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3d Related Programming Work

To run the current code go to cmd
cd path for the debug file demotaxs2.8c30.txt tax.txt .3
I have text file contains association rules ,I want to visualize these rules in data cube , so the decision maker will be able to understand the Association rules from the graph(Data Cube)?using c , c++,C# or java
pls keep the quality
can pay 40$

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Mobile Site Using Hawhaw Php On Existing Mysql


I have an existing website and i need someone to make me simple mobile site which will display the data etc ringtone, themes, videos, music.

the mobile site should be simple and with no errors and it must be using a php mobile plateform so that for wml browser it will display wml and xhtml browser it will display xhtml.

Its easy job and i dont want to pay big amount.

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Paypal Site Payment Integration – Data Life Engine

I currently have a simple money management module developed on a pre existing cms website under a data life engine platform. Users earn money throughout the site and can add and topup or withdraw when required.

I am currently stuck on paypal integration for payments and withdrawal processing and require a developer with extensive knowledge of PHP,CMS and the Paypal API. Data life engine knowledge preffered but not required.

Also looking for a long term partnership for later customisations, this is not to be included in this projects budget.


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PHP Programmer – Gay Site Repairs & Mods

We operate a rather dated gay adult website – We need a PHP programmer for repairs and mods so we can stabilize the site while developing a new one.

Photo Gallery Functioning
Data processor integration with DB
Profile search and match functions
Page Optimization


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Php E-commerce Site – 72 Hour Deadline – Payment Via Escrow

This is a very simple urgent php project I need completed in the next 72 hours. You will be promptly paid (via escrow release) upon project completion.

1) Install an open source (or custom) shopping cart system where users can add products to their shopping cart and check out (without payment processing)

There are no prices on the website, all orders are shipped C.O.D. so there is no need for prices or payment processing for the products.

So, the shopping cart system needs to be very simple, when add to cart is clicked, the total items in the cart increases by one and when checkout is clicked, the shopping cart is reviewed, the customer is registered (or logged in if a returning customer) and the order is emailed to the admin.

The CMS system for the shopping cart should have the following inputs:
Product Name:
Product Description:
Product Category: (dropdown from existing categories)
Browse for thumbnail image:
Browse For Large Image:
Part Number:

There should also be a page for adding / removing categories to be used in the category dropdown menu.

The categories determine which sub page the product will be displayed on. For example, if the category is

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PHP Developer To Make A Adult Review Site Using WordPress

I need an experienced PHP developer to make a similar website according to this website:, please read the requirement carefully,

Developer responsibility:

On the top navigation,

1. the sections i would like you to build,

a. Homepage
b. Reviews

the layout keeps the same as the original site.

2. the other sections need to be replaced by the following in order

c. Videos: ( layout reference )
d. Best-Selling Products: ( layout reference )
e. Contact us:
f. Sitemap:

In addition, on the homepage, there are a list of websites, all of those sites link will be embedded with affiliate link in the format of, where 123456 is the tracking number

I require an admin panel that allows me to simply replace the tracking number 123456 with other numbers,
I require an admin panel to manage the reviews, and videos as well.

I believe by implementing wordpress on this site is a good option, but you can do whatever way you want on this CMS.

my budget is $120 – $200 to this project.
please be able to communicate with me on MSN.

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PHP JSON Help With Exterdal Data

Need some help with an external page I query, in getting back just the JSON data, and splitting that into a PHP array so it can be used correctly via PHP.

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PHP Programmer For New Site

I have designed the look for a basic php database site. I have made a very rough draft of images so you can see how the site should work. It is important that you are experienced and can finish this error free with 100% satisfaction. I have the .png files to get the images from.

Each page is pretty self explanatory by the images hopefully.

For more details and my basic php database site , please PM .

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SocialEngine – Heads/Tails

Simple project needed.

Site uses Smarty/PHP, and we have a points system which is easily managed in one table.

What I require is, for members of my website to put a wager whether a virtual coin will be heads or tails, if they get it right, they double their wager, if they get it wrong, they lose it.


Jake puts 1000 points down and chooses either heads or tails.
If he gets it right, he gets the oppurtunity to continue, each time doubling the money when he gets it right.

At any point he may Keep Winnings after successfully winning a bet.

If he gets it wrong, he immediately loses the points, gets a message saying "Sorry, you lost!" and has to start from the beginning.

This shouldnt be too difficult, willing to pay no more than $70 for this.

Thanks for reading!

PS: I will design the graphics for the coin sides, I just need you to design the script itself.

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Looking to have new site designed based off current site using html/php must intergrate a flash driven payment gateway to allow flash customizble design to be added to cart. contact us for more info

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