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Create A Site W/ Php Form With Radio Buttons And Drop Downs

Looking to build a site where people can just go to the site, it will have a simple php form that will have each nfl game and a radio button (or check box) to select the winner. Also next to the game there is a drop down that will have a list of available numbers (16—1).

At the bottom of the form there is a submit button which will email me the results.

I am really just focused on the php form and main html page. I can do the standings page myself……this should be a quick 1 hour job for someone. Each week I have to edit the form of the new games and also the drop down, i should be able to do this. I do not have hosting as of yet but i will get it as soon as i have someone working on this.

If it is possible to integrate the submissions and their results into the standings..then that would be awesome but i doubt that can happen.

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UK Finance Site Form Fills

Looking for an experienced email marketeer or lead provider that can provide UK finance signups. I require genuine form fills from UK only.

No fake, incentivised form fills that will never convert. I will only pay for real, genuine UK form fills and will also pay a bonus for each of those form fills that convert into business.

I will pay $1 per form fill, if the quality is exceptional then I will pay considerably more, for the avoidance of doubt quality is determined by the conversion of form fill to paying customer.

I will pay an additional $20.00 commission for every form fill on the site that converts to a paying customer.
A large database of contact details is available.
Traffic and signups from outside the UK will not be compensated.
Traffic may be generated from email, banners, search, social networking etc
Note that we track all activity on our site
We will provide the anding pages.

You will need to be flexible and willing to prove your traffic and ability to drive leads, you will receive regular reports by email on form fills and paying customers. Prompt monthly payment. Please do not ask to be paid in advance.

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Interstatial Form For Php Site

I have a requirement for someone to produce an interstatial form – or some similar solution – that appears on my clients site after a time delay (variable) – visitor completes the form, or closes the window – if compeltes the form they never see that particular form again (we will change it periodically), if they just close it then they wont see the form again during that session on the site, but they will see it each time they access the site until such time as they complete it.

Forms content is emailed to a given email address and user taken to a certain url on successful submission.

Questions via PMB

Please note that I will not pay more than $40 for this solution so any bids exceeding that will be ignored.

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