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Icon Designer For Tablet Gesture Interaction


We need to design a set of icons which will appear in an iPad App to show user how to navigate with the elements.

The style should be clean, and mono tone (black + white + grey gradients) like

Icon style – but need your redesign as we dont want to copy them /

Here are the icons we need.

1. Tap and Double Tap – finger with circle, or 2 circlesm or vibration waves
2. Tap and swipe left/right / same as Tap and Drag / same as Tap and Rub (see 2:30 – could be a finger with left and right arrows.
3. Pinch and Spread – finger with arrow opening / closing
4. Rotate iPad (to tell people they have to rotate from landscape to portrait or portrait to landscape) see the Rotate icon here with 2 hands holding an iPad (top middle)

All should be in vector format .AI and .PSD and .PNG, transparent. One set black, and one set white.

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Finger Sizes Isn’t Coming Through On Oscommerce Admin Orders

When a customer orders a ring the finger size (from product extra fields) is not coming through to the admin orders section on oscommerce when payment is made by credit card

when payment is made by paypal then it comes through.

your job will be to fix this.

Small job and is urgent so need to be completed very quickly within 1 week of project being awarded.

Please only bid if you are familiar with oscommerce, phpmyadmin,

Straightforward project if you have the skills.

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IOS / OpenGL ES 2.0 / Simulation Of Water


i am looking for a water simulation for iOS devices. The simulation should be implemented in OpenGL ES 2.0. You can see examples of what i am looking for in the following apps:

I intend to use the implementation as a backing layer for a UIView. Here is the interface with comments:
* CALayer that simulates water. The OpenGL ES implementation requires
* version 2.0 of OpenGL ES. This must be configured in the
* UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities with Dictionary Key opengles-2.
* As the background of the water the layer uses the values
* specified with the backgroundColor property. With
* [UIColor colorWithPatternImage: [UIImage imageNamed:@"background"]].CGColor
* one can use images as background.
* It is also possible changing the water color (see waterColor property).
* The layer can handle up to five distinguish touches (fingers). If no
* touch is in fly the water should ripple a little bit, so that one can
* see, that there is touchable water on the screen of the device.

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <QuartzCore/QuartzCore.h>

@interface WaterSimulationLayer : CAEAGLLayer {


* Set the color of the water. [UIColor whiteColor] is a totally transparent water.
* [UIColor blackColor] is totally black. Nevertheless the reflection of the sunlight
* is visible. In fact the color is mixed with the background colors.
@property (retain) UIColor *waterColor;

/* If one made a touch on the device, this method is called. Wheter this is visualized
* is up to the implementation. It is not required but would be nice. The id is unique
* for every finger that touches the device.
– (void) touchWithId:(NSInteger) ID beganAtPoint: (CGPoint) point;

/* If the user moves the finger on the device, this method is called. One should see
* a nice wave/ripple at the water, with reflection of the sunlight and a disturbing background.
* The id indicates which finger moves around.
– (void) touchWithId:(NSInteger) ID movedAtPoint: (CGPoint) point;

/* The user lift of the finger from the device. One should see a last wave for 1 or 2
* seconds and the water ist nearly quiet. There are only a few ripples.
* The id indicates which finger lifts up.
– (void) touchWithId:(NSInteger) ID endedAtPoint: (CGPoint) point;


Concluded, what i expect is:
– The implementation (source code) of the above specified interface.
– A short example app (iPhone and ipad), so i can test the implementation.
– For sure the implementation must be free of third party rights.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Best Regards,

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IPhone App: Design

To create the design concept, artwork and animations for a new iPhone app, similar to a BASIC version of the following apps: Zombie Booth, Alien Booth, Aging Booth and the finger scan apps (Love Finger Scan, Mood Finger Scan etc.)

There are three parts of this project:
A) Pre-production – designer will review wireframes and make any suggestions or raise any concerns
B) Production – designer will produce 3 concepts and all the design elements (sliced PSDs) needed for the developer to build the iPhone app
C) Post Production – designer to be available for revisions during the testing phase

The designer will have to present 3 Romance concepts (more details to follow) of which we will pick one for the designer to develop the following:
– Logo
– Font selection
– 6 screens
– 30 content items which will be served dynamically in the app
– App buttons
– Transition animations between screens
– Scanning animation
– A results A4 PDF with logo, 3 results images and supplied copy (also in wireframes)

All copy and wireframes will be provided for the designer to work closely from.
Support will be given as needed via email and Skype from an experienced production team who know what they want and will not your valuable waste time.

The successful submission will be within budget and will have examples of relevant apps or digital work with a Romance concept.
Thank you for your submissions.
DOH Productions.

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Zen Cart Copy Data For Finger

Please bid with the product*0.10

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Ocommerce – Ring Finger Sizes Plus Fix Error + Tidy Up

We are looking for someone experienced with Oscommerce to provide a solution for the following problem

We sell rings on our jewellery website and at the moment we have the contribution of product_extra_fields installed which gives our customers the option of choosing a finger size from H to Z (the same drop down menu also show the USA and French equivalent of the ring size.

At the moment when we create a product we can have this on or off so it does not appear for items such as pendants.

Now our problem is for some rings we ONLY want to offer certain finger sizes that we have in stock or offer sizes that the ring can be comfortably sized to, so for each item we want the flexibility of being easily at the click of a button able to offer a ring in any amount of sizes and when that particular ring is sold to be able to remove that size from the drop down menu and when it is back in stock to be able to add it again or to add or remove other sizes easily.

We have tried in the past the product attributes contribution, this is too long winded and time consuming to set up for each item, we need something quick and easy.

In addition we would like you to fix our French part of the website as it is showing the error

Warning: shipping::include(includes/languages/french/modules/shipping/regionsclass3.php) [function.shipping-include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts

We would also like you to make the design a little fresher without it costing what a new website would cost, change fonts, colours, maybe have the menu navigation bar at the top as opposed to on the left side, curved boxes etc as opposed to straight, just make it more appealing etc, we are open to ideas so if you have a flair for design and can easily show us different colours while still fitting in with our logos then great.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me and I will reply.

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Gsm Enabled Standalone Biometric Attendance System

I need to develop a gsm enabled standalone biometric attendance system. For this, I am planning to integrate Suprema SFM3500 fingerprint module with a gsm enabled board. Board can be Win CE or linux based.

Functional Requirement:
1.register fingerprint in the finger print module against a unique id. finger print module is capable of doing this.
2.pass the registered id as an argument to an API in board
3.when u swipe a finger, finger print module will identify the user and send output to board
4.board will take input and pass it to an API

System Requirement:
1. The board should be GSM enabled
2. LED display is required

I will provide more details on contact


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Globe IPhone And IPad App 2

Before you bid on this, please realize that I am not looking to spend more than $300-400 on this project.

This is a pretty simple iPhone and iPad app I need done. I already run a website and I need a portion of the website turned into an iPhone app.
First of all, please visit In the bottom right hand corner, you will see a button called

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Check cashing software, that is able to register new customers, with details from scanned IDs, finger print and picture…
find a preregistered customer after scanning his finger, scan his check and store all check info…
and many other things…

it should be done on VB.NET and SQL server

If you are a professional with many years of experience in this field please contact me ASAP.

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Globe IPhone App

Before you bid on this, please realize that I am not looking to spend more than $300-400 on this project.

This is a pretty simple iPhone app I need done. I already run a website and I need a portion of the website turned into an iPhone app.
First of all, please visit In the bottom right hand corner, you will see a button called

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Simple IPhone Game App – Start Right Away!!!!!!!

Need someone who can crate an iphone game application with the next characteristics:
-The game will consist of a snake that you must control it with your finger, drag the finger on the screen and the snake follows your finger.
– Obstacles, enemies, awards
-Levels, every level you pass the snake grows and obstacles, enemies increase.


I wanna start right away !!!! and finish the job within 2-3 days since its no a complicated app!

so if you need some hard fast cash + 10/10 review to be boosted for more iPhone jobs then Do make a BID!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you need more than $250 for this then please do not bid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Finger Snake Game For IPhone – Very Smple!!

Finger Snake
– The game will consist on scoring the largest amount of points.
– The points will be given by different ways:
1. Beating each level in the minor possible time.
2. Reaching the prices
3. Keeping the maximum life of the snake, these means, the level of life will be a factor of the points you will receive when you pass the level or reach/eat prices
– The game most have obstacles and enemies, these will be increasing by passing levels

Obstacles and enemies:
1. The snake will grow one

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This is a testing site which will need to clone feature like AND, COMBINE but I need the homepage to be different in layout. 90% Of the content and feature are clone but add some new content and feature from below.


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