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Advanced SEO –

We are a Canada based company – SwiftGamers venturing out in the internet. We are making an electronic guide with reviews and a forum with it. We need a person with advanced SEO knowledge who has experience in optimizing vbulletin forums and is wild in ideas related to getting traffic. Since the site is related to electronics, we do not believe that writing articles for creating back links would be a good approach thus the hard work will decrease. Therefore, the budget requirement for this project is low.

A person with experience in advertising and getting advertisers will be preferred. The fee can be customized for the user preference but we do need quality work.

If the work is not up to the mark, the project may be withdrawn. We would like to talk to the people interested before hiring and would like to know their plan of getting traffic. We believe in wild ideas.


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SEO – Outsourcing – SEO For 5 Sites – Low Competition

Looking for a professional SEO company/expert who know what s/hes doing and will get me first page of for low/medium competitive keywords.

Im looking for someone who can get my site to the first page of 5 keywords per each site within 1-3 months. Will have much more work for you if youll do what you say and get the job done.

Project goal:
Keywords should reach Top 5 in within at least 3 months including each sites primary keyword.
The keywords should maintain their positions for at least 14 days.
Maximum time allowed – 5 months.

You will get paid as follows:
Upfront: 20%
All keywords reach Top 10: 60%
3/5 of keywords reach Top 5, including sites primary keyword: 20%

More details:
1. There are 5 sites. About 1-6 months old. Similar to this site (but not the same) ->
2. The domain have primary keyword in it. Some are exact match keyword domains.
Therefore, this is not a hard job. I have done for other sites within 30 days. I just dont have time to do on my own.
3. 5 keywords per site.
4. Keywords are consumer product based low/medium competition.
6. In your reply please mention any experience you have in SEO.
7. All links should at least be online for 1 year.
7. Mention how long will it take you to do this job.
8. Your bid should include all costs. (i.e link buying, content writing etc)

1. You dont have any feedback.
2. Offering me some link building packages.
3. You dont have any experience in SEO.

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SEO For 3 Keywords



We have a website that we want to get on the first 5 positions on for 3 keywords.

The website is new.

– No.1 keyword generates aprox. 1M results.
– No.2 keyword generates aprox. 8M results.
– No.3 keyword generates aprox. 200k results.

We will provide the link and keywords in PM.

We want to work with a company that can GUARANTEE us these results for the price they ask.

We know that normaly "there are no guarantees", but a real expert will allways know if he can get the job done or not.

– Only white hat methods are to be used.
– We shall recive a weekly report of your work and results.
– You are to be able to communicate every day.
– Your english should be good.

1. Timeframe
2. Price
3. Guarantees
4. A plan and strategy for achieving these results.

1. You dont have any feedback.
2. You are only offering me some link building packages.
3. You are only offering me higher cost for this job.

NO advance payments, NO escrow.

We will only pay when we see some results.

For this job we will choose the expert/company that offers best price/quality/guaranees.

Happy bidding!

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A well-written website copy can be of exceptional clarity simply because of the intensity of its keyword focus, but can you provide this service for Ivory Research?

To start with, the copywriter has to amend various articles regarding the subject dissertation

Information about each page is provided in bullet points and max word count is given, which should be used as the guidelines for the writing. Max total word count for the 5 pages is 1500, which can be expanded within reasonable margin.

Keywords for SEO, which are also given, must be taken into consideration in the writing but the writing should not be overwhelmed with them.

Finally, concise and modern English should be used.

If you think you are qualified for the job, we are happy to hear from you

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Initial SEO 15 Keywords With Intention Of Ongoing Contract

I have a 3 year old PR2 website with very strong content in need of some SEO work for 15 keywords.

Website has already been on-site optimised. Looking for off-site SEO work to get the site ranking in top 10 in Google for the selected keywords.

I would like the 15 keywords to rank in top 10 for and

Please send me examples of your previous SEO work and results.

Please quote your price and estimated delivery timeframe. We are keen to establish an on-going relationship and on-going SEO work after initial project.

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SEO For 3 Keywords For Well Established Site

I have a very well established website with an old domain. I have 3 keywords that I want to dominate that are currently on the first page, the keywords are position 5th, 8th, and 9th. Number of competing pages is less the 450,000 for the most competitive of the 3 and even less for the others. I am looking for someone that can get them into the top position and keep them there. Once all 3 keywords are ranking #1 for 15 days I will release the payment to you and we can then agree to a monthly maintenance fee to keep them at the top. ONLY WHITEHAT SEO !!!!!

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List Keywords And SEO Opportunities (read For Full Info)

Thank you for taking the time to read through this brief as it is long, however if you feel any part of it needs clarification then please message me and I will update it.
What I look for in a supplier:
High quality of work, honesty (if something could be done better you should tell me) and of course competitive pricing
What I would like to receive from anyone bidding on this project:
– What experience you have in this field
– A break down of where your quote would be spent
– Your strategy to deliver the work
– Expected timescales for each section

I am working a real estate company in Bangkok and we are looking for a partner to help with the SEO.
To qualify for this work you must have a strong background in researching good quality sites (not link farms)
To be accepted as the supplier you need to be able to supply back to me your strategy for completing the below tasks and an estimate on time.
If you are not good at all the tasks please don

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Local Business SEO Required 10 Keywords- Low Volume Keywords

We require both onsite SEO and backlinks created for our client who requires to be on the first 2 pages of the google listing for 10 keywords for example electrician in bournemouth.

It is essential that only ethical techniques are used and the following guidelines are adhered to with regards to the backlinks which are created;
* Minimum 15 Links
* NO Black hat or gray hat tactics. We require ethical techniques only.
* Links must be permanent ,Links must be free, non-paid links
* Links must be one way, totally static to our website
* Page where link is place should have PR we will not consider domain PR
* Links should be from top level English domains
* Links MUST be from relevant to our subject.
* Some contextual links are preferable.
* Link page should be recently cached by google
* 100% dofollow link
* Links must contain our targeted keywords in the anchor text / description
* Each link must be from completely different C class IP addresses
* NO more than 25 outbound Links on the page where link is placed
* Sites already linked to our site will not be counted
* Links must be in text, no graphics!
* All links must be visible and readable (no hidden links)
* No cloaking, no redirects, no dynamically generated links, no link farms, no spam sites, no link schemes, no scraper sites, no mirror sites, no links within frame or iframe, no flash pages, no javascript, no web rings, no forums, no blog comments, no guestbooks, no classifieds, no illegal sites, no mouseovers, no ping sites, no links within newsgroups.
* Links cannot be from illegal content sites.
* No sponsored links, advertisers, links, ads or similar
* All links must be DO-Follow. nofollow tags or robot.txt blocking are not acceptable.
* No links from directories unless where link is placed has PR as per our requirement
* Google guidelines for building links must be followed.

Report requirements:
We require a final report in Excel spreadsheet format with the following columns and data:

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