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Feed And Pinging For 400 Profile Link. PRJ #1

Rss feed and pinging for 400 profile link.

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Dealgator Clone


We are looking for dealgator like daily deal aggregator for South Africa. All the functionality from dealgator should be present.(ex: remainder email before the expiry date of the coupon is sent to members if they purchased through dealgator)
All deals are pulled automatically from site with or without rss feed (mandatory)
Deals should be categorised.
Please check dealgator and we want exactly like that.
Please note: We do have a fully functional yipit like website so please make sure that you bid for deal gator like and not yipit like.

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RSS Feed And Blog Post

I want you to develop a desktop application based on Delphi, which able to grab blog posts (including image, video or anything embed material if any) through RSS. This looks like RSS Reader, which will monitor the RSS feed (based on timer), if theres a new post, the application will download the post content automatically. The data can be stored using XML or SQL, I open with any suggestion. But, as you maybe know, some RSS feed are limiting their text to shows only summary, for that, I want this application able to grab the whole post. Theres many method for doing this, example, get the permalink for the post from the RSS feed, then follow the link and grab the whole post content. And, this application also must be able to post the downloaded post content to my WordPress blog through XML-RPC.

Theres so many resources/code on the Net regarding this kind application. Easy enough, right?

Because currently I developing the main application, i want you to help me to make this done. I will give you the details in PM. Question, please also PM me. The last but not least, please write "Hello Mr. Dolek" in the beginning in your bid, so I know you read this specification. Thanks!

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WordPress – Directory Press Installation

I need someone to install the following –

I need it done ASAP. I dont have the script, so if you do even better otherwise i will need to purchase it.

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WordPress Anim Menu + Rounded Thumbnails

I need to add the two following functionalities to an existing wordpress website. I have tried for many hours doing it myself and I cant find a solution. Those functions (which arent very user-friendly) were asked by the customer so they cannot be overlooked:

-Menu buttons that animate when and play a sound when hovered and when clicked. Could be done using flash. I have tried it and for some reason it doesnt work on all browsers. To save time I can give you the finished animations. Managed to do it in jquery but cant get the sounds to play properly. Also, i dont want the plugin to refresh the page when i go from a gallery page to another.

-I have a nextgen gallery. The thumbnails need to automatically be rounded once uploaded. This could be done going in the css of nextgen, or with some kind of GD library plugin that modifies the files directly.

Please note that I am using a jquery based wordpress template (shapeshifter)

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Fix WordPress RSS Feed Bug

I have a blog located here: .

I need the RSS feed code edited so that it only displays posts from the articles category and doesnt display wordpress pages. Currently the feed is showing posts it shouldnt (such as pages).

Work needs to be done asap.

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RSS Feed Promotions/Marketing

We have several clients who have RSS feeds.

Some are product feeds, some are news feeds, some are live pet feeds.

We need somebody, or a team, who can help each client promote these feeds.

All promotion methods MUST be 100% ethical.

Your bid will be for One site (at a time)

If there is success with the first project, we have 400+ sites that need promotion.

Please describe in brief, what methods you would use to promote these feeds.

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RSS Feed Expert

We currently have a RSS newsfeed on our site.

We have added a table to classify the news articles into categories.
We would like to add more output to our RSS feed.

1. We want to include The Category Output so users can filter the output
2. We want to include thumbnail images (which already exist) into the feed.

Looking for any recommendations you may have as well.

This should be a very simple project… so, for just what we are asking (not including any suggestions you may have..

All you need to be able to do is write some simple querries (php) and eidt our output script.

Here is our current feed style…

For this, it should take about 30 minutes, and we will pay $30.00 – We will consider more IF you have some great suggestions.


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Rss Feed For Imran

For dipperu as discussed.

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Firefox Not Displaying Full Text RSS Feed For WordPress Site

WordPress feed (and feedburner version) does not display full-text RSS feeds.

I have settings >> reading >> articles in RSS display full text selected

I have tried editing the wp-includes/feed-rss2.php file and have narrowed the issue to the following code:

<?php if (get_option(rss_use_excerpt)) : ?>
<description><![CDATA[<?php the_excerpt_rss() ?>]]></description>
<?php else : ?>
<description><![CDATA[<?php the_excerpt_rss() ?>]]></description>
<?php if ( strlen( $post->post_content ) > 0 ) : ?>
<content:encoded><![CDATA[<?php the_content_feed(rss2) ?>]]></content:encoded>
<?php else : ?>
<content:encoded><![CDATA[<?php the_excerpt_rss() ?>]]></content:encoded>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

When I change "content:encoded" to "description" firefox displays full text and chrome does not. When I comment out the second "<description><![CDATA[<?php the_excerpt_rss() ?>]]></description>" firefox and chrome display nothing.

I need rss feeds to display full text articles.

This should be a very easy fix.

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WordPress & Video

WordPress page needing to be adapted.

1) Need to be able to upload video for the end user should be as easy as uploading on utube (full size of screen.
2) RSS feed which can be changed easily in wordpress page by end user.
page should resember sky news

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Repair The Rss Feed

I host a socisl network site. It offers blogs to my users amongst other things. I am having trouble because the rss feed for the blogs does not work. When you click to subscribe to the blog everything comes up like it should and you can subscribe but the problem is… it does not show the blogs in the feed. It shows there is 0 of 0 blogs. I need to find out why it is not pulling the blogs through into the feed. Please someone tell me you can fix this and not cost me an arm and a leg as my social network is a free tool for people. There are other bugs too so if it works out i would like to find someone i can use on a regular basis.

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WordPress And RSS Feed

I have a few small tasks related to wordpress sites (several) and would like to establish medium to long term work with a competent supplier.

The first project or task will be to repair an existing RSS feed in one of my wordpress blogs. It is already set-up but malfunctioning.

Several other sites need a site map installed with a plug-in I have chosen.

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RSS Feed #2

Second phase of rss feeds, including grouped article feeds.

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WordPress RSS Setup

I have a WordPress site and have purchased WP Robot as an RSS / Article tool. I currently have a campaign set up on the home page. I need four pages added and RSS campaigns set up on each page. I also need a video campaign and a news campaign on the sidebar. WP Robot isnt hard to learn if you have the time which I dont. If someone is familiar with WordPress and knows WP Robot this will be an easy job. Im not opposed to using another RSS feed and article content provider. I need to use full articles and keywords. WP Robot is one that Ive found that has both.

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RSS Feed Submission.

Need RSS feed submited to engines, directories, etc.

Tell me what you can do for $30

Wanting to get it done quickly.

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RSS Feed Problems

This is the second time my RSS feed hasnt worked in the last couple of weeks. I would like someone to take a look at it and help me diagnose it and fix it.

I get both errors: Server Timed Out on my original Feed with some suggestions for fixing the HTML. When I “Create Sync” with Feedburner I get “Periscope timed out.” I tried making a pipe since others have had this problem too (seems to be an issue with Google) and it also doesnt update.

This project is urgent.

Thank you

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RSS Feed Made And Postings

I need RSS Feed Made and Postings to
for TWO of my domains.

I choose bidder that can do this right now.

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