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USA Zip Code Database

Looking for a database of zip codes for the US

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Youtube to MP3 Converter Site

I need a site similar to either or or The conversion must be fast..that is the most important requirement. Please read thoroughly as there is a slight twist in the requirement.

1. User goes to the site and enters the youtube url. The site must be able to detect invalid url and inform the user that the url is invalid.

2. As the site is downloading/extracting the mp3 from the videos, an ajax progress bar must be visible to the user with the necessary information like "downloading file", "processing file", "extracting mp3"..etc. The progress bar should indicated the % of the process that has been done and the time to completion.

3. Once the MP3 is processed from the video url, the mp3 file would have to then be uploaded to my file hosting site using a specified account on my file hosting site. Once the Mp3 is uploaded to the download url will be presented to the user for him to download the mp3 file

4. Please note that this will be a separate site from and will be installed in its own domain which is to be advised later.

5. I would like to have an ongoing maintenance for this site. I dont have much budget for the initial site but willing to sign a monthly maintenance fee of between $50-$75 just to keep the conversion fast and keep the site error free and adapt the whatever changes youtube might have in the future.

6. If you have done this before using your own code, please message me the demo url. I am aware of all the similar scripts that are available at the moment from 3rd party providers so please do not try to deceive me.If your implementation supports other video sites as well, the better.

7. You will need to install/maintain the site in my server.

8. I need this done within a couple of days if possible.

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Eurolexis : Project to build Open-source, European and International Law Wiki

Graphic designer and web developer with strong PHP, PERL and scripting skills required to design and build a new European Law Wiki, to be hosted in the UK.

Said contractor must, in addition to being a skilled and creative graphic designer,be capable of coding to a very high standard in PHP and SQL and in using MySQL databases. Thye must also be confident of coding within a Linux/FreeBSD environment.

It is intended that the site be built using TikiWiki and so therefore applicants with no experience using this software will not be considered.

All software and code is to be open-source and will be hosted on a dedicated LAMP server in the United Kingdom.

All coding must be documented and available to the client for inspection.

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