
Thank you for your interest and hope to work together well in future.

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Facebook Likes 1000

I am looking for 1000 facebook likes, likes must be from real accounts, with at least 50 friends and 4 pictures.
The likes must come from active accounts, non spam accounts.

Looking to get more likes after first 1000 is ment.

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Facebook Project For Webhelpguy

Add 500 friends to account. Friends need to be all USA, and all Realtors

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5000 Facebook Fans From Poland

Hello, I need 5000 Facebook fans from Poland to "like" my Facebook page. All 5000 fans must be from Poland and methods used to obtain these fans cannot violate Facebook policy (no bots or spamming please).

There are Only 4 Requirements:
1. All fans must be real people with active accounts (no fake accounts, spam accounts, accounts at risk of being suspended or deleted).
2. All fans must have a minimum of 50 friends and a minimum of 4 photos in their profile.
3. Fans cannot have anything in their profile that can result in their accounts being suspended or deleted (photos which violate Facebook policy, profanity, illegal content).
4. Fans must stay on my page and not quit a few days later.

Thank you for you interest. I look forward to working with the winner.

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Facebook Accounts

Please bid with the number of FB accounts you can offer for $30. I am interested in US accounts, with English names, 3+ pics, 30+ friends, at least 3 months old

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10k Friends And 10k Wall Comments On Facebook (Hoodout)

I need 10k real friends and 10k wall comments that promotes a YouTube link. I will need a excel document with all of the account information and make sure that the accounts ARE REALISTIC WITH ATTRACTIVE AMERICAN PICTURES.

1) all Friends must be real people (no fake ac
2) all friends must be from Houston, Texas
3) all friends must have 30+ friends and 4 photos
4) all friends must be aged 18-45

1, You will be paid only after I check the accounts to see the friends are real and from my target area

Please tell me your methods of doing this and how it is within the Facebook rules

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Need 4000 Fans/Likes To My Facebook Page

I need 4000 fans to my facebook pages:

1 Page add +2000 fans
1 Page add +2000 fans

All world welcomed but US, CA and UK fans mainly

I can pay $30.00 US per this 4000 likes. Please consider that this could be very simple since I am asking just 2000 fans per page, so you can invite your 2000 friends to 2 pages.

5-7 days for completion. I have more FB promotion projects so I can give you more projects and a tip.

Please let me know.

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Add US Fans To My Facebook Page

Hi there!

I need to add 1500 fans to my facebook page, all fans added MUST be real US fans and have at least 50 friends each. I need this in 4 days, and the budget is $30.00USD.

Also I require you to post your previous experience.


Start asap. Regards!

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Facebook Connect

I need a Facebook Connect feature connected to a website currently in development. The FB Connect feature should allow user input on the website to subsequently be posted on the Facebook website, viewable by friends in the Newsfeed area.

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