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2nd Attempt: Site Needs Site Cleanup And Finishing Touches

Our site needs work from a skilled Joomla developer to put the finishing touches on our site. The site is pretty much done but needs a little bit of work. I have had alot of bad experiences trying to get this site done. So I am going to be very selective for this work. Im tired of working with people that are unreliable and willing to dump my project for a larger one. I have yet to find one reliable business to do work with. I hope that its you. Know this….bid on this project only if you can meet your specified deadline, will communicate and do excellent work. Not shabby coding standards. Good Luck!

This is what we need!

1. (2) Youtube videos are on our site. But their placement isnt ideal. We would like for you to use your skills to find a way to make this look nicer on our page. Im sure this is simple to do. Right now we are using tables to separate the text and the video but this doesnt look nice. Maybe it could be setup like an inline image.

2. A module was used to allow visitors to "Facebook Like" our articles. But the way that the text looks on our site when someone clicks on "Like" is right aligned and it does not look nice on our site. We need this to be left aligned and for it to blend nicely with the site instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. The text color should be changed too.

3. A "sharethis " type module was installed on our site. We would like for it to be moved so that it appears on every article page. We would also like to modify the text color of ShareThis so that it can be seen against our background.

4. Properly configure Jevents

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Quiz script (to finish)

I have a quiz script (PHP script) that I need completed. I have full specs to give and details on how it works but I do not have the database anymore and not even the structure.

So this job is about:
– rebuilding the database
– correct any of the PHP security flaws
– complete the PHP script
– work on my own test server
– move the final application on the on-line server and make sure it works.

My target pay for this job is 80USD, because most of the work is done.

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