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5000 Indian Fans Needed For Fanpage


I needed a facebook fans supplier, who can really supply the fans for a long time. I have a fanpage for which I needed targeted Indian Fans only. I am starting this from 5k fans. So, kindly bid here only. If you are expert in this field.

I would like to tell you that myself, I am a facebook marketing expert. The reason I am creating a project here becoz I dont have enough time to work on this one. Thats why, I am hiring someone.

The rules should be followed when supplying fans:

All fans must be 18+
Fans should be from India only. I will check out this from facebook page insights.
Must be real people, No fake accounts. I can catch with in a second that either the fans are real or fake. So try to cheat
Only experienced people are allowed to bid
Please send me your previous work when bidding.
Tell me your way or method of bringing fans to my fanpage. It should be white hat method. No any black hat methods allowed.
Bid here the reasonable price here. I know that how much 5k Indian fans will cost. So, keep this in your mind before bidding
You will be paid after the 1 week of completion of your fanpage.

No time waster needed.

Remember, its a long term project. I am just testing that whether the person whom I will hire is eligible to provide me the fans on continuous basis or not


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Integrate Facebook Fanpage

We need someone to integrate a facebook landing page design for us on facebook. We have already created the design, we just need it to be integrated.

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Buying Swedish Fans For Facebook Fanpage!


I would like to buy some swedish fans for my fanpage.
All the fans must be active within the last week.
All fans must be real persons.
All fans must be between the age of 13 -> 25.
All fans must be swedish.

Is this possible?
And how are you going to do it?
I do not want any robot fans!

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Secret Fanpage

I need someone to edit a few things on my website

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Need Facebook Likes For Fanpage

I need 5k European likes on a fanpage.

All of them need to be real and guranteed fans.

No fake or bots should be used for bringing likes/fans

Preference will be given for person will low bid and i need the work to be started soon.

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3k Non-Targeted FB Fans To A Fanpage – Start ASAP!!!

Hi all freelancers,

I need 3k Non-Targeted/WorldWide Real and Active Fans to my Facebook Fanpage.

Please think and must be remember before bidding: NO SPAM, NO FAKE, NO BOT.

Fan requirements:

1) they must be real people (no fake accounts or bots)
2) they should be from the Non-Targeted/WorldWide
3) Over the age of 18
4) Should have 50+ friends
5) should have regular status updates

I will pay 7 days after project is finished. I

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Facebook Fanpage Scraper Tool

We need a Facebook fanpage scraper tool.

Must be able to go to a Facebook fan page and get all the email addresses off the page and export to cvs or excel file.

Also, would like to gather all demographic information about fans from their profiles, such as marital status, city/town, likes/interests, education, employment etc.

If you do a good job we will hire you for other projects as well.

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3k Non-Targeted FB Fans To A Fanpage – Start ASAP

Hi all freelancers,

I need 3k Non-Targeted/WorldWide Real and Active Fans to my Facebook Fanpage.

Please think and must be remember before bidding: NO SPAM, NO FAKE, NO BOT.

Fan requirements:

1) they must be real people (no fake accounts or bots)
2) they should be from the Non-Targeted/WorldWide
3) Over the age of 18
4) Should have 50+ friends
5) should have regular status updates

I will pay 7 days after project is finished. I

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1000 Additional USA Fans Needed For Facebook Fanpage

I need 1000 additional fans from the UNITED STATES for a facebook fan page. The page is currently at 1,589 and we need it to be at 2,589+.

Please only bid if you are able to provide fans from the United States.
Thank you.

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Facebook Fanpage With Flash

I want to have a Facebook page built – I want it to be beautiful and have all the bells and whistles possible.

The page should contain a welcome tab, and at least 3 other tabs. The theme and logo from their website will be the main theme. Flickr galleies should be available as well.

Make sure you have the technical skills prior to bidding.

Michael & Mikael

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Facebook Animation Fanpage

Our expectations please read attached .DOC file for clarity

a. Facebook Fanpage written with the Iframe tabs, new facebook format
1) Including landing page
2) And any other pages necessary the designer sees fit.
b. Animation work done, as similar to examples…subject to revisions of sketch work and approval
c. Some type of contact form with numerical calendar for estimated dates wanted and pictures of people to give us a idea of how many beds . Open to suggestions.
d. 1k minimum fans. Target eastern europe min. 50% rest can be western europe. No bots
e. A fanpage user interaction-photos with coupon…open to suggestions.
f. That you, understand the concept and ideas we are trying to convey. If you dont we expect you to ask us for clarification.
g. That any artwork completed by you or for you, for our usage becomes our property. Subject to copyright and not available for resale to any other company or individual without our express written consent.
h. Add Google Analytic code ( I will provide the code) yes we are aware of Insights
i. Provide us the code to include the fanpage on our website.
j. Logo is not necessary. we are not trying to brand a product. Something catchy for the top and profile pic that matches the theme. Obviously we need to mention the name
k. When viewing the Fanpage from a iphone or mobile device or app. It should redirect to a mobile compatible browser page with directions to us (link google maps) and our contact info. low graphics fast load time. 3G/GPRS connections and back to our main fanpage in browser not app
l. No scrollbars on the iframes
m. You need access to our servers, you will be responsible for installing the facebook PHP SDK if required. Along with uploading HTML and CSS files. This will be arranged with our IT support.
n. Use signed_request variables to create the Reveal / Fan-gating feature
o. set up email to admin for wall activity
p. Make sure we have 100% functionality in all browsers

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100k Facebook Fanpage Needed

I would like to keep it simple..

-I need a 100k fanpage (uk,usa,canada).
-If u can deliver the above request, how long would it take for u build the 100k..
-What method would u use to get fans..Just gimme an idea not ur method..this is simply to ensure the page does not get banned unnecessarily..
-NO Black-hat methods or email spamming..

***If u already have a Big Fan page, I would need the below details :-

1. Whats the amount of fans on your fanpage. eg :- (25k, 50k)..
2. Where are most of your fans targeted from eg :- (uk,usa,canada)..
3. The price for your page..
4. i would need full admin (publisher) rights for the page..
5. i would release the payment after 5 days of the page being delivered to me..(i.e) to ensure the fan page is legit & there are no blackhat tricks used to get fans..

If i like your work, I would make sure i hire u again & rate u as per the services provided…

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Need Facebook Expert To Add 1 Or 2 Social Plugins My Fanpage

I have a fanpage and I need to add 1 or 2 social plugins and a wall comment box. I will only pay after the work is done.

I am not sure but I think one plugin is called "like box" a box where one can see pictures of some people who liked the page.


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Facebook Fanpage Design

Need to create a FB fanpage including a webshop like the one with the template I can provide you the script-template but some modifications have to be made as I dont want the payments processed by Paypal but with another payment processor. The template has to be adapted to the colors of my website too. If you think another template is better you can choose another one.My website has only 3 products.

Actually I started a page ( so you can find the link of my website to check my products,the colors and layout.

Please PM me your ideas for the FB fanpage, your experience then I will choose the winner according your ideas and the bid price.


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Need A Clone Of This Facebook Site

I require a clone of a Facebook directory script. The script should be developed in PHP and MYSQL and be tightly integrated to the Facebook API.  A similar layout and functionality is required (see for example).

The script should allow users to login with their Facebook account. Once logged in, any fanpages they have admin rights to should be listed in their control panel. From here they should be able to purchase a directory listing of their fanpage, list their fanpage as a featured page (additional advertising), and purchase other services from us (such as facebook fans).

A checkout system should be integrated using paypal and google checkout, as well as be expandable to other payment systems.

Using the Facebook API, we should also be able to contact any of the users who have logged into the site.

Additional details and discussions will be available to potential coders.

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A Weber Opt In Help To Integrate Into Facebook Fanpage

I understand that this is just a small project. I hope You understand this to.

I need some one who is familiar with a weber opt in. I have a facebook fanpage and need to integrate the opt in to the right place and need some one who also knows to help to put the right text into the responding mail. actually not something special.

I need the work now.


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FB Fanpage Design And FBML Code

I need FB static FBML page design and code. Page will have one youtube video and SHARE and LIKE buttons. Also under the video/buttons and attractive link to "DOWNLOAD THIS SONG"

You need to have previous experience on creating FB pages and send some examples.
You need to create quick mockup of the look and feel of the page.

PM me and I will provide you the links and graphics that can be used on the design

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Facebook Fan Page Design

We are looking for experienced Facebook Fanpage designer to design our Facebook Fanpage.

We have the PSD of our logo, etc from our website that you can use for your fanpage design. We need the page to be very modern and catchy (think glossy eye candy)

We need a Page With Aweber Optin + Video Intergration + Profile Banner!

We are only looking for experienced designers who have a portfolio of like fanpages they created, have feedback on freelancer greater than 20, and have a high completion rate.

Happy Bidding

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Facebook Fan Page Design/development

We are looking for experienced Facebook Fanpage designers to design and develop our Facebook Fanpage.

You will design fan page based on our website and develop it after our approval.

We are looking for a simple site to attract client base in financial services.

Exerienced designer will need to show the portfolio.

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50,000 Facebook Fans Needed!

I need 50k real fans to a social media website. These must be targeted fans from the UK or US, AU or NZ. No fake accounts or accounts risking the fanpage to be blocked!

Please only bid if you have experience, and provide examples of the work.
We are not going to make you admint of the fanpage, we need a solution when you can achieve the fans in some other way.

Thansk a lot


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Facebook Feed Grabber


for conducting research I need a basic tool that grabs the content from facebook fanpages.
I want to save all the content from up to 50 fanpages into html files or a database.

I need a software or webbased tool in which I can write the URL of the fanpage which then grabs the content and displays all the activity of one day in one file. I want one file per day and per fanpage.

So for 50 fanpages the tool would write 50 files per day.
For the period of 7 days It would write 350 pages in total.

All comments, likes, etc. shall be extracted so its a 1:1 copy of the facebook fanpage streams.

Additionally grab the following data and write it to a databse:
Number of comments per fanpage for each day, number of likes per fanpage (likes of comments) for each day, names of the commentators, number of comments per commentator, number of likes per commentator.
Save number of fans of each fanpage once a day.

Please name an approximate price for creating this tool within the next two weeks.
The first step will be to create a working demo of the grabbing function (1:1) copy (will be paid) before I will award the whole project.

Bjoern Zimmer

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Facebook Fanpage Designer

Need a stylish facebook fanpage design and coded for me. Custom welcome page,opt in form and banner/display pic as well.look at these pages for samples

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CMS/Web Builder For Flash Fanpage

Hai Programmers,

I have a few flash template with .fla, .swf and other complete files for a Flash Fanpage.
You can check below on the sample.

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Currently i need to go into the .xml files to edit the content for each pages and it is a bit tidious. So im looking for a builder that can make my life easier.

What i have in mind is 3 idea:

1. Simple web based builder
– This is just a simple builder for user to type in the content and it will automatically compile everything
– FREE registration for you to test and understand the concept

2. Complete builder with CMS
– a CMS based builder that keeps the user data and etc

3. Facebook Apps based builder
– a builder that is on facebook application
– means they go to

Facebook going to deprecated the FBML apps by end of Q1 so this builder MUST be able to iFrame the saved template to the user Fanpage. Which mean the file will be hosted somewhere in order to iFrame it.

This will be the process:
1. User sign-up or login using FB Connect or with their facebook profile detail
2. They can choose to sign up as a simgel user (only 1 template to build) or developer (can build many template)
2. Once they logged in, we can know what Fanpage does the profile have
3. So when they finish design with the builder, they can choose which Page they want to install/iFrame it to.

For those who understand what im trying to say, do PM me with the rate of all my 3 ideas.
Which mean i need the rate for idea No.1, No.2 and No.3.
If you dont know what is the 3 idea, then please read again.

Again i repeat, i have a few Flash Files/Template for Facebook Fanpace, what i need is a builder and something like

PM me with all the 3 ideas price/rate.


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Design & Create A Facebook – Fanpage

Dear Freelancer,

we want to build up a high quality and unique Facebook Fanpage.

So we are looking for someone who is able to design and create a Facebook Fanpage. We definitely need a highly professional Look & Feel. You should be able to create a fanpage in our accout after the design is ready. Are there any recommandations to make the fanpage successful? – You should know them all.

Please send us references, your bid and your deadline for the project.

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I Need A Facebook Fanpage Created

I need a facebook fan page created, I have already created the page but i need someone to finish the design of it, Must show past work

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